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    Desire CAST - Joey Gamarra - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Gamarra Played by Chris DeRose on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris DeRose

    Birthday: 1948/06/28
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Chris DeRose


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    Series Premiere!!!!

    Tuesday, September 05 2006

    Desire opens in New Jersey where Louis and Alex along with their mother Rita are working together in an Italian restaurant. Louis is the restaurant manager, and Alex is the restaurants chef. Mafia boss Joey Gammara arrives along with his posse to eat a meal.

    Joey orders chicken parmesan, Alex decides to cook a different dish instead of the chicken parmesan he ordered. Alex thinks that if Joey tries that dish then he will love it and the restaurant will always be packed. You can get chicken parmesan anywhere, but this will be a dish only found there.

    When presented with the dish Joey tries it. He tells Louis he does not like surprises, and then says "I want that dish prepared for me whenever I come in here".

    While they are eating their meal, Joey's daughter Cara Gamarra checks out Louis and Alex from the table. Louis notices, Alex says to Louis "She's a customer Lois" and Louis says 'I'm here to serve".

    Louis and Cara sleep together. We see the Joey in a car outside of the building they are in. He had his daughter followed. In the car he asks a man if he is sure Cara is upstairs with the boy from the restaurant,
    when the man says yes Joey says, "I'm going to kill him". Joey goes upstairs and begins to beat on the door. Louis finding out that Joey is her father sneaks out the back window so he is not found. Joey sees him out the window and shoots down the alleyway after him.

    Louis goes home and tells his mother and brother they need to get out of there. As they are questioning it they see Joey pull up. The family exits through the fire escape. Joey enters their house and turns on all of the eyes on the gas stove, he puts something in the toaster and pushes it down so the toaster is on and leaves. Just as Louis and his family reach the bottom of the fire escape they watch their apartment explode.

    Meanwhile in New Jersey…Joey yells at Cara for sleeping with Louis. Cara says it was not her fault. Joey violently breaks a vase in front of Cara and asks her how it is not her fault. She says that Louis forced her.

    Meanwhile in New Jersey Joeys men tell him that the paper says no bodies were found in the fire. Joey vows to find Louis and put "his head on a stick".

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