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    Desire CAST - Joey Gamarra - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Gamarra Played by Chris DeRose on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris DeRose

    Birthday: 1948/06/28
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Chris DeRose


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    What Is Past Is Prologue

    Thursday, September 28 2006

    Cara confronts Joey about torturing Louis into marrying her. Cara says she wants Louis to want to marry her an asks Joey if she can talk to him alone.

    Cara talks to Joey and tlls him that Louis doesn't want her. Joey tells her that he will come around, he just needs a little encouragement. Vincent tells joey he thinks louis marrying Cara is a horrible idea, that Louis will agree but then skip town. Instead Vincent suggests that he marry cara.

    Ashes To Ashes

    Tuesday, September 26 2006

    Joey looks at pictures and baby shoes of a younger Cara. Vincent comes in and tells Joey there are two men looking for Louis at the gate.

    Vincent goes out to the gate and tries to get Alex and Peter to leave. Joey walks up to the two and claims to have no knowledge of Louis or his whereabouts. When Joey asks the two to leave Alex refuses unless Joey kills him. After some discussion Joey decides to let Alex and Peter in.

    As Joey talks to Alex, telling him his brother is dead, Louis cuts himself free and yells for Alex whom he sees on the patio. Cully catches Louis and tells him the glass is bullet and sound proof, and banging on it isn't worth the trouble he would be in. Joey tells Alex that Louis was killed on his way back to New Jersey. Joey warns that if Alex tries something like this again Alex and his family will also be dead. Alex leaves and tells peter Louis is dead.

    Joey goes to talk to Louis and tells him that Cara is having his child. Joey tells Louis that he is going to marry Cara and take care of her and her child, or he is going to die.

    In New Jersey, Louis tells Joey he refuses to marry Cara. Louis will not marry someone he doesn't even know. Joey tells Cully to tie Louis up and promises to torture louis so long that he will wish he was dead, now that everyone else thinks that he is.

    Salvation of One

    Monday, September 25 2006

    Louis tells Joey that he didn't rape Cara. Just as Joey is about to shoot Louis, Cara runs in and tells Joey that Louis didn't force her.

    Cara and Joey talk about the lie Cara told him. Joey tells her that Louis knows too much about the business and family now so he has to kill him. As Joey is about to go downstairs and kill Louis, Cara tells him that Louis is the father of her baby.

    When Cara confirms that Louis is the father of her baby Joey tells he to go upstairs so he can think about what to do.

    Cully brings Louis another meal and Louis questions why he hasn't been killed yet. Joey returns, tells Louis he's a problem, then goes upstairs.

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