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    Desire CAST - Joey Gamarra - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Gamarra Played by Chris DeRose on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris DeRose

    Birthday: 1948/06/28
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Chris DeRose


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    Here Comes The Bride

    Tuesday, October 10 2006

    At Gamarra's Cully and Louis discuss Lucio, one of Gamarra's men they think may be onto their scheme. Cully tells Louis he will take care of him for at least a few hours.

    After Cully leaves the room Joey enters and tells Louis is has something to discuss with him. Joey apologizes for being so hard on Louis and tells him he only wants the best for his daughter. Louis tells him he has fallen for his daughter and wants their marriage to work.

    Outside of Louis's room Lucio is eavesdropping on their conversation. Cully comes up from behind him and knocks him out, dragging his limp body away from the door.

    Andrea's Story

    Friday, October 06 2006

    Joey ties Louis up to chair and beat him for making a phone call. Joey gets Louis to give him the phone, and then asks him where he got it. Louis tells him he picked the phone up off the table during the fitting for the wedding. Cara comes in as Vincent starts to beat him, Cara convinces them to stop beating Louis.

    A Star is Born

    Thursday, October 05 2006

    Joey has plans to have his daughter Cara marry Louis. Once Louis and Cara are married he will kill Louis. There is no shame in his daughter being a widow, but there is in her being an un-wed mother. Once Joey came up with the plan to marry the two and then kill Louis he has been a pretty calm gangster.

    Louis gets aphone and calls Andreas house. When gerge answers he is confused. george upset taht louis could make a call places a phone call to Vincent and lets them know Louis has a phone.

    The Fortunes

    Wednesday, October 04 2006

    In New Jersey Joey calls Cully into his office. Joey tells him that he thinks he and Louis are getting too chummy. Joey tells him that Louis won't be in the familt long. "There is no shame in her being a widow".

    Louis and Cully decide that Joey's lotto numbers are probably the safe combination. Cully goes and gets a ticket from the trash in Joey's office, when he returns to show it to Louis he hears Louis and Cara giggling and decides to not share the lotto information.

    Louis is let out of his room long enough to take photos with cara, and get fitted for a suit. Joey ells him that they're getting married in a week.

    If Only

    Tuesday, October 03 2006

    Joey finds cara and louis in the gameroom. He sends louis back to his room and tells cara he is still a prisoner.

    A Needle In A Haystack

    Monday, October 02 2006

    At Joey's house Joey brings Louis breakfast. Louis asks for a phone and Joey tells him that is Louis gets his loved ones involved, then Joey will have to get involved with them as well, which is not what anyone wants.

    Two Months Later...

    Friday, September 29 2006

    Two months later…

    Louis has still refused to marry Cara. Joey decides to kill Louis, and tells Louis he will also kill Louis's family, his pretty little girlfriend (Andrea) and let Cara find a husband on her own.

    As Joey holds a gun to Louis's head, about to kill him, Louis agrees to marry Cara in order to save his family and Andrea.

    What Is Past Is Prologue

    Thursday, September 28 2006

    Joey once again approaches Louis and asks him to marry Cara. When Louis once again refuses to marry Cara, Joey tells Vincent to "hurt him".

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