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    Desire CAST - Rita Thomas

    Full detailed profile on Rita Thomas Played by Eliana Alexander on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eliana Alexander
    Rita Thomas

    Actor: Eliana Alexander


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    Tuesday, December 05 2006: Every Story Has An End

    On the beach, we see a preacher speaking to a group of people including Jessica, Andrea, Alex, Cully, and Erica. Originally it looks to be a funeral, until the preacher says "We're here to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony!" The camera moves to reveal Louis standing beside Jessica, and Peter and Rita standing beside the pastor to be wed. Rita and Peter exchange vows, an once again become man and wife. After the wedding, Rita tells everyone that they are invited back to Zavatii for dinner, dancing, and drinks!

    At Zavattii, Andrea talks to Erica and Cully about their new life in Chicago. Erica has a job at a restaurant, and Cully has started a security firm. Jessica talks to Daniel and Claudia about wedding ceremonies, and the rest of the guests converse with one another. Andrea silences the crowd in order for Alex to give a toast. Alex tells the room that in the past few months he has lost and regained a brother, he and Louis have gained a father, and their lives have totally changed. Everyone toasts to new beginnings, and Daniel plays the piano as Peter and Rita share their first dance.

    Monday, December 04 2006: Brothers

    At home, Peter and Rita discuss their worry for Alex and Louis. As they are talking Jessica knocks on the door, and asks to wait with them for word from Louis and Alex.

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