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    Desire CAST - Suzy Edwards - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Suzy Edwards Played by Vivian Gray on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vivian Gray

    Real Name: Vivian Gray


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    Every Story Has An End

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    Suzy loiters outside of Zavattii and considers going in. She decides to leave, and a man in a nice car drives up to asks for directions. Suzy starts to tell him where to go, then decides better of it and tells him she'll just show him, getting in her car


    Monday, December 04 2006

    At the spa, Jessica confronts Suzy about Andrea's disappearance. Jessica tells her that she knows she's involved in this, and she just wants Andrea back. Suzy throws a towel at Jessica. In retaliation, Jessica slaps Suzy. Suzy slaps her back, and the two fight briefly. After hurting Suzy's nose, Jessica leaves, telling Suzy that if she finds out she has anything to do with Andrea's disappearance, she is going to come back for her.

    You Can't Go Home Again

    Wednesday, November 29 2006

    Outside Bella, Louis contemplates going inside. Suzy calls him, and he doesn't answer the phone. Suzy then gets into his car, and tells him his family will never want him back. Suzy tells Louis that he has no choice but to leave, and never come back.

    Mending Fences

    Monday, November 27 2006

    George, Victoria, and Suzy celebrate getting the money while driving in the car. Behind them Louis bobs and weaves through traffic to get up to their car, he then slams into George and Victoria until they are forced off the road. A high-speed car chase ensues, eventually bringing George and Victoria's car over on the side of the road. George comes out brandishing a gun and threatens Louis with it. Alex tackles George and Victoria and Suzy get out of the car, joining in a group fight. Eventually Louis gets the gun and takes their car, leaving Alex with the gun and his car. Alex drives off, dropping the gun out the window, and leaving Suzy, George, and Victoria on the side of the road.

    By the side of the road Suzy discovers that they can't get cell phone reception, and now will all have to walk back to town. The three start walking and Suzy eventually gets enough reception to call a cab to come get them, but they realize, they don't know where they are.

    The Son From The Shadows

    Friday, November 24 2006

    At a convenience store Louis locks Suzy out of the car when she goes to the bathroom. When she approaches the car he tells her “I have no use for you anymore” He tells her that he has enough money to start over again somewhere else and doesn't need her for sex anymore. He gives her a little money, and her purse and drives away leaving her standing by a deserted dirt road.

    Later Suzy sits on the porch of the convenience store and several unsavory men approach and start to hit on her. Just then George and Victoria drive up and pick Suzy up. She tells them she knows where the money is, and they drive off in search of it.

    Two-Hour Desire Special

    Thursday, November 23 2006

    Suzy meets with George and Victoria in the spa. She tells them that Louis has the money in the wall, and that he has gotten in a full on war with the mob. The three discuss a plan on getting the money from Louis and Victoria makes the statement “ We need to make Louis disappear forever!”

    Suzy shows up to see Louis. The two start to make out, and Louis tells her he isn't in the mood right now. He quickly changes his mind , and things start to heated between the two on the couch as Suzy looks at the bookcase smiling.

    After they have sex, Suzy goes downstairs at Louis's and tries to move the bookshelf to get to the money. When he finds that she can't move it she puts a leaf on top of it, so she can tell if Louis moves the bookcase.

    At the hotel Cara insists on going to Louis's to get the money. Marco tries to convince her not to go “That's why you have soldiers” she tells Marco she wants to stand beside her men.

    Louis tells Suzy she has to leave the house, that it is no longer safe there. She asks him if he wants to have sex one last time and he responds, “I hate long goodbyes”

    The mob leaves the hotel in matching tan Cadillac's to head to Louis's. They pull up outside of Louis's and ring the doorbell. Louis watches on from the security cameras inside and tells carmine “This is it!” The security cameras go blank and Asher fires gunshots at the men by the pool. Inside, Louis tells Asher he'll meet him in the driveway. Outside, the two guards by the pool are taken out by Asher and he proceeds inside. Louis looks for Suzy upstairs, when he comes downstairs Asher is waiting for him and shoots at him. Louis runs outside and gets in a car, surprised to see Suzy waiting for him. Louis runs a two car diversion, and then escapes with Cara following in an escalade. Cara stops a car that she thinks is Louis, only to find a middle-aged woman inside. Marco moves the bookcase and find the money is gone, calling Cara to let her know they've lost it.

    Later Marco comes to Cara's hotel room and finds her hystarical. Cara tells him “When your days away from having hit put on your head, your allowed to be hysterical.”

    At the jail Lin brings Alex a picture of Andrea. She tells him she called an old boyfriend who works at the jail and asked him to keep an eye on him. Alex asks her to also keep an eye out for Andrea and his family.

    Lin goes out to her car, and finds Cully waiting for her in the back of her car. He tells her “I hear you were looking for me”, Lin responds “It looks like I found you”

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