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    Desire CAST - Suzy Edwards

    Full detailed profile on Suzy Edwards Played by Vivian Gray on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vivian Gray
    Suzy Edwards

    Actor: Vivian Gray


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    Tuesday, December 05 2006: Every Story Has An End

    Suzy loiters outside of Zavattii and considers going in. She decides to leave, and a man in a nice car drives up to asks for directions. Suzy starts to tell him where to go, then decides better of it and tells him she'll just show him, getting in her car

    Monday, December 04 2006: Brothers

    At the spa, Jessica confronts Suzy about Andrea's disappearance. Jessica tells her that she knows she's involved in this, and she just wants Andrea back. Suzy throws a towel at Jessica. In retaliation, Jessica slaps Suzy. Suzy slaps her back, and the two fight briefly. After hurting Suzy's nose, Jessica leaves, telling Suzy that if she finds out she has anything to do with Andrea's disappearance, she is going to come back for her.

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