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    Desire CAST - Cara Gamarra

    Full detailed profile on Cara Gamarra Played by Kelly Albanese on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kelly Albanese
    Cara Gamarra

    Actor: Kelly Albanese


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    Tuesday, December 05 2006: Every Story Has An End

    In witness protection, Marco grills burgers for he and Cara. The two of them talk about how they wish they had a pool and a cook, from their lawn chairs sitting in their front yard.

    Monday, December 04 2006: Brothers

    The FBI agents question Cara and Marco about Asher. They agents don't understand why Asher would take out two officers to get to them, and then just talk to them. Cara tells them that Asher was upset about not receiving some money she owed him for a job.

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