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    Desire CAST - Victoria Marston - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victoria Marston Played by Sofia Milos on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sofia Milos

    Birthday: 1965/09/27
    Birthplace: Zurich, Switzerland
    Real Name: Sofia Milos
    Height: 5' 8"
    Web site:


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    Every Story Has An End

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    In their hiding place, George tells a gagged and bound Andrea that no one came for her. He raises his gun and prepares to kill her. Just as he raises his gun and is about to shoot her, Louis calls George on his cell phone. When he answers, Louis tells George, "I'm here! I have the money!" From their hiding place Victoria looks at the phone booth an sees Alex and Louis. Victoria tells George that Louis brought Alex with him. Angered that he brought Alex, george tells Louis he is too late. Andrea yells out to him, and Louis hears her. He tells George that he will bring the money to him, and to stay put. Louis hands his phone to Alex, goes to his car to get the money and his gun, and heads off toward George. On the phone, Alex pleads with George to not kill Andrea, George tells him, "It's too late, she's already dead!"

    Inside the hiding place, George tells Victoria that he doesn't want to ransom Andrea, he wants to kill her. Victoria tells George to wait, and kill her after they get the money. George points his gun at Victoria, and Victoria slaps George. He reluctantly agrees to go get the money. Victoria tells him she will stand with Andrea at the window, and if things go south she will push her out.

    George goes downstairs to meet Louis. He has Louis lift up his shirt to prove he isn't armed, and then put down the money, taking a step away from it. George goes to the money and opens the bag, taking out a pile of bills. Louis asks him to let Andrea go now that he has what he wants, and George declines. In the distance Alex steps on a piece of medal drawing attention to his presence. Victoria yells out, "It's a trap!" George then notices that the pile of bills in his hand is a $100 bill, with $1 bills behind them. He raises his gun to kill Louis.

    Victoria yells out for George to kill Louis. After she yells out a few times, George raises his gun, and shoots Victoria. He hits her once in the arm, causing her to lose her grip on Andrea, and make her fall out the window, holding on barely to the window sill. George shoots again, this time hitting Victoria in the chest, and making her plunge to her death out the window.


    Monday, December 04 2006

    George and Victoria pull up to the docks to wait for Louis. Victoria comments that she's worried Andrea hasn't woken up yet. george tells her, "We're going to kill her anyway. What's the difference if she dies now or later?" George brings Andrea inside, and when she wakes up, tells her it is only appropriate that he gets to kill her. When Victoria comes in, George tells her that he wants Louis to see Andrea die. Victoria responds by telling George, "If it comes between the money or revenge, you better make the right choice!" the two fight, and George tells Victoria, "I am already killing two people today, it will be just as easy to kill three!"

    At the docks, Victoria sees George standing alone. She picks up a large piece of medal, and prepares knock him out. As she comes up behind him and raises the medal, he apologizes to her for threatening her.

    Later, Victoria checks on Andrea. Andrea has passed out, and Victoria is unable to revive her. Victoria describes Andrea as near death, and George yells at Victoria, "Once again you've ruined something for me!"

    George calls the pay phone, telling Andrea if he doesn't pick up, then she dies. Louis arrives at the phone just after the last ring, and misses George's call. Excited that Louis is late, george raises his gun in preparation of killing Andrea. Victoria pleads with him to think about the money, and he instead raises his gun to her saying, "I've waited a long time for this!"


    Thursday, November 30 2006

    Later at Zavatti, Alex and Andrea stop by to pick up some food and champagne for the family brunch. Alex goes in the walk-in fridge to get food, and Andrea heads down to the win cellar for the champagne. George and Victoria come into the restaurant and lock Alex in the fridge. When Andrea comes back upstairs they attack her. Duct-taping her hands and feet as Alex frantically watches from the window of the walk-in. George tells Andrea to take a good look at Alex, because that is the last time she is ever going to see him. He picks her up and throws her over his shoulder, leaving the restaurant with Alex still locked away.

    You Can't Go Home Again

    Wednesday, November 29 2006

    George and Victoria spend the night in their car. George has a dream about shooting Andrea. When he wakes up, he and Victoria go to Zavatti and check the register and safe for cash. While there they go to the wine cellar and drink. They hide, when Andrea and Jessica come in. Overhearing their conversation, they find out that Louis has given Zavatti back to Andrea.

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