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    Desire CAST - Alex Thomas

    Full detailed profile on Alex Thomas Played by Zach Silva on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Zach Silva
    Alex Thomas

    Actor: Zach Silva


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    Tuesday, December 05 2006: Every Story Has An End

    In their hiding place, George tells a gagged and bound Andrea that no one came for her. He raises his gun and prepares to kill her. Just as he raises his gun and is about to shoot her, Louis calls George on his cell phone. When he answers, Louis tells George, "I'm here! I have the money!" From their hiding place Victoria looks at the phone booth an sees Alex and Louis. Victoria tells George that Louis brought Alex with him. Angered that he brought Alex, george tells Louis he is too late. Andrea yells out to him, and Louis hears her. He tells George that he will bring the money to him, and to stay put. Louis hands his phone to Alex, goes to his car to get the money and his gun, and heads off toward George. On the phone, Alex pleads with George to not kill Andrea, George tells him, "It's too late, she's already dead!"

    Alex rushes upstairs to save Andrea. Just as the window sill she is holding onto gives away, Alex grabs her and pulls her to safety. The two kiss, happy that they are now safe.

    From upstairs, Alex hears the shot fired and looks out the window, yelling "Louis!" He watches as George stands up with the gun, and points it at Louis, who is lying on the ground motionless.

    Alex yells out to George, and George points his gun towards Alex. While George's back is turned, Louis takes his gun and shoots George in the back. George is startled, and when he turns around to retalate, the police arrive. Detective Lin tells George to, "Drop it Marsten!" George refuses, and Lin shoots him, killing him.

    Louis has a huge gunshot wound in his stomach. Alex and Andrea tell him he's going to be fine. Louis turns to Andrea and says, "Take care of my brother!" He loses consciousness, and Alex and Andrea break down in tears.

    On the beach, we see a preacher speaking to a group of people including Jessica, Andrea, Alex, Cully, and Erica. Originally it looks to be a funeral, until the preacher says "We're here to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony!" The camera moves to reveal Louis standing beside Jessica, and Peter and Rita standing beside the pastor to be wed. Rita and Peter exchange vows, an once again become man and wife. After the wedding, Rita tells everyone that they are invited back to Zavatii for dinner, dancing, and drinks!

    At Zavattii, Andrea talks to Erica and Cully about their new life in Chicago. Erica has a job at a restaurant, and Cully has started a security firm. Jessica talks to Daniel and Claudia about wedding ceremonies, and the rest of the guests converse with one another. Andrea silences the crowd in order for Alex to give a toast. Alex tells the room that in the past few months he has lost and regained a brother, he and Louis have gained a father, and their lives have totally changed. Everyone toasts to new beginnings, and Daniel plays the piano as Peter and Rita share their first dance.

    At the reception, Louis and Alex talk. Louis points out that they are standing in the same place they first saw Andrea and made the bet. Louis tells Alex he won. When Alex looks over at Jessica and Andrea, he tells him that they both won, and then says, "Double of nothing?" Louis and Alex go out to dance with their girls.

    Monday, December 04 2006: Brothers

    Alex talks to Peter on the phone and tells him they're using decoy money to ransom Andrea. Peter urges him to be careful.

    At the restaurant Alex and Jessica prepare some fake money to take to George and Victoria. Louis comes in, and they discuss the plan for getting Andrea back. Jessica asks to come along, and Louis tells her he doesn't want her to get hurt, since he doesn't know what George and Victoria's true plans are.

    Louis and Alex arrive at the shipyard. As they drive in, a car driven by Asher rams into them. When Asher gets out of his car, Louis tries to get Alex out of the car before he is shot. As Asher raises his gun, a car flies in and hits Asher, knocking him to the ground. Cully gets out of the car, happy to have saved Louis and Alex.

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