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    George & Victoria

    Started by JeFzLaDy at 2006/11/29 06:23PM
    Latest post: 2006/11/30 04:11PM, Views: 5246, Replies: 3
    #1   2006/11/29 06:23PM
    George & Victoria

    Who thinks that these two are married? I am beginning to wonder. They act toooo close at times if you know what I mean.

    #2   2006/11/30 05:48AM
    Re: George & Victoria

    They are suppose to be half brother and sister however, the relationship between them is SICKKKKKKKKKKK. Kristoph is suppose to be such a bad ass but he let George get the best of him and in his own home, lolol. He should have waited till they were asleep. Not that I am sorry to see Kristoph go.
    Why the hell would Louis sit in the car listening to Suzy instead of just going in the resturant.

    Marco, going to the resturant after Louis isnt gonna get Cara and Asher out of trouble. Something tells me Asher is gonna escape on his own.

    I was so against Alex working for Andrea, until last night when she revealed her plan. That was a good idea. However, I still think she should sell that house. Unless she plans on having Alex,his mother and Peter move in there. There is certainly enough room. Too bad there wasnt enough time to get a boyfriend for Jessica.

    I doubt Cully and Erica are gonna make it out of town alive.They are wasting too much time instead of just getting in the car and leaving.

    I just want to see the look on George and Victoria's face when they find out the money is gone lololololol. That makes 2 people they have killed, now adding kidnapping to ontop of that. I dont want to see them dead, I want to see them in jail that will just drive Victoria crazy lolololol.
    The love of money is definitely the root of all evil lol.

    Should be interesting to see how George kidnaps Andrea, which isnt too hard since he knows the resturant and the house very well. One more week to go..............

    #3   2006/11/30 11:57AM
    Re: George & Victoria

    If George killed Kristoff last night that would be 3 people they have killed

    Andrea's Father Harold
    Kate the nurse

    #4   2006/11/30 04:11PM
    Re: George & Victoria

    The Feds have George and Victori for 3 murders ( Harold, Kate and Christoph),2 kidnappings (Rita and Andrea), Theft and fraud. They will be going away fo ra very very long time.


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