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    Desire ACTOR - Kelly Albanese

    Full detailed profile on Kelly Albanese playing Cara Gamarra on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kelly Albanese
    Kelly Albanese

    Birthplace: Westport, Massachusetts
    Currently playing: Cara Gamarra


    Kelly Albanese plays Cara Gamarra in Desire. Cara is a Mafia princess that is less than honest with her mobster father, Joey Gamarra (Chris DeRose). Similar to her character, Albanese is Italian. She has always been an active in softball and gymnastics. She played softball at Bridgewater State College, and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree. Before moving to Los Angeles to follow her acting dream, she taught gymnastics at a recreation center. She has credits in screen roles as well as popular television shows.


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    Desire - Cara Gamarra (2006)
    Dear Jimmy - Mrs. Rather (2005)
    Monk - College Girl (2004)
    Stuck on You - Jogger #2 (2003)

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