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    Desire ACTOR - Sofia Milos

    Full detailed profile on Sofia Milos playing Victoria Marston on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sofia Milos
    Sofia Milos

    Birthday: 1965/09/27
    Birthplace: Zurich, Switzerland
    Currently playing: Victoria Marston
    Height: 5' 8"
    Web site:


    Sofia Milos portrays Victoria Marston on the new primetime drama Desire. Her character is manipulative and determined to re-claim her wealth and lost privileges. She was born in Zurich, Switzerland but later on spent time in Rome, Italy as well. Her father was Italian and her mother was Greek. Before pursuing her dream of acting, Milos had a successful modeling career and she also earned her degree in Business/Economics. When she moved to the USA, she spent much of her time performing on the stage until she got her first film role. Her film credits include The Order, The Lady’s Man and the independent feature Screw Loose. Many viewers may recognize her for her work on the hit shows CSI: Miami, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Thieves and the HBO original series The Sopranos.


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    Desire - Victoria Marston (2006)
    CSI: Miami - Detective Yelina Salas (2004-2005)
    Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sofia (2005)
    CSI: NY - Detective Yelina Salas (2004)
    ER - Coco (2003)
    The Twilight Zone - Francesca (2002)
    Thieves - Paulie (2001)
    The Ladies Man - Cheryl (2000)
    The Sopranos - Annalisa (2000)
    Screw Loose (1998)

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