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    Desire ACTOR - Michelle Belegrin

    Full detailed profile on Michelle Belegrin playing Andrea Zavatti on Desire Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Zavatti
    Michelle Belegrin

    Currently playing: Andrea Zavatti


    Michelle Belegrin portrays Andrea Zavatti, the stunning daughter of wealthy restaurant owner. She is the cause of the rift between the two brothers Alex and Louis. She has lived in various parts of California, including Sacramento and Los Angeles. She attended the University of California at Santa Barbara. Before her acting debut, she found herself working in the modeling field. She did several commercials for companies such as Honda, Panasonic and Bally’s Total Fitness. In addition, she has appeared in Marie Claire Magazine, She, Fashion Quarterly and Elle.


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    Desire - Andrea Zavatti (2006)
    Potheads: The Movie - Mrs. J. Johnson (2005)

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