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    Days of Our Lives - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Days Of Our Lives'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    There were no daily updates for selected period, you are looking at the latest updates.
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    Days Recap: Jenn brings up Jack and Laura's fling in the booby hatch

    Friday, June 19 2015

    Eve covers when Jenn finds her at Marlena's computer, Eric realizes Nicole's the only woman who really ever loved him and Will asks a favor of Kate. » Read More

    Days Recap: Jenn catches Eve snooping on Marlena's computer

    Thursday, June 18 2015

    Eve manipulates Marlena, Anne offers Theresa help being a mother, Brady learns about Theresa's fears and Paige shocks Bev. » Read More

    Days Recap: Will turns to drastic means to hold on to Sonny

    Wednesday, June 17 2015

    Will and Sonny have differing views on their first therapy session, Xander comes after Nicole and Eric with a gun and Abigail's affair is almost outed. » Read More

    Days Recap: Xander strangles Nicole

    Tuesday, June 16 2015

    Nicole's attacked by Xander, Serena tells her story to Eric and Maggie winds up in the hospital. » Read More

    Days Recap: Theresa's hurt when Brady lays down the law

    Monday, June 15 2015

    Brady refuses to allow Theresa to move into the mansion, Eric knows all about the diamonds in the statue and Nicole's in trouble... » Read More

    Days Recap: Hurt, Chad tells Abigail he slept with her to get even

    Friday, June 12 2015

    Chad lies to Abigail, Paige comes up with a plan to hurt her mother and JJ and Eve considers driving Jennifer crazy. » Read More

    Days Recap: Done With Love.

    Thursday, June 11 2015

    JJ realizes it's over with Paige, Hope continues looking into Sonny's attack, Stefano returns to town, and Eve gets an idea. » Read More

    Days Recap: The Town Pariah.

    Wednesday, June 10 2015

    Kate blurts out Lucas' secret, Will warns Paul away from his family, Justin tells Adrienne he wants her back and Ben can see something is amiss with Abigail. » Read More

    Days Recap: Some Things Happen For A Reason.

    Tuesday, June 09 2015

    Arianna's birthday party begins, Caroline has a memory lapse and Marlena gives Will advice. » Read More

    Days Recap: Dirt Still Sticks.

    Monday, June 08 2015

    Clyde warns Ben, Abigail gives in to Chad's advances, and Eric confronts Serena. » Read More

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