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    Days of Our Lives - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Days Of Our Lives'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    Are you a betting man?

    Friday, February 15 2008

    The plane goes down, Salemites worry that the issue with the plane is more than just the radio being broken. » Read More

    30 minute countdown

    Thursday, February 14 2008

    Abe finds out that the jet hasn't made radio contact, the passengers slowly lose oxygen and John saves Steve's life! » Read More

    Fine time for a siesta, gentlemen.

    Wednesday, February 13 2008

    The pilots are drugged, Sami and EJ get the okay to leave the "safe" house, and Max and Steph grow closer. » Read More

    How did you wind up having my father?

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    John's jet loses cabin pressure, Caroline comes upon Victor at the park and Kate cries on Roman's shoulder. » Read More

    They wear orange jumpsuits!

    Monday, February 11 2008

    Sami says goodbye to Lucas, EJ gets visitors at the "safe" house, and the Bradys get on John's jet and leave for Salem. » Read More

    Good bad, right or wrong, they loved each other.

    Friday, February 08 2008

    Bradys hold a memorial service, EJ and Sami share a moment and a mysterious woman follows Steve. » Read More

    You cover up your fear with your cruelty

    Thursday, February 07 2008

    Kayla gets good and bad news, Colleen says goodbye and John is surprised by his emotions. » Read More

    I'm dying...

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    Colleen shares her future with the Bradys, Belle is given something precious, John fights Bo and Hope's symptoms mirror Bo's. » Read More

    High bilirubin and low alkaline phosphatase?

    Tuesday, February 05 2008

    Bo is told he's quite ill and needs more tests, Victor saves Chelsea and Billie's butts and Colleen tells John she's his mother! » Read More

    Why in the name of God are you doing this?

    Monday, February 04 2008

    Lexi tells EJ Allie's ill and Kayla's pregnant, Shawn Sr. meets his sister, whose life is threatened and Kayla sits Bo down with some bad news. » Read More

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