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    Days of Our Lives - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Days Of Our Lives'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    There were no daily updates for selected period, you are looking at the latest updates.
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    Days Recap: Sprang From Your Loins.

    Monday, April 14 2014

    Nicole questions Liam, Eric warns Theresa, Rafe threatens Nick, and Sami's interference causes Gabi to pack her bags... » Read More

    Days Recap: Illegitimis Non Carborundum.

    Friday, April 11 2014

    Julie attacks Sami, Daniel's investigated, and Abe takes Maxine out. » Read More

    Days Recap: A Tragedy Waiting To Happen.

    Thursday, April 10 2014

    Maggie and Brady discuss Theresa, Daniel drinks the drugged orange juice, and Hope saves Chase. » Read More

    Days Recap: Better Than A Simp Like That.

    Wednesday, April 09 2014

    Liam eavesdrops on Jennifer and Daniel, Will and Sonny discuss what to do about Nick, and Sheryl's being transferred. » Read More

    Days Recap: Lip Gloss.

    Tuesday, April 08 2014

    Aiden tells Hope off, Lucas and Sheryl get intimate, and JJ asks Paige out. » Read More

    Days Recap: Lurking And Gloomy Pronouncements.

    Monday, April 07 2014

    Stefano stuns EJ, Sami and Gabi face-off about Nick, and Brady wonders about Theresa's past. » Read More

    Days Recap: Horny Teenagers.

    Friday, April 04 2014

    Sami's jealous of her son, Nick and Gabi get close, and Nicole snipes at Marlena. » Read More

    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding Finale.

    Thursday, April 03 2014

    Sonny and Will are married by Marlena, the reception begins, and Liam breaks into Daniel's. » Read More

    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding Part Two.

    Wednesday, April 02 2014

    EJ tries to get Marlena's certificate, the guests all arrive for the wedding and Will and Sonny finally walk down the aisle... » Read More

    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding.

    Tuesday, April 01 2014

    Will and Sonny are about to be married but there's a hitch... » Read More

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