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    80’s Emo Music.

    Tuesday, July 13 2010
    Chloe and Daniel argue and then apologize to one another, Melanie's ready to move out of Casa Maggie, and EJ's put on the spot.

    Chloe pleads with Philip not to spill the truth to Melanie. He realizes she’s right, they have to keep this between the two of them, just as Daniel shows up. Philip pulls together a story about how he learned by accident that Chloe was pregnant and they decided not to tell Melanie since nobody was supposed to know. Daniel says he buys their story and Philip congratulates them and leaves. Daniel’s not happy that Philip wanted Chloe to keep a secret from him and notices that whenever Chloe’s around Philip, she’s tied in knots. Daniel asks her to distance herself from Philip unless they’re together. He’s jealous. She won’t stop hanging out with Philip so they start arguing and Chloe finally gives in. She doesn’t want to make Daniel feel threatened. He’s the most important person in the world to her. Daniel holds her and he admits he was a little upset before he came home. He came from giving hell to Vivian. Chloe panics and apologizes for not telling him about her chat with Vivian. Chloe shares that Vivian manipulated her into thinking Daniel and Carly were having an affair. Daniel fumes and apologizes to her for not believing in her. Chloe apologizes, feeling she has betrayed him and starts to bawl. “I did things,” she tells him. Daniel interrupts her and says he forgives her and asks for her forgiveness. They forgive each other and decide to move on, ending up in bed. Daniel heads to the shower to listen to some ‘80’s Emo Music’ while Chloe ruminates over her lies.

    Melanie sets up a picnic at the beach and assures Ari that the police will catch the Salem Mugger. When Brady shows up, he and Ari realize they’ve been set up and chastise Mel for meddling. Melanie thinks they’re still in love. They agree they are but it’s not enough. Melanie leaves them to it and they profess their love for each other. Ari maintains her innocence and Ari blames Nicole. Brady rolls his eyes and he mentions wishing he could have paid her bail. He doesn’t like EJ as her lawyer. His friendship with Nicole is based on how alike they are but Ari thinks he’s as strong as she is.

    At the pier, Nicole asks EJ if he’d like to tell Sami why she was called there. EJ’s fit to be tied and Sami asks if this is another of Nicole’s reindeer games. Nicole doesn’t think EJ can talk his way out of this one. Sami thinks this is about EJ being Arianna’s lawyer but Nicole reminds them she gave Ari an alibi. Sami starts yelling that Nicole can’t stand to see others happy and Nicole calls Sami clueless and intimates that there’s something else he’s hiding. Sami gets a call. "Hey hey, this is about my kids," Sami spits out and takes the call elsewhere. Nicole threatens EJ but he tells her the tape will be inadmissible in a court of law. Will and Gabi show up to talk to Sami, nearby. EJ tells Nicole that Will has become a favorite of Stefano’s and Gabi’s Rafe’s sister. They’ve become a big happy family. Nicole doesn’t care about his so called big happy family. She doesn’t have to tell Sami the truth to out him. She rushes off and returns telling them there’s something that’s going to knock their socks off.

    Melanie arrives home and receives flowers from Philip for their five month anniversary. Melanie jokes he’s setting the bar high for the rest of their marriage, which makes Philip feel down. He explains that Daniel found out he knows about the pregnancy. They change and Melanie brings up her visit from Vivian, which leads her to ask Philip if they can get their own house. Philip’s up for that. They’ll start looking tomorrow! Melanie describes her dream home, a simple cottage with an extra bedroom for a nursery. Philip’s surprised when she mentions the nursery and admits he hoped they’d have time to themselves. Melanie says she’s thinking of their future and realizes how great it could be to have a kid-friendly house – for later.

    Back at the beach, Ari receives a call from Frank and has to get to the pier to tape a segment. She’s happy to have her job still. Brady hopes they can continue their conversation later.

    Ari shows up at the pier and prepares to shoot. Nicole tells EJ she’s going to out him in front of his whole fan club. Brady shows up and Nicole tells him he won’t want to miss this. Nicole asks EJ if her lip gloss is too shiny, causing him to become enraged. Nicole reminds him this is the place he tossed Sydney’s bloody clothes into the river to hurt Sami. She wants to be up close and personal when she tells Salem what a monster he is. Nicole tells Ari to tell their production truck they’re ready to go. EJ starts to gnash his teeth as Nicole goes live…

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    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, July 13 2010 01:21 AM

    Hi all,

    Nothing against the actor who plays Daniel but i find his character so dopey, i hate how when a character is keeping a secret from someone that person turns into an idiot, like how gullible EJ was when Nicole was faking her pregnancy.

    I like Nicole when she's scheming but i'd like to see her focus her energy on something other than a man, i know she has a job at a moment but the job as a reporter just seems like a way to further her plotting to get Brady, lets give her her job back at Titan (can't even remember what happened to Titan haven't heard about it in ages) or maybe blackmail money out of EJ and start her own company

    Anyways have a super day

    Posted by Days Dreamer at Tuesday, July 13 2010 05:16 AM

    Little bear: I agree with all you are saying. I like Daniel. I think he is a gem, but forgive me for being negative, but the storyline is boring and dragged out. Basically, I have lost interest in that. They drag stuff out so much and make the characters and storyline so foolish that you lose interest.

    Regarding Nicole, I agree with you also. I wish they would have her focus her energy on something other than catching a man. She is a smart, sharp, tough cookie. Her 'skills' could be utilized in a much better way. I thought it would be great to have her in business, but if she is going to be a reporter, they could do a lot of interesting plots and drama with that. She could be plotting and scheming to get stories or manipulating facts to get the story, but not around her getting a man. I think she and EJ are great as rivals. When they are together that is some of the best drama on the show to watch, and they could go head to head over other issues of more substance whether she is reporting/investigating story or in business. If they could get past this sydnapping stuff maybe they could move in that direction. Nicole could be hard driving business person by day - romantic at night.

    Posted by Lorea at Tuesday, July 13 2010 09:13 AM

    I don't think Nicole can get EJ that easily, he'll show her how smarter he is. I just hope Rafe is the one who will expose Nicole for framing Arianna.

    I'm sure Brady and Ari will eventually come back together again. There will be obstacles but they'll be together again just like Passions.

    How long will Cloe hide her infedility, it will take long before the truth comes out, its always like that in Soaps.

    Posted by blackflower at Tuesday, July 13 2010 09:27 AM

    I can see every story line dragging out until the end of the year or even worse, next year.

    Daniel should really question Chloe about her so called close friendship with Phillip, and for once allow her to complete her sentence without being interrupted. Chloe has tried so many times to tell him the truth but he always keeps interrupting her. I am starting to think that when he finds out the truth, he should have expected it, he never allows her to confess and he of all people should know how low Chloe is. Has he forgotten that he had an affair with her while she was married to Lucas? What goes around comes around.

    I hope Nicole blows Ej out of the water. I am so tired of waiting for the truth to be revealed. It is about high time EJ is punished and I need to see a change in his character. I only hope he can finally get past his obsession with Sami and do something different.

    Sami has a lot of time on her hands. How can she take care of four kids, have a condo and no job? Do something besides running interference for EJ.

    Phillip is just nuts, just yesterday he was telling Chloe that he will be there for her and the baby if it is his. Now he is telling his wife he wants to wait to have a family. This is too much.

    Posted by eddye kay at Tuesday, July 13 2010 02:12 PM

    Help please....... I love the shirt Nicole had on today! The blue one shown above with cutout on sleeves..... Where can I find one like it?????????? Please help me or send me in right direction!

    Posted by raesue at Saturday, July 24 2010 09:10 PM

    This show is getting really boring, something has to come out soon,the Daniel and Cloe thing has to come to a head and also Hope's secrect life is getting pretty boring.I don't know how much I can watch this show,very boring!!!!!!

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