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    What's Your Price?

    Monday, July 12 2010
    Nicole and EJ face-off, Rafe runs into Sami, and Philip visits Chloe.

    Vivian is at the nurses station when Daniel appears and asks why she's bothering Chloe. Vivian suggests to him that Chloe and Carly are keeping things from him. He orders her to stay away from Chloe, Carly, and Melanie or there will be hell to pay. Vivian smugly says, "I don't think so." Daniel calls Chloe and leaves a message about Vivian, saying he needs to talk to her.

    At Chloe's place, Carly says the best she can offer is to keep quiet if the baby turns out to be Daniel's. Chloe panics, prompting Carly to ask if she already knows the baby is the other man's. Chloe says she honestly doesn't know whose baby it is. Carly informs her they'll do a paternity test. Carly promises to keep quiet if it's Daniel's child, but warns if he finds out about her infidelity, they'll all lose him! Carly hopes the other man won't come forward. Chloe says he won't be an issue.

    At home, Melanie asks Philip why he seems bummed about the news that Chloe is pregnant. Philip says he's just stunned because Chloe thought she was infertile, so it may not be real. Melanie says Carly did the sonogram herself. Philip remains distant, then asks how far along Chloe is. Melanie is puzzled at the question. Philip covers, saying he just wondered when the baby would be born. Mel gets called into work, and Philip muses that he may go check on Chloe. He leaves, and Melanie learns that she doesn't have to go to work. Vivian appears at the door. Melanie tells her they can't be alone since she tried to kill her. Vivian tells her that Maggie is interfering in her marriage and she wants her and Philip to move into the Kiriakis Mansion. Melanie nixes the idea vehemently, saying they hate her. Vivian goes on a rant about how evil Carly is, saying she will blow a hole in her world one day!

    Sami is at the beach when Rafe comes out of the water. Awkward greetings are exchanged and Sami says she came back for a toy Johnny left there. Rafe says Gaby told him she had a family gathering with EJ. Rafe hands her Johnny's toy penguin. Sami tells him Johnny asks about him. Rafe says he misses the kids. Gaby appears and Sami tells her Rafe found the toy and saved the day. He wishes everything was so easy. Sami leaves and Gaby tells him Sami admitted to missing him. He says it's not enough.

    At the pier, Nicole expresses disbelief at the depths to which EJ sunk. EJ tells her no one will believe her, besides, he was out of his mind at the time. He moves to leave, but Nicole keeps him there with accusations. He pretends that she's crazy, but she tells him he will pay! EJ sneers that she doesn't have any proof. Nicole pulls out that voice recorder! EJ calmly notes that she recorded the conversation. He begins to walk off but she hits 'play', stopping him in his tracks. EJ grabs it and stomps it into the ground! Nicole clears her throat and says she's not an idiot - she made copies! EJ asks, "What's your price?" Nicole tells him that's the beauty of this whole thing - there is no price! She just wanted to see the look on his face when he realized life as he knows it is over! Sami appears, and Nicole says, "Just the person I wanted to see!"

    Carly arrives at work where Daniel asks her about Vivian bothering Chloe. Carly admits Vivian was at his house last night. Daniel wonders why he feels out of the loop! They head to the pub, where Carly admits that she confronted Vivian when she found her at his place, but didn't get anywhere. He asks if she smoothed things over with Chloe. Carly nods, saying she told Chloe she wants them to be happy. Daniel is pleased. He thanks her for having his back, then leaves. Carly is overcome with guilt. Melanie appears and asks if she's okay. Carly says she's not okay; she's questioning a judgment call. Melanie makes her feel better.

    Philip turns up at Chloe's door asking, "When were you going to tell me I'm about to be a father?" They bicker until she concedes that the baby could be either his or Daniel's. He says they have to figure out what to do. Chloe informs him it's in Carly's hands. She says she didn't tell her about him, but she's insisting she get a paternity test. Philip promises to fulfill his obligations if the baby is his. They hug. Philip doesn't know if he can lie to Melanie's face about this. Chloe is stunned to realize he's thinking of telling the truth! She tells him he is not confessing - this could be Daniel's baby. Philip agrees as she says this has to stay between the two of them! The door slams - Daniel is standing there!

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Philip tells Chloe they have to tell Daniel the truth.

    Melanie challenges Arianna and Brady to say they don't love each other anymore.

    Nicole tells Sami that EJ is trying to stop her from telling her what he did all on his own!

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    Posted by little bear at Monday, July 12 2010 12:25 AM

    Hi all

    I'm so sick of the whole baby switch/Sydnapping storline, it was interesting in the beginning but it had been going on for two year, enough is enough! Time for the writers to make a decision as to how they want to end it and do it already!

    Carly needs a man, a new man, and not someone elses, don't know if she and Bo made a good couple back years ago when he thought Hope was dead because i didn't watch then, but the way the writers have put them together this time was too rushed, i might have felt better about it if they had taken their time and had Bo and Carly develop their feelings over time not just suddenly declare they were in love.

    I hope this is not going to be another DNA backwards and forwards with Chloe's baby, i hate those stories and they haven'e even finished off the last one with the Sydney story. Philip doesn't deserve another kid the way he turned his back on Pocket/Tyler, i never understood why he went to the lengths he did to get custody of Claire a child who wasn't his but then when he had a kid of his own didn't want it.

    Anyways have a super day

    Posted by day2day at Monday, July 12 2010 06:26 AM

    I know it wouldn't be as interesting, but I really wish that just ONCE, someone on Days would be pregnant and actually know who the father is - rather than having it be "multiple choice"!

    Posted by big_days_fan at Monday, July 12 2010 07:07 AM

    Today should be somewhat interesting. Thanks for putting the updates on here so early. I like the way its going with Phillip. i hope it turns out to be his. Him and melanie just don't have that passion between them that most actors do. I think as long as Carly has vontrol of the paternity test it should be ok. At least I hope so. I like stories that move. I don't like Nicole but i am glad she has EJ by the short hairs.

    Posted by Lorea at Monday, July 12 2010 07:33 AM

    I'm very sure that the baby is Pillip's b'cos normally that's how it is on Soaps. They may probably switch the DNA test to look like its Daniel's but later the truth will come out that its Phillip's.

    I knew that Nicole will find out about the Kidnapping and blackmail EJ with with. Its sad that Arianna may not find out who framed her up but I hope Rafe can prove that.

    Its obvious Rafe and Sami still love eachother so does Brady and Arianna.

    Posted by blackflower at Monday, July 12 2010 08:32 AM

    EJ better suck it up and confess his sins before Sami finds out. He knows his imaginary life with Sami is over. How is he going to control Nicole? That girl has a big mouth and will tell somebody. I just want the truth to come out already.

    I am surprised Phillip wants to suddenly confess everything and that he thinks the baby might be his. How interesting since he told his wife he is NOT ready to be a father.

    Carly really needs to get a life...why is she always meddling in other people's business? It is getting irritating!

    Posted by bghwme at Monday, July 12 2010 01:16 PM

    I think it would be fun if everyone just told the truth and took their lumps. Nothing's ever going to work out or get better until the truth is out there. Is Rafe the only one who knows this? How about Father Matt?

    What is EJ so afraid of? Sami has forgiven him the unforgivable before. If he tells the truth and she hears it from him rather than anyone else; it will go over much better than if she finds out some other way. She will be upset at first, I'm sure; but Sami has a big heart and just might be more understanding that he realizes.

    Tell the truth. Take responsibility. Ask for forgiveness. Deal with the consequences. It's the only way to become a better person.

    Posted by joebankssr at Monday, July 12 2010 03:13 PM

    I totally agree. It"s way past time. I don"t think they really know how to write a story right.

    Posted by kekedee at Monday, July 12 2010 04:00 PM

    Is it just me, or why does Daniel try to talk so sexy as if almost whispering? Often to a mumble state LOL!!

    Secondly, Carly definitely needs a life...not telling Daniel about Melanie for almost 20 years is far more cruel than dingy Chloe being in hesitation over spilling the truth at this very moment! I'm sure once the DNA test is completed, it will be Philip's or Daniel's.

    EJ should either tell Sami the truth and get it over with, or do the usual of what Dimera's are capable of doing - hiding a person (hate to say worse than that), but if Anna is in hiding, maybe Nicole can be placed in the same sense, for I'm truly tired of the back and forth of the Sydney baby storyline. In addition, Nicole stated to EJ that his crime was far worse than hers...I think not! She took Sami's baby from birth and switched it with Mia's!

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