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    You Ruined My Life!

    Thursday, July 08 2010
    Chloe learns the truth, Melanie bonds with Daniel, and Nicole overhears something stunning!

    Sami and EJ arrive at the beach for their picnic. Sami says it's nice to have the whole family together, which makes EJ very happy. Sami spills salad dressing on his shirt, so he has to take it off. EJ goes with Johnny and Ali to say hello to a friend, and Will appears with Gaby. Sami is shocked to see Will's black eye. Will comments on EJ being part of her picnic. Sami asks about Arianna and learns she's out on bail. EJ comes back to the picnic and has a civil exchange with Will, and then Gaby, who thanks him for defending her sister. Gaby joins Will and the kids by the water. Sami sits with EJ and says she likes having him nearby.

    Carly shows up at Melanie's door saying Bo is working and she's feeling a little squirrely. Melanie asks what's going on. Carly says, "It's your dad and Chloe." Melanie wonders if it's about the pregnancy, but Carly says no. Melanie asks if there is something else. Carly says yes, and asks Melanie's opinion on Chloe. Melanie admits she has doubts about Chloe, adding that she's banking on Daniel being the right person for her, because if Chloe hurts him, she'll have to kill her! Melanie notes that Chloe hasn't done anything wrong. Carly looks away. Melanie thinks they should keep their concerns from Daniel.

    Daniel and Chloe are in bed talking about how great it is to be together and having a baby. He gets up to shower and go for takeout. He says he'll stop to see Melanie too. Chloe thinks back to Carly threatening to tell Daniel the truth. She wonders why she didn't do it. Vivian comes to the door after Daniel leaves. She wants to know why Chloe didn't take care of Carly Manning! Chloe insists she told her she couldn't go through with it, and she's glad she botched it up! Vivian calls her an airhead, saying she will lose Daniel. Chloe realizes Vivian was behind her thinking Daniel and Carly were together. She shouts, "You ruined my life!" Vivian insults her again, and Chloe threatens to have her arrested. Vivian calls her bluff, noting her part in it will be exposed. Chloe opens the door to show Vivian out and Carly is there! Carly gets Vivian out, then confronts her about being behind everything. Vivian runs off. Chloe is upset that she fell into Vivian's trap, and dreams of being a perfect family with Daniel. She muses that they'll never be happy like that if the baby isn't Daniel's.

    Nicole breaks into the DiMera Mansion and starts looking for the evidence EJ supposedly has against her. She finds a voice recorder and tells Stefano's portrait she's going to beat him and his son. She keeps snooping and finds an ultrasound photo of the baby she and EJ lost. Nicole cries, then keeps looking, wondering if EJ is bluffing. She begins sneaking out of the house.

    Stefano meets Lexi and Theo at the pier. He gives Theo a model boat and tells him he'll teach him how to sail one day. Abe appears and stiffens at the sight of Stefano. Theo goes with Stefano for a closer look at the boats, and Lexi explains to Abe that her father just showed up. She says Stefano knows he can't screw up if he wants to be part of their lives. Stefano calls EJ and tells him something is wrong, he'll need to meet him at the house.

    EJ and Sami are getting close at the picnic when he gets Stefano's call. When he tells Sami he has to leave, she asks, "Do you really have to go?" EJ beams, and says they'll have plenty of other family nights together. Gaby comes back and sings a song to Sydney. Sami tears up and says Rafe used to sing that to Grace! Will sits down beside Sami and suggests she call Rafe. She can't. He asks if that's because of EJ. Sami feels Rafe can't deal with parts of her life. Will apologizes for being a jerk about EJ, saying he's trying to be decent.

    Stefano arrives at home and Nicole hastily hides! Stefano pours a drink and booms, "Hiding won't do you any good!" EJ walks in and Stefano tells him that his crazy ex-wife gave their man the slip! Nicole listens intently. Stefano tells EJ the pressure he's putting on her is clearly working. EJ snaps that he has no real evidence! Nicole's eyes widen. They discuss Arianna. EJ says he enjoys defending someone innocent. Stefano thinks he's doing it for Sami. EJ tells his father he will be the man Sami can love. Stefano asks, "What if she finds out what you did?" Nicole turns on the voice recorder, and gets the whole truth about what EJ did on tape!

    Carly catches up with Vivian outside Brady's Pub. Carly questions her about what she hoped to accomplish by using Chloe to get at her. Vivian vows she won't stop until she destroys her! Vivian takes off and Carly worries about Chloe's baby not being Daniel's.

    Daniel arrives at Melanie's house, and tells her that with everything going on he wants to be clear that she is his first born, and the new baby coming will never take her place in his heart. Melanie shows him a 'big sister' t-shirt. Daniel laughs. She also gives him a dad book to record special baby moments. Daniel hopes he or she turns out like Melanie. They embrace.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Stephanie tells Philip she knows him, and knows something is wrong!

    Chloe says to Carly, "You're here to destroy me aren't you!"

    Nicole tells EJ, "I did what I had to do to protect myself and now look where we are!"

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    Posted by little bear at Thursday, July 08 2010 12:19 AM

    Hi all,

    Seems like Will's being rational for once, nice change!

    Nice to see Johnny and Allie together sometimes you almost forget they're twins because they're hardly ever together, it's always Johnny and Sydney and their family.

    EJ is trying to hard with Sami, he should just tell her the truth and hope for the best, if they're meant to be then they will be, but i still want this storyline to be over, it's too dragged out and i hate how they've changed Sami's character, she was always a lot of things but stupid wasn't one of them.

    Carly needs her own story, not a tag on to someone else's

    Have a super day

    Posted by miss pennydog03 at Thursday, July 08 2010 05:02 AM

    I don't understand why Hope doesn't go back to her own home and kick Bo and Carly to the curb. Also in the spoilers it says Chad is feeling guilty. The actress that plays Madeline is leaving the show or so I read; and I'm wondering if Chad might kill her for being a call girl or maybe she tells him the secret that Kate knows. I'm wondering if Chad is Stefano's son?

    Posted by day2day at Thursday, July 08 2010 05:36 AM

    Nicole is really gutsy - being in the DiMera Manse and all, but how did she get past all their high tech security?

    Posted by tylia at Thursday, July 08 2010 12:22 PM

    It was so nice seeing EJ and Sami on a picnic together with the kids.Thats all EJ really wants is a chance to be a real family with Sami and their children.He loves Sami and the kids and deserves that chance.Sami also seems to be really warming up to EJ.
    It is too bad that Nicole now knows his secret she'll just blackmail him and try to prevent him from helping Ari..which he his doing for free.EJs'good side is really showing again.Nicole is totally wrong what she is doing to Ari and now EJ.I will be glad when she gets what is coming to her..She is still so vicious,she has not changed.
    Chloe finally found out it was Viv behind everything but she can't blame Viv for her sleeping with Phil...that is Chloes' own fault.Chloe just should tell Daniel the truth before her situation gets worse than it already is.

    Posted by bghwme at Thursday, July 08 2010 02:08 PM

    I will believe that EJ has changed when he goes to Rafe or Sami and tells the truth and turns himself in. He and Sami will never be happy together as long as there is an ugly lie between them. If he finally figures that out for himself and tells the truth, it will be the best way out of his dilemna. Forgiveness is way sweeter than revenge. And Sami has an uncanny ability to forgive the unforgivable.

    I don't think he will do that, however. I think he and his father are going to start killing people to keep their secret safe. That is the DiMeral way.

    Posted by coconut2 at Thursday, July 08 2010 02:17 PM

    Just finish watching Days and I knew Nicole was going to find out some way or other about EJ,what really gets to me is why is everyone always taking about their secrets with doors open or that person is right around the corner,and now Nicole came out on top again,she is going to drain EJ even though I wanted Sami and him back together I believe he has change but EJ you talk too much about what happen and now you are going to pay,but knowing his Daddy he is going to kidnap Nicole and put her somewhere,before she hurt his son,and I will be so glad.I hate that the writers let Nicole have control again after all the things that she has done to hurt peoples.I know EJ has done wrong but so has Sami and I really believe they should be together.So now lets see what Nicole is going to do now.

    Posted by Chevamentz at Thursday, July 08 2010 07:35 PM

    I'll first start off today by saying Chloe your an IDIOT!!! Don't you know to NEVER trust Vivian or anything she says?? Look at what she's done to Carly over the years! Now if that baby isn't Daniel's your SCREWED!!!! Carly you look suspicious enough to change those paternity results please don't!!!! Let Chloe end up in her own sauce!!! That's for not trusting Daniel and Listening to Nicole!!! Tsk tsk tsk!!!! Seeing EJ and Sami together was nice!!! But once she finds out that he's the one who plotted Sydney's kidnapping she'll never forgive him! If she falls back for Rafe and Will and Gabi hook up that'll be creepy! Your mother will be her sister-in-law! Nicole is an idiot!! Find the info you need and get out of that freaking mansion before its too late!!! Now she's gonna tell EJ that she has evidence, thats so retarded!!!! Carly shoulda just told Melanie what Chloe did!!!! Jeez ppl stop holding in this secret! Just set it free!!! Nicole way to get EJ on tape! Chloe get over yourself Carly doesn't want Daniel! She's with Bo!!!! Lexi and Abe get over yourselves Theo needs to know Stephano and thats just that!!!

    Posted by butterflygirl3 at Thursday, July 08 2010 07:46 PM

    "My momma is better than your momma" Will and Chad fought it out. I normally don't care for Will when he is in a rage but I felt so sorry for him when Tall Chad pushed him to the ground. I find myself rooting for the underdog in any fight because the stronger person/power house doesn't need any help.

    Ah, EJ has his shirt off today can someone say muscles!! Speaking of, is it football/basketball season yet? Last year was not much in favor for the underdog. It seems ther were things going on beyond the game itself with the outcome or maybe not but I'm looking forward to this year and I hope my teams will make it all the way to the top.

    Is it Nanna-Banana, RITA-Marguarita, or Molly- McGolly? No it's Ciara. Justin, you should be asking Hope that Question. With her split personality, I'm surprised Night-time Hope doesn't have a name. Let's hope that Ciara doesn't have mental problems with her mother calling her a liar all the time.

    Posted by NancyMK at Friday, July 09 2010 05:19 PM

    Let's not forget that soaps are all about eavesdropping, sabotage, and blackmail. That's what has made the viewers tune in for so many years. Let's also not forget the "who's sleeping with who" portion. This is what makes soaps what they are, and intrigues the viewers. Then of course there is drugging, and murder, and mugging in the park. This is so exciting, isn't it?
    Plus who's baby is it anyway?
    I'm going to go sleep with your husband, while mine sleeps with your mother, and my sister is blackmailing her just goes on & on. Isn't this exciting? I love it!

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