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You Are Pure Evil.

Wednesday, June 23 2010
Chloe finds out she’s pregnant, Nicole learns Brady dumped Ari, and Carrie and Mike show up in Salem.

Nicole overhears Brady in the Kiriakis mansion discussing being set up. She tells him she’s worried she’ll lose her job because her producer is angry that she didn’t get the scoop from Brady about Arianna. He urges her to help find out who set Ari up and offers to give her more manpower when she claims she has found nothing even amidst all her digging. Her producer put a moratorium on the story. Nicole reminds him Ari doesn’t believe in him and asks how she could hurt him this way. Brady snorts and admits he broke up with her.

In jail, EJ holds his stack of folders while Arianna frantically tells him she needs to get out of there. The arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow but he’s not sure of the outcome. He’s going to prove Nicole is behind this. He has a plan.

Will greets his aunt Carrie at the door of the DiMera mansion. They hug and Carrie says Austin couldn’t be there. Sami shows up and Will leaves them alone, telling Carrie to send up a smoke signal if anything goes wrong. Carrie apologizes to Sami for her mother Anna kidnapping Sydney and asks forgiveness but Sami says there’s nothing to forgive. In fact, she takes part of the blame. They head into the great room where Sami reminds Carrie she’s the queen of bad decisions. Carrie wants to mend fences but Sami doesn’t think Carrie could ever forgive her. Carrie hasn’t been perfect either she says. They reminisce about Alice and Carrie flashes back to the time when her face was scarred with acid. Alice gave her advice to have a good strong will and the courage to dream. Carrie is sorry for all that has gone wrong with them as is Sami and they agree to a fresh start in Alice and Sydney’s honor. They hug with Sami tearing up.c

Carly interrupts the wedding and Chloe begs Carly not to do this. Melanie asks Philip if he knows what this is about but he lies that he has no idea. Chloe starts to become upset and frenetic while Daniel tries to calm her. Philip flashes back and Carly tells Chloe she’s pregnant. Jaws drop and Chloe thinks the results are wrong. Daniel’s thrilled but Carly’s eyes tear up as she tries to motion to Chloe to tell the truth. Daniel and Chloe profess their love and Daniel goes to find the JP, while Carly apologizes for the timing. Chloe thinks Carly made up the pregnancy and calls her pure evil. She thinks Carly wants to be with Daniel once she breaks them up but Carly yells, "No!" Later, Daniel and Chloe allow Carly to do an ultrasound. They confirm she’s pregnant.

Jennifer worries when Mike doesn’t answer his cell phone. Maggie thinks it could have trouble getting a rental car.

Lexi walks into a hospital room, shocked to see Mike Horton there. He recognizes her but doesn’t know how he got there. She tells him he was in an accident and they’re running tests. He has to get out of there and begs her to get him out of there.

At Maggie’s place, Madeline says Mia almost ruined Chad’s life once and she’d prefer not to give her another chance. Madeline hands her a paper saying she got her into the “School Of Performing Arts” in New York. Expenses are paid and a generous allowance will be given. Mia hands it back and Madeline gives her a plane ticket. The program has already started so she leaves tonight. Mia promised Maggie she’d stay, but Madeline notices the ballet slippers Melissa gave her on the table and urges her to follow her dreams for Grace, for Chad and for herself. Mia decides to go.

In Alice's kitchen, Jennifer and Maggie start to worry after they learn Mike picked up his rental car. Jennifer gets a call from Lexi.

Carrie visits Mike in the hospital. He tells her about the accident and they discuss the irony of the situation. He’s glad to see her. They catch up and Jennifer rushes in with hugs for all. Jennifer blames herself for pressuring him to hurry. He asks her to get him out of there. She takes off and he waits impatiently. Lexi returns. He can’t leave yet. He reminds her he’s a doctor and he’s fine.

At the pub, Philip tells Melanie to stay out of Daniel and Chloe’s business. He’s tired of everyone dumping on Chloe.

Nicole stands outside the pub and starts a tribute to Alice Horton, calling the elderly woman her friend. EJ steps out of the shadows and disputes this. Nicole yells cut. They take five and EJ says the woman’s not even dead yet. Nicole replies she’s celebrating Alice’s life and takes a few shots at his life. He taunts her about Brady.

Brady visits Ari in jail. She apologizes for doubting him and promises it’ll never happen again. Brady tells her he’s not counting on EJ and he’ll get her out of there. When he finds out who did this they’re going down.

Mia arrives to the DiMera mansion and tells Will she’s moving to New York. Sami arrives and Mia thanks them both and everyone tears up. They say their goodbyes and Mia heads out. Will tells Sami he’ll miss her and she gives him a hug.

Jennifer arrives at Alice’s place, yelling for her parents as Maggie comes down the stairs bawling. She tells Jennifer that Alice just died.

Next On Days Of Our Lives:

Sami tells Carrie, "When I find her I'm going to make sure she pays for what she did."

Shane tells Rafe, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

Kimberly tells Bo, "He dropped off the face of the earth."

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