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    Your Eyes Could Melt The Yukon!

    Thursday, May 13 2010
    Chloe confesses something to Daniel, EJ admits his insecurities about Johnny, and Chad and Mia discuss plans for next year.

    Daniel arrives home from a rough night in the ER. Chloe wakes up and Daniel asks if they can finish their conversation from the previous night. Chloe flashes back to sex with Philip and says she’s afraid he’ll leave her once he finds out the truth. She admits she did something stupid and knows he thinks she makes things – she’s starting to agree with him and says Philip came over… Daniel asks her to stop. He knows the rest. He thinks she opened up to Philip and apologizes for not being there for her. He makes a call to a doctor for therapy.

    In the Kiriakis drawing room, Vivian calls Victor exasperated that he’s not helping her with wedding plans. Gus tries to calm her with tea but she rages that there are no scones!

    Victor is in Maggie’s hospital room shaking his head that Vivian’s been calling him non-stop since she got up. Maggie makes fun of him marrying Vivian and they share a laugh. Melanie and Philip walk in, surprised that Victor has brought the limo to take her home. Victor and Philip leave the room and bicker. Philip wants Victor to cancel the wedding and stay away from Maggie. Victor refuses to end his friendship with Maggie. Vivian waltzes in and overhears what she thinks is Victor defending her honor. Philip sets her straight.

    Inside Maggie’s room, Melanie worries about Daniel to Maggie. They join the others and Philip tells Melanie that Vivian wants to invite them to dinner. Melanie is shocked and laughs it off then leaves. Vivian hands the flowers to Maggie and elsewhere in the hospital, Melanie worries that Daniel’s not answering her calls.

    Sami walks in on EJ and Johnny playing soccer in the great room. She tells him the townhouse is under a lot of construction and hands him a gift Rafe has sent – an FBI jacket and a note that reads, "Dude, here’s agency issue field wear for my main man." Johnny’s so excited he remembered and puts on the jacket while EJ broods. Johnny goes off to play and EJ hoped that ties would be cut. Sami says they could get Johnny a mobster jacket to make things even. Their son loves Rafe and EJ has to deal with it. EJ knows.

    In paradise, Rafe orders Calliope to get the goods on Anna already. She moans and groans and yells, "What if I can’t go through with it?" They discuss Sami’s safety and Rafe says he’s not with Sami anymore but she and her kids are like family. He pulls out a photo of Sydney to help Calliope do the right thing. She tells Rafe his eyes could melt the Yukon – she’ll do it. She leaves.

    EJ returns to the great room and Sami says Rafe seemed angry with her. EJ thinks he’s still in love with her. EJ admits he’s insecure, knowing Johnny wants him to be the type of father Rafe is. "Rafe’s the good guy and I’m not," says EJ, who worries what Johnny will think when he learns what EJ and Stefano do for a living. Sami suggests he change careers! She reminds him how he has been there for her. "EJ, you’re not a good guy. You’re a great guy," she says, not like Stefano, though he’s influenced by him. She hopes their son grows up to be a man just like EJ. Nobody will take his place in their kids' hearts. EJ smiles.

    On the island, Anna has a hangover. She flashes back to talking to Calliope and wonders how much she gave away. She makes a call, asking to take care of something, right away. Calliope and Anna get facials and Anna asks Calliope to travel with her. She can’t because she’s hiding from the IRS. Anna offers her money and Calliope starts to cry. Rafe watches as Calliope almost spills everything. Anna accidentally finds Calliope’s camera wire and gives it a yank.

    Mia and T join Chad at Java Café, where he admits he’s happy he got accepted to Wake Forrest next year. Mia confesses she’s heading to New York to study dance. Chad accuses her of running away. Mia is afraid she’ll be alone with thoughts of Grace when he’s gone.

    Madeline and hubby Woodsy discuss sending Chad to Wake Forrest, the school in Denver, so he’ll stop hanging around the DiMera’s. Woodsy thinks they need to trust Chad until he goes off to school. Woodsy leaves and Chad arrives and tells his mom he now wants to stay in Salem.

    Maggie, Philip and Melanie arrive home. Maggie goes to unpack and Philip says Maggie thinks he should give Victor another chance. Melanie wonders if they should give Vivian one too. Philip doesn’t know. He leaves and Maggie returns, and Mel says she’s worried about Daniel.

    Back at the Kiriakis drawing room, Vivian shows her jealousy toward Maggie to Gus. Victor arrives and says helping with wedding preparations would be like enjoying being prepped for a colostomy. Viv says she pushed up the wedding date, causing Victor to spit out his drink.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Rafe asks Anna, "Leaving paradise so soon?"

    Will asks Sami what’s going on with her and EJ.

    "Then you and Samantha will be finished. Forever." Stefano tells EJ.

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    Posted by Gaslickmouf at Thursday, May 13 2010 03:57 AM

    I feel stupid year after year after year.DOOL always lose EVERY YEAR.

    DOOL lost to AMC
    DOOL lost to OLTL
    DOOL lost to GH
    DOOL lost to Y&R
    DOOL lost to ATWT
    DOOL lost to GL
    DOOL lost to B&B

    I just dont get it, the actors r doing there part by finally getting nominated, but what the hell is wrong with the

    Its been over 30years they aint won sh*t!

    I dont know bout the rest of u fans but I dont like to be on a losing team year in and year out!
    They improve in the ratings but we all must be watching thee worst show because they r still losing.

    DOOL needs more action they r always sitting around everyday

    Sitting @ the Cheating heart
    Sitting @ the Brady Pub
    Sitting @ the Peir
    They sit way toooo much lets get some action going.

    Ok what u guys think about the lost streak that DOOL still has???? DOOL as Susan would say "NEVER NEVER NERVER NERVER" gets nominated.

    Posted by peprmnt at Thursday, May 13 2010 04:49 AM

    When Rafe finally finds out about Ej & tells Sami, what's really gonna happen?

    IF, he only has Anna's word & not solid evidence, Ej will convince Sami he's lying because Rafe is jealous. Also, if he does get Anna on tape admitting the truth, Ej has all judges in his pocket so there won't be any justice...again. This sl is getting really old.
    I don't think the writters can come up with a storyline without involving Ej/Sami. nominations prove that.

    Posted by gooddays at Thursday, May 13 2010 05:07 AM

    WELL, When you have other actors voting for other actors on other soaps like Y&R GH 2 ACTORS on the best actor or actress these soaps do the same storyline over and over same twists each and every time and these soaps get nominated for best soap somethings not right,, so why do these soaps get rewarded for the same things every year? Days should have been canceled years ago, BUT this soap keeps fighting and fighting to stay alive and I say keep fighting till you cant fight no more.

    Posted by day2day at Thursday, May 13 2010 06:11 AM

    I'd like to see Victor and Maggie get together if for no other reason than to really P--- Off Vivian. I'd like to see Maggie be happy and I think she and Victor would be good for each other - at least for a while.

    Posted by DOOL1965 at Thursday, May 13 2010 08:01 AM

    You have to have more then one s/l and not drag it on for 18 months to get an Emmy! The other soaps have several s/l going on they end some each month and start others up. They make you want to come back the next day. DAYS doesn’t do that any more, they use the same dialog and s/l over and over again, there’s no consequences for the villains, all they do is bed-hop, no romance, no adventure, no happy ending, constantly bring back characters from years ago. The other soaps use new dialog, there are consequences for the bad-guys, they have marry couples, so there is romance they have their problems but there are happy ending, and they bring in NEW characters and give them a new s/l which makes it interesting! If DAYS doesn’t start doing this they will never get nominated!!! I have watched DAYS for 44 years and was my favorite soap, but the Y&R has taken its place! I really don’t watch DAYS anymore I read the recaps and if something sounds interesting I will watch! But they don’t make me want to come back the next day!


    Posted by MammaT at Thursday, May 13 2010 08:26 AM

    There is no better storyline than EJAMI they are the best on the show I mostly fast forward through the other scenes. I do love RAFE but not as much as EJ. Does anyone else think that the new will character is the most annoying actor EVER!!?? They need to write him off or get a better actor cus he is just not doing the job well at all. What are they doing to stephanie.... they should have kept her and phil together.. Melanie sucks I hope in the cat fight steph kick her A$$

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Thursday, May 13 2010 08:44 AM

    Hi all! Wow, I LOVE Calliope's line today, the title for the daily update also!! "Your eyes could melt the Yukon"! Was that not meant for Sexy Rafe or what? He could melt anyone's heart with just his presence....Samanther, you're one real dummy, girl! OOOOH, I just can't wait till confrontation day between EvilJ and Sexy Rafe cause ALL of you know it's coming! Sexy Rafe WILL prevail and Samanther will fall right back into his arms(if our Sexy One will take her back, hmmmm...let's see, does she even deserve him anymore??) lol...Since it's Samanther, and I love her, I say yes and I want her to be happy with Sexy Rafe and I want to see a GLORIOUS SAFE wedding this year!!! TPTB, please be taking notes. Apparently we fans could write the show as well as the paid writers!(The dragging of some storylines drives me insane!)
    Gotta go for now, peeps! Hope everyone has fun posting today! : )
    Hey, Pretender,StraightTalk,Diamond,LilPink,DOOL, anyone else I missed!

    Posted by StraightTalker at Thursday, May 13 2010 09:09 AM

    Hello guys…

    Regarding yesterday’s post:
    Days-pretender- I would have to agree /DiamondGirl- Chloe are on the edge and Vivian is right there to push her over. I also agree w/Tylia that Chloe should just go ahead and bite the bullet, the longer she keeps mum and tries to make Carly look bad, the worst it’s going to be when the truth comes out.
    It is also true that everyone in that quadrangle has messed up in the past and even cheated with each other when they were otherwise involved with other people. Having said that, the past is the past and what matters now is how these people have behaved in their current relationships; Daniel has been nothing but devoted to Chloe, Mel screwed up but confessed to Phillip, and Chloe and Phillip have betrayed their partners and continue to compound the problem by piling up lies and lies on an already bad situation.
    I can’t wait for the explosion to hit Salem and to see Victor’s reaction to it all.

    I will be back in the afternoon to comment on today’s epi, until then, I will be chilling out with Mr. Hotness so BW, LilPink, DiamondGirl don’t be too worried if you can’t find him, rest assured that he is in safe hands, lol.

    Posted by Days_pretender at Thursday, May 13 2010 09:13 AM

    Now now Bwarner, we all know that if Sammi wanted Rafe, and could not get enough of him, we would not have him to pass around, and each get a taste of. We do not want her to get fat from having all the candy from the dish. SHARE, that is what we want her to do. She is blinded by the Brit accent, and that is fine with me..... Pass the Tall Dark and Handsome, I will just have to make due...LOL

    Posted by tylia at Thursday, May 13 2010 09:48 AM

    Gaslickmouf-calm down, It is the writing that could be alot better on the show and better s/ls.I also think that Days is working on a budget also,so we don't see all the action and glamor that the other soaps have..therefore allowing the other soaps to win the awards.DAYS does have some good actors and some good s/ls that could be even better if written right.I will keep watching though even if they don't win awards..thats not what we watch for.If they win fine,if not oh well.But still watch.Its all about if you are into the show and get (enjoyment) out of watching it.

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