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The Kiriakis Curse!

Monday, May 03 2010
Stephanie hatches a plan, Carly is confronted by Chloe, and Hope strikes again!

Hope stops Dr.Baker from leaving the place where he was playing cards. He is stunned when she tells him they are partners. He tells her she's a con who's rolling people! Hope orders him to sit down and she'll explain everything. She tells him she is a detective investigating the muggings, and suggest he could make some money. Baker wants nothing to do with it, saying they're finished. Hope informs him they are merely beginning! She asks for the check, saying she knows what he did last night. When he begins to deny it, she pulls a gun! He offers up the check and she tears it up. Baker turns to leave again, but Hope tells him, with a tear in her eye, that she needs him. She talks about her love being gone and acts sad. Baker reaches out to console her and her mood abruptly switches. She opens the door and laughing, tells him it's time to go!

Stephanie is with Philip in the pub and asks him to tell her why he's so upset with himself! When she gets a hostile response, it only heightens her suspicions. He claims to have had a fight with his father, adding that it's none of her business. Stephanie probes more, saying if he screws up his marriage, Melanie will fall right back into the arms of Nathan! Philip walks out. Adrienne appears, and Stephanie tells her something is definitely wrong and she's afraid to find out what it is, noting that Philip always messes up with women. Adrienne sighs, "The Kiriakis curse." Stephanie tells her no one is going to come between her and her happiness! She talks about needing Nathan to really move forward and commit. They move outside and Adrienne tells her to just be herself. They say goodbye, and Stephanie takes out her birth control pills and gets a thoughtful look on her face!

The man from the hotel tells Chloe someone was yanking her chain. He wonders who would want to do that to her, adding that she has a big problem, but it's not him. Outside, the man calls Vivian and assures her he did just as she asked, and the beauty queen bought all of it. Philip goes in to meet Chloe, who says they need to put things in perspective. Chloe tells him she thinks Carly Manning set her up! Philip is skeptical. Chloe says she feels terribly guilty, and if it wasn't for Carly, they never would have made this huge mistake! She rants about Carly, and Philip tells her she's got to keep it together! She insists she has to prove to Daniel that Carly is the devil.

Melanie approaches Carly at the hospital and asks her what she thinks of Chloe. Carly takes a call from Bo, then turns back to the question, wondering why Melanie is asking. Melanie confides that she feels Chloe is judging her sometimes. Carly tells her Chloe is lucky to have her in her life. Melanie wonders if she just doesn't want to share Daniel. Carly reassures her. Melanie says she just wants Daniel, both her parents actually, to be happy. Carly expresses how much it means that she said that. Melanie lets her know she wants her to be a part of her life. Carly is happy.

Nathan pays Daniel a visit. He tells him to stick around until later when he and Dr. Manning are going to go over some cases. Nathan asks if Chloe is going to be there. Daniel isn't sure. Nathan thinks Chloe might be uncomfortable with him being there since he's Lucas's cousin. Daniel is puzzled, but then decides Nathan's awkwardness is about Melanie, and reassures him. Nathan tells him he has a date with Stephanie and makes his exit.

Brady and Arianna are fooling around at the Kiriakis Mansion when the phone rings - it's Nicole trying to reach Brady. He shuts off the phone. Next, someone comes to the door - it's Gabby looking for Arianna. She explains that she lost her history report and needs help re-writing it! They leave. There is another knock at the door, Brady opens it to see Nicole standing there. He glowers. Nicole wants his help, but he orders her to get out. She insists he first tell her he doesn't have feelings for her anymore. Brady hugs her and asks her to go into the other room while he gets them a drink. Nicole sees that Arianna has texted Brady saying she'll probably be back soon. Nicole opens her blouse. Brady takes her outside, saying he's going for a walk and she needs to be gone when he gets back. He doesn't want to see her anymore.

Vivian and Gus are in the parlor, toasting to Chloe thinking Carly Manning is playing sadistic little tricks on her.

Carly is back at Daniel's house. He wants to work there, and says he's going to get takeout. Carly thanks him, saying she never would have made this much progress with Melanie if not for his support. He smiles, and heads out. The door soon opens and Carly says, "That was quick." It's Chloe. She tells Carly she knows what she did!

Philip and Melanie are kissing at home. She asks him if they could spend some time with her father and Chloe this weekend. He says sure they can. When she runs off happily, he takes out his phone. Melanie comes back to hear him telling Chloe not to do anything rash. She asks what is going on.

Arianna and Gabby are in the pub working at the laptop when Nicole comes in looking rumpled and pretending to thank Brady for his help on her cellphone. Arianna lets her know she doesn't believe her, and leaves. Gabby gets in Nicole's face.

Brady is at the park when Hope and Dr. Baker spot him. Baker says he's trouble, but Hope thinks he's the perfect target - they move in. Hope knocks him out with the gun! Baker wants to take his money and run, but Hope says Brady isn't getting off that easy.

Stephanie throws her birth control in the wastebasket outside the pub as Nathan comes up and hugs her. She smiles slyly.

Arianna arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion to find Brady gone!

Next on Days Of Our Lives:

Melanie asks Philip what he's keeping from her.

Chloe shouts at Carly that she won't ruin anyone's life ever again.

Baker asks Hope what she did to Brady.

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