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    The Kiriakis Curse!

    Monday, May 03 2010
    Stephanie hatches a plan, Carly is confronted by Chloe, and Hope strikes again!

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    Posted by evbowman at Monday, May 03 2010 01:51 PM

    BLah...Blah...Blah!! This soap has been on a loop for about 10 yrs now.And to think,I was a devoted fan for 40 yrs. Never thought I'd ever get tired of it,but ya I'm done.Nicole always wins,even if she loses for a day or 2, she's always back and in the money. Sami always in the front of the drama. I said 2 years ago,when I quit watching it, it should be called the Sami Brady Hour. Came back last week , and it took less than 2 episodes to see that nothing has changed.Thank God for Y&R.

    Posted by Lady G at Monday, May 03 2010 02:12 PM

    Question. I see they are discussing a funeral for Alice Horton because the actress passed. Carrie Brady is one coming back but I have a question. Is she still married to Austin? I remember she hooked up with someone else for a while (not Lucas)and I thought it was Mike. Am I crazy? Or did this happen? I thought eventually tho she and Austin did get together and leave Salem.

    Posted by ypham3000 at Monday, May 03 2010 02:15 PM

    love nicole today and as for stephanie throwing away her birth control pills to trap nathan so that he won't be running back to poor sad little pathetic melanie I SAY BRING IT ON STEPHANIE DO IT TRAP HIM!

    Posted by InamedmycatafterVivian at Monday, May 03 2010 04:09 PM

    Ah what's new? Captain Carly and her life destroyer. Puleease. Hate isn't a good look for you, Chloe. Come clean and face it. I think Stephanie took a few of Hope's crazy pills. Though, I like Steph better now that she's not such an angel. Hope and her s/l is very entertaining. Crazy Hope is better than Saint Hope. Excited for Ejami this week. I heard there is some shirtless, delicious-ness from James Scott.

    Posted by longliveBOPE at Monday, May 03 2010 05:09 PM

    Give me Crazy Hope or night Hope any day long as I don't have to see Bozo & chi-ah pet I'm fine loving KA/Hope and for the record Bo is just much the blame as Hope like her or not she was and is his WIFE until futher notice... but I looking for BETTER man to come along for her any way just know down the line they will reunite just hope his suffer in the long run EX -Bo/PA fan anyway

    Posted by firebird85 at Monday, May 03 2010 07:38 PM

    Is Nicole going to get blamed for Hope braining Brady?

    The Carly/Melanie/Daniel story line is boring and making Melanie needy.

    Chloe is her worst own enemy. She needs to either shut up or come clean with Daniel.

    Posted by tylia at Monday, May 03 2010 08:05 PM

    Stephanie,has become to be a really annoying person...she is always in someones business..(Mel and Phil)just because she is so insecure with Nathan.She knows he does not love her but yet she is going to be so desperate and stupid and try to trap him by becoming pregnant by him.It is wrong what she's planning to do he will resent her for that and if she thinks it will make him love her or even stay with her-she wrong.I hope he leaves her before her plan comes through.She needs her parents right now to talk some sense into her.
    Chloe,is another one that is not rational right now if she thinks Carly is the blame for her problems(ESP)sleeping with Philip and cheating on Daniel she is totaly wrong even if Carly did set her up..Carly didn't make her lay down with Philip she chose to do that herself.I hope Chloe finds out it was VIV that set her up before she does something stupid.Viv looks like she's winning because Chloe is so weak.Also,Carly is being blamed for alot of things that she really shouldn't be.
    Nicole is pushing herself on Brady too hard..he does love her(unlike EJ).She did the same thing with EJ she better learn from her mistakes.Brady has feelings for her she should let him realize and admit his feelings hisself without pushing up on him so hard..he seems like he's turned away from her acting that way.I also saw the hug he gave her today and it was a hug that showed his feelings, he really cares for her but he's trying to fight it.She can fight for him without looking so desperate...and conniving in (his eyes)

    Posted by butterflygirl3 at Monday, May 03 2010 09:15 PM

    Phillip fess up already!!! He is unraveling and in such a bad state right now even his wife could figure out what he did. Maybe he'll get mugged and forgot the lustful affair with Chloe for a while.

    Chloe has enough anger for the both of them. she'll blurt it out!!

    Chloe and Nathan, I got a glimps of them last week maybe or maybe not as a couple. There is a age difference though.

    I wish the writers would let Sami and EJ become a couple. Sami has done a lot of dirt but she can't have a dirty man without a conscience and family judgement. All her lying and scheming but when it comes to E.J. she grows a conscience. Where is this domesticated story line going???

    Hope is reversing her pysche???? Instead of a life partner to fight crime with she is needing a partner in crime to heal her lonly broken heart. I knew she was hurting but not this bad and the medication is not helping either.. She's all messed up.. That's soapland for you..

    A few months ago Carly was looking like a very bad mother and now look at her. Love her and Mel's relationship now.

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