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    Blood On Her Hands?

    Thursday, April 29 2010
    Rafe gets a lead on Anna, Hope asks Nicole for an alibi, and Mia tries to make Chad jealous.

    At Salem PD, Sami finds Rafe on the phone discussing his theory about the woman in Morocco being a set up. Sami tells him he’s right. Stefano is up to something. Stefano finds Kate flashing back to being threatened by Madeline. They discuss the threat and Stefano makes a call to Madeline, saying he’ll handle it. Rafe says Stefano told him EJ doesn’t trust Sami to raise their children. Sami doesn’t believe Stefano. She doesn’t think Rafe’s exactly agent objective. They argue and Rafe says EJ wants to be with her. She must see it. Sami asks how he knew. "Did you see…" she starts to say but stops herself and says she cares for EJ as the father of her children and was on her way to confront EJ when she found him. She’s tired of people budding into her life. Rafe tells her to be honest with herself. Sami doesn’t have feelings for EJ, she says and flashes back to the kiss and tells Rafe she’s not stupid and knows it’s nuts to move into the DiMera mansion. She can’t let Kate turn Will against her. Rafe takes a call and tells the caller he’ll be on the next flight out. He hangs up and tells Sami he’s going away. He asks her to hold off on her decision until he returns – whenever that is. Sami turns him down. She’s off to see EJ. "Bon Voyage," she says and slams the door behind her. Rafe cryptically says he can’t tell her or she’ll just tell EJ. Once she’s gone, Rafe tells a cop this time he’s off to see Anna face to face.

    At the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells Sydney her daddy will be fine and he plans revenge.

    Hope is stopped by Dr. Baker on the pier, who starts to tell her their next step. Hope doesn’t recognize him. When a cop comes up, Baker runs off and eavesdrops as the cop tells Hope they learned the perp covered his tracks after making off with some of EJ DiMera’s money.

    From EJ's hospital bed, Ari grins as EJ tells Nicole he thinks Nicole set him up. Nicole’s exasperated and tells Ari to turn off the camera. They argue and Nicole takes the tape from the camera and destroys it. Ari gives them a moment and goes outside the room to tell Brady about EJ’s accusations. Brady doesn’t believe EJ and tells Ari they shouldn’t air it. Ari doesn’t like that Brady’s in Nicole’s corner and has to go tell her boss that Nicole destroyed the tape.

    In EJ’s room, Nicole states her innocence and thinks EJ will frame her. EJ says the days she doesn’t pay for her crime are over. Hope comes in and EJ says he remembers the man was connected to Nicole. Hope’s taping it and tells Nicole to leave the room. EJ thinks money was the motive and Nicole loves the stuff. Hope says they think EJ was hit in the head with a butt of a gun – like hers, and by somebody shorter than him.

    Nicole finds Brady outside and hears Ari already told him about EJ’s accusations. Nicole assures him she had nothing to do with it but is afraid to go back to prison. Ari returns as Nicole and Brady are hugging. Nicole says she was alone last night and has no alibi. She wants Brady to give her one but he won’t. She leaves and Ari returns and calls Brady a good friend. She not only loves him, she likes him. They smooch. Later, Hope finds Nicole and asks for an alibi. They go to the station.

    When Sami arrives to EJ’s room he thanks her for saving his life.

    At Java, Mia tries to make amends with Will. Nearby, Madeline watches Mia and tells Chad what’s going down at Will’s table. She offers to give Chad more of an allowance if he quits working with Mia. He refuses. Madeline notices a call come in from Stefano. Mia interrupts to greet Madeline, who treats her coldly. Mia asks Madeline to go with her to Grace’s grave.

    Madeline declares she has an appointment but Mia thinks she’s lying. The ladies go outside to talk while Chad and Will wonder what the display was about. Later, the guys study and Chad says they need Mia’s help. Will refuses to and Chad blames himself for messing Mia up. Mia returns and one of the bus boys flirts with her. She flirts back and asks him to kiss her. Once he does, she slaps him. Will goes to the guy and tells him that was for his benefit. Mia corrects him. It was for Chad’s benefit.

    Outside Java, Mia begs Madeline to try to help her get another chance with Chad. When Madeline says it’s not up to her, Mia leaves, frustrated and hurt, feeling Madeline thinks she’s not good enough.

    Baker packs up in his hotel room and thinks to himself he should have stayed dead. He says goodbye to Salem.

    Stefano bumps into Madeline on the pier and tells her next time he asks to meet with her, she shouldn’t ignore his wishes. Each warns the other to stay away.

    Back at the mansion, Kate’s agitated and fixing a drink. She gasps and looks at her hands, which are bloody. She cries out and looks again. The blood is gone. Will interrupts and she says he shouldn’t spend so much time with Chad. Will asks what’s going on.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Nicole tells Hope EJ is trying to frame her.

    EJ tells Stefano, "Samantha is about the only person I can trust."

    Caroline shakily tells Sami, "You're falling for him. All over again."

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    Posted by hatestheresafitzgerald at Thursday, April 29 2010 12:54 AM

    Wow..I am done with Sami and EJ thing...for one thing its boring and for another I don't deal with 100% pure blonde bimbos (actresses who play on soaps).

    My god Mia..have you not learned about messing around with guys at your age? Remember Chad getting you knocked up? And leaving you. are one clever clever woman and I LOVE IT!! Too bad I can't use any of those "tricks" on all my ex fiance, and ex boyfriends lol.

    Have a great weekend all!

    Posted by DiamondGirl09 at Thursday, April 29 2010 04:02 AM

    Hope is really rocking it. About the only reason I haven't tuned DOOL out. The other reason is Rafe he's so damn sexy. Gosh, that Sami is in the words of Fred Sanford, "A BIG DUMMY"

    Rafe will be alright. Can't believe he want be there to unmask Hope. They would have great.
    Still Hoping for Bo to get hit in the head on his return.

    Posted by LuvBoHope at Thursday, April 29 2010 04:18 AM

    "DiamondGirl", I'm with you - Bo deserves the biggest "knock" of all - maybe it'll knock some sense in him since he's lost ALL his!!

    Posted by Days_pretender at Thursday, April 29 2010 05:52 AM

    I think the thing that I do not understand the direction the writers are going is: No matter what the "Resident Bad Boy" EJ says, after he does just what he wants and is as rough as he wants to be, Thick Headed Sammi gullable as she is, beleives him and every slimmey sylable he utters. When Rafe, who is still trying to protect Sammi, and to proove that there was some one else besides Anna that took Sydney, and is directing the direction of how things are going, and no matter what he says to Sammi, or how he tries to give Sammi information that she will need to make the right decision concerning her babies, all three of the babies, she absolutely tunes him out and denies everything he is saying. I tell you what, I beleive in Cougars, and if Sammi does not want that cute hunk of a man around her or her kids then I think I would be interested, and there would be a whole new chapter in the Cougar show on television. WOW... She is not using all the burners on her stove...

    Posted by DOOL1965 at Thursday, April 29 2010 07:14 AM

    Keep the faith SAFE fans; SAFE will be back stronger than ever!!!


    Posted by chunnie at Thursday, April 29 2010 07:21 AM

    EJ and Sami still loves each other they are just hiding their feelings.From Bo and hope seperated Hope is losing it and with Mia that girl needs alot of help.

    Posted by LilPink at Thursday, April 29 2010 07:38 AM

    I'm waiting on Hope to do more than hit him in the head. She should give him a beaten that he would never forget. Leave a scar on his behind so he will always remember. JMO. KA is really playing her role. So ready for more night scenes.

    Sami better wake up and smell the coffee or Rafe is going to definitely walk away for good. I don't care how many kids you have by EJ. Doesn't mean you have to bow to him. Sami, you never learn. Ej had no problem leaving you lonely while he was with Nicole. Better think twice.

    Mia is crazy. When is she leaving? Hurry up and get her outta here.

    Posted by tylia at Thursday, April 29 2010 01:36 PM

    Brady,gave Nicole a "more than just friends" hug today..he was really clinging unto her.Ari was doing a little spying on them too,she's so jealous and insecure of Nicole but that's because she's scared she knows Brady has feelings for Nicole,that he is really fighting IMO.While EJ is wrong for blaming Nicole for the mugging..Ari didn't care as long as Nicole was getting blamed for something.EJ dosen't know any better he's just vaguely connecting DR.Baker with Nicole,which he's so wrong about this time, it's Hope!
    Sami was right by telling Rafe off.ALot of what she is saying,she IS right.. but noone believes her.EJ does want what is best for their kids and she will later find out her too, because he loves her.
    Mia is still Mia devious and mean,she is the character I dislike the most.She use to be ok,now she is just plain terrible.I will be glad when she leaves Salem.

    Posted by tylia at Thursday, April 29 2010 01:50 PM

    Also it was funny seeing how confused Dr.Baker was when he found out Hope was really a detective.I see he's ready to skip town now.

    Posted by Days_pretender at Thursday, April 29 2010 03:41 PM

    I would love to see Billie Warlock return to Days. Because Carley is on the show now, and with Melanie, and Daniel, all from this area of interest, it would be nice to have her brother brought back to the show. Besides, we could use the extra hunk on the show, and all of thos interesting and talented men are more than welcome as far as my eyes go. I would rather have him than Billie, even though they are married, I always liked him, and Salem can use another attorney.... Yea like that one...

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