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    That Little Green Gecko.

    Wednesday, January 20 2010
    Gabi agrees to go to the Olympics with Chad, a woman who picked up the ransom is brought into Salem PD, and Hope learns Bo removed his wedding band.

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    Posted by nene9274 at Wednesday, January 20 2010 04:55 PM

    Hey guys, I am new to posting. I just thought I would post my opinion. I have watched this soap since the very early 80's and I don't forget alot of whats happened. First off Bo and Hope. I hope they eventually get back together, because they're Bo and Hope. I am rather enjoying though Carly back and this breakup. It's kinda nice to see them care about other people, and then build back up to each other. I really don't know who I want Melanie to be with. I couldn't stand the character at first, but have grown to love her. The actress for Mia does a much better job at being the jealous, coniving teenager, then the job of the wimpy, no tears victim. Loving Vivian being back, could care less about Justin. Well now for my most favorite couple of all. EJAMI!!!! They are something else. First off I think most who like EJ are not saying we are okay with rape. But since it is soapworld they tend to redeem our characters very easily and we forget all they have done. Some of you have probably watched as long I have and others not, but if Ej is a rapist then so is our darling Samantha. She drugged Austin to make him believe she was her sister Carrie and then in turn tricked him into having sex with her. Might I point out Carrie is Anna Dimera and Roman Bradys daughter and thats why Anna hates Sami, for all the horrible things she did to Carrie. EJ at least gave her a option, she never gave Austin any. Up until about maybe 3 years ago she was the most vile, vindictive, lying, evil girl on this soap and now all of a sudden she is our heroine. Sorry guys Rafe is hot, but oh so boring to me, and he ain't never gonna be no John Black if thats what they're shooting for. Ej and Sami are two very similar characters in that they have flaring tempers, love to get revenge,and ALWAYS HURT THE ONES THEY LOVE! They are perfect for each other. I think they could have tons of storylines with them and the struggles with the opposing families of Bradys and Dimera's. So yes I sure hope that once they let EJ do all his evil deeds that they redeem his character, exactly the way they did my favorite Sami, and allow who really needs to be together happen.

    Posted by firebird85 at Wednesday, January 20 2010 05:24 PM

    Welcome nene9274. I thought your post was intereting and compelling. You made some well-founded points about Sami, Carrie & Anna.

    Posted by DaYs_FaN02 at Wednesday, January 20 2010 08:22 PM

    I cannot believe that Bo is actually putting Hope thru this crap. I can't believe that he would actually put her thru this. Of all my years of watching Bo and Hope, he was always the one to go after her, and wanted her to stay with him. He is a dog! I hate that this is happening to them.

    EJ, Sami & Rafe...When is this going to end? Another year? I just wish they can find Sydney already and lets see who gets to keep the baby for EJ and Sami.

    Happy week everyone!

    Posted by HeartAllSoaps at Thursday, January 21 2010 08:43 AM

    Hi all. Frequent reader, first time poster here. I'm loving all the passionate opinions about DAYS right now. I agree, just goes to show they are doing something right when fans feel so motivated to share their opinions, for good and for not-so-good! I sincerely hope that the fans who are unhappy with the show right now, and are saying they're giving up on it and not watching anymore, are not serious. Soaps are hanging by a thread right now, and if their most loyal fans give up just because they don't like a current storyline we're in trouble! Be honest and say what you don't like, and what you do, but please keep watching and support your shows. Let's do everything we can to prove the "pundits" wrong who say all soaps will be off the air in five years! (Trust me, you may be hating your show today, but you'll be a lot angrier and heartbroken the day it gets canceled.)

    As for the show, I'm loving the Bo/Hope/Carly triangle for a few reasons. First, it's put Bo and Hope back on the front burner. Whether you love the story or hate it, at least they are getting to take center stage rather than being occasional "talk to's." Second, gotta be honest, I love Carly being back. I don't see her and Bo being together for the long haul, but this story is on fire for me. And it will be enjoyable to watch Bo and Hope eventually work their way back to each other. But I think Melanie's and Mia's antagonism toward Carly is completely contrived and unbelievable. Meanwhile, why is it that of the 300,000 people in Salem, 299,998 hate Carly? Hope, fine. Vivian, of course. Victor, it's entertaining. Please, DAYS, can you give Carly a couple of friends? Lastly, I don't think they'll make Bo Mel's father...wouldn't that mean Mel has been sleeping with and is about to marry her uncle???

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