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    Mickey Horton Dies.

    Friday, January 08 2010
    Carly and Vivian get stuck in an elevator, Mickey Horton dies, and Will breaks up with Mia.

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    Posted by koolk4 at Friday, January 08 2010 04:40 PM

    Sorry Bope fans, but I'm loving me some Bo & Carly!! YUM!! I've always loved them together. I only liked Bo & Hope when she came back and Bo was w/Billie cause I didn't like Bo & Billie together. But now we FINALLY have Carly back!
    Also, I can definitely see Anna's motives for helping EJ. She's Carrie's mother. The sister Sami was jealous of those years ago. As well, Vivian is quite entertaining....she's just a trip...definitely like her much fun to watch! Too sad to see that Days felt they had to kill off Mickey....and as of lately been FF through Mia scenes....what a bore! Anyways, JMO!

    Posted by healycat at Friday, January 08 2010 07:41 PM

    Im new to site Im 42 and been watching days since I was 12 I read that Nicole is preg. in real life and leaving the show anyone no if this is true,

    Posted by 4everDaysFan at Friday, January 08 2010 08:11 PM

    Hi everyone. TGIF. OK, I don’t mean to sound like a crabby Days fan but I’d like to see some creativity. I grew up with my parents watching Days so it frustrates me to see where the writers have taken Days. Anyways, I felt so bad for Maggie today. I have a feeling that the next few episodes are going to be tear jerkers. As of for Anna and EJ, I’m really upset that the writers are making them the kidnappers. Yes EJ is a jerk but like I said yesterday, this is another predictable storyline. Hopefully the writers will somehow return Sydney safely to Sami without anyone finding out that EJ is the mastermind behind this. I’d really like to see EJ and Sami back together as well as Anna and Roman! Crazy I know but mix it up a bit. Safe is too Safe (boring). As of for Hope, I’ve always loved her but she’s brought this on herself. I’m actually starting to like Carly and Bo together. Have a great weekend!

    Posted by pcdgirl at Friday, January 08 2010 08:28 PM

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I remember several years ago--could be longer. That some old white haired man took over Mickey's part---played Mickey--I couldn't believe when it happened he was so old for maggie--and then he died---It was Mickey who died then. Or was it? Is there anyone who remembers this at all? I know I was not dreaming all this--and she was alone since. So tell me what I saw--who was it---what was it or have the writers forgotten that That happened years ago?

    Posted by young at heart at Saturday, January 09 2010 01:47 AM

    pcdgirl...John Ingle played Mickey for a short time and then went back to General Hospital as Edward Quartermaine. After him was Kevin Dobson who played Mac on Knots Landing. I only saw him a few times as Mickey.I think when word gets around, they will probably have a big only happened today.
    I am sick of Hope.I think Bo was right that the killer would kill their daughter when they got the money. Why won't Hope realize this and act more normal. EJ has finally shown his real BAD side. He got rid of Nicole, and then will breakup.or try..Sami and Rafe. Rafe is pretty smart though and if shown the blackmailers note he would check for finger prints and find Anna's, EJ and all the people who have touched it. I also think Melanie is Carlys daughter.

    Posted by complicatedlady at Saturday, January 09 2010 02:59 AM

    Maggie was in shock. I thought they did a good job of discovering Mickey had died and making arrangements. John Clark played Mickey for almost 40 years, then he retired. If someone had to die, I thank God it wasn't another actor we loved. I have missed Mickey (John Clark) since he left.

    Now for the really crazy stuff. I was shocked from head to toe when I saw the proof that EJ was behind the kidnapping. He is doing it to punish Sami for keeping his daughter from him. And if you will notice, he is slowly gaining control of Sami again. Rafe knows it is happening and until Sami tells him about the ransom note, there isn't anything he can do about it. I hope EJ gets caught and has to pay, but he never does. I hate him for what he has done. That "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" song that he sang to Sydney made me want to strangle him myself.

    Posted by pcdgirl at Saturday, January 09 2010 05:35 AM

    Young at heart---Yes it was the actor who played Edward Quartermain who played Mickey for awhile. I guess he must have just been sick-or had a heart attack or something--because I remember him going out on a stretcher. Thought he died. I think Mickey's death this time was handled very strangly---I think the part about putting his ring back on his finger meant something--why was it off? And my thought is They want to get maggie involved with someone so had to quickly get rid of him. If they were going to do it so quickly why didn't thy just let him die far away in an accident? I guess we aren't the writers:-)

    Posted by Mustangsusie at Saturday, January 09 2010 07:09 AM

    Can not believe it the show is making me loose interest, how could they blow it so easy; carly and Bo come on now and EJ I didnt think he would do that to Sami its plain that he stills loves her so now thats destroyed. Why are the writers messen up so badly,you would think they want to up the ratings instead of knocking them DOWN !!!!!!

    Posted by Jo0711 at Saturday, January 09 2010 07:57 AM

    Bo is disgusting. He can't be alone for five minutes. I am telling you . Hope was with one other guy and that's when she thought she was Gina. but Bo hops from woman to woman because he is terrified to be alone. He is disgusting

    Posted by DOOL1965 at Saturday, January 09 2010 08:28 AM

    I don’t think Ej wants to be Sami hero nor doesn’t he want her back. He just wants her to be miserable like he is. All alone!!! And he also wants Stefano, Nicole and Brady to suffer, everyone is miserable in one plan. I believe this will back fire in Ej face…He will not break SAFE up, Rafe will find out the truth, My thoughts Ej is backing himself into a corner and he better be nicer to Anna, b/c she is not going to take the fall for this, Stefano isn’t going to be to pleased, Sami isn’t going to jump back into his arms she will be pressing charges, Brady isn’t going to do anything for him, and Nicole is in jail…the one think that Ej never wanted to happen will…Rafe is going to have the happy family that Ej always dreamed of…Rafe and Sami will raise Will, Johnny, Allie and Sydney together, and Ej will be on the outside looking in…And instead of the SPD going after Stefano, the new generation is going to be Rafe going after Ej…

    And again WELCOME too all the new posters…This is fantastic to have this kind of interest …Let’s keep in up…

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