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    Mickey Horton Dies.

    Friday, January 08 2010
    Carly and Vivian get stuck in an elevator, Mickey Horton dies, and Will breaks up with Mia.

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    Posted by Redneck Rebel Chick at Friday, January 08 2010 10:44 AM

    ok, I'm so lost about why ej and anna are doing this?? and HOW did mickey die? anyone please update me.

    Posted by Apryl at Friday, January 08 2010 10:48 AM

    DocDru, we need to vent these wierd twists. James is a gifted actor playing a psycho who is like a runaway train with an unknown destination. I can see Jessica Fletcher saying "Mr. DiMera, you are the one who kidnapped..." while shaking her head with Roman and Anna by her side.

    Rafe will not fall for it because he is like Steve (great instincts, a man of action and few words with rugged good looks). I hope Sami got rid of the bridal gown she wore when Lucas found out that he is Will's Father and not Austin. I do not understand how Sami, who used to be a con artist, can be scammed by someone who raped her and tried to murder Lucas so that he could be with her! It's insane and the writers should recognize this.

    firebird85, thank you for welcoming me!!!

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Friday, January 08 2010 10:51 AM

    Just to say again...
    Wow! This is great! WELCOME to all of you new posters! Can you feel the love?? And btw, I just love all the posts today! So many different opinions and I love them all!
    DOOL, Northern Illinois is where my aunt lives! And I have friends in Delavan, WI right across the border close to Lake Geneva! Are you familiar with that?

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Friday, January 08 2010 10:53 AM

    And just where is heart today? Cmon, heart, let us hear your thoughts about Elvis today!!! I'm sure you're disappointed but ya know, he's a Dimera--what more do you have to say??? lol

    Posted by DOOL1965 at Friday, January 08 2010 10:57 AM

    Redneck Rebel Chick

    Anna is doing it for the money 5 million
    Ej is doing to get revenge on Stefano, Nicole, Sami and Brady
    Mickey died from a heart attack I think!

    Posted by Redneck Rebel Chick at Friday, January 08 2010 11:03 AM

    thanks dool!!

    Posted by chicher at Friday, January 08 2010 11:15 AM

    All of you on here keep saying you do not understand why Anna is helping EJ. Have you all forgotten the things Sami did to Carrie for all those years (Anna's daughter)? I can understand Anna not being a fan of Sami but I have to say that I think if she thought enough about her friends Marlena, Roman, John, etc. that she might feel a twinge of guilt about it and I think she is just a little grief-stricken over Tony right now and not thinking straight. I really believe that she will do the right thing in the end.

    Sami should tell Rafe about the ransom note.

    EJ is a jerk like his dad which is why Sami kept the pregnancy from him.

    I think they should give Mickey's death more of a story than what they have so far.

    I do not understand how they are going to right Lucas out of the picture because I do not think he would leave his children for a long period of time.

    I like Carly but I do not like Carly with Bo. I do not blame Carly though for Bo's and Hope's problems because they were there already. I can understand there being a conflict there with all the things Hope mentioned about the past but with all that they have been through this should be nothing to deal with really. I think the writers just do not have a good enough imagination to come up with something better. I am very dissappointed with the fact that Bo and Carly *****spoiler alert***** sleep together. I mean I really do not think the real Bo would do this because he loves Hope so much, although she is being an idiot. I think Bo is just looking for a little comfort and understanding and he and Hope will eventually work things out and Carly will be left hurt. I still think the writers will have Bo and Hope sailing off into the sunset again so they can get rid of some more veterans.

    Posted by chicher at Friday, January 08 2010 11:21 AM

    Oops! Excuse my booboo - Meant to say "write" instead of "right" about writing Lucas out of the picture with his kids still in Salem.

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Friday, January 08 2010 11:39 AM

    Oh btw, not soap-related, but another Elvis, the REAL Elvis would have been 75 today! What a beautiful man and a beautiful voice! He is a legend!

    Posted by jennsunshine at Friday, January 08 2010 12:06 PM

    Hi All! I am new to this site too!

    I have just gotten back into DOOL, as I have a PVR and can tape it for viewing later! Whoot Whoot I am very happy about this!

    My guess of what is about to transpire is that EJ is going to get caught by Ari on the drug ring and sparks will fly and Sami will get Sydney back! I truly believe the only reason she is not saying anything to Rafe is because Hope had advised her to do whatever she had to and to follow her gutt (Which EJ is manipulating). However for EJ to string this little plan along is so cruel. But I have a feeling it is to draw Sami in closer. I just get the feeling he is doing this to try and take Sami from Rafe.

    I am not a huge Hope fan as of late, her inability to work on her relationship with Bo prior to Carly's arrival was completely frustrating to me. I don't think she deserves Bo! I am all for Bo and Carly (I never thought I would say that). Maybe Hope would have been in on the secret that they are holding if she did not hint to Victor on Carly's arrival. I just find her very whinny and, BTW I think Carly's daughter is Melanie. Unless they have said something and I missed it.

    I really like Melanie with Phillip as I think Phillip is more open to her past and accepting of who she is. With Nathan I think she tried to be something she is not. Stephanie on the other hand doesn't deserve Nathan, he is too sweet, he should hook up with a new character.

    I am sad about Mickey, I truly love Maggie she is just the sweetest thing! She doesn't deserve this pain.

    Sorry if I am saying too much....

    I am excited to see what happens next.

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