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    Mickey Horton Dies.

    Friday, January 08 2010
    Carly and Vivian get stuck in an elevator, Mickey Horton dies, and Will breaks up with Mia.

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    Posted by Bwarner24 at Friday, January 08 2010 06:56 AM

    Hey texastechchick,
    Welcome to the board! We love new people! Make yourself right at home and let your opinions about DAYS be known!
    Nice to have you!!!

    Posted by tikrrn at Friday, January 08 2010 07:41 AM

    Hey all....another newbie here!
    I can totally believe that EJ is in on the kidnapping....he is such a jerk! (sorry ej fans). My thought.......Nicole is going to remember the voice as Anna's, she will get caught and totally rat out EJ, Sami will explode (finally) and EJ will get his. Sami's way of thanking Nicole for remembering will be going to the judge to have Nicoles sentence reduced. Its the only thing that could work in my eyes otherwise, everyone will have to age 20 years by the time AZ comes back from maternity leave. What do you think?

    Agent Hottie (as he is referred to here) mm mm good! I love SAFE, but she needs to grow up a bit more and trust the people she truley loves.....not those that use her.

    I too am mad about the way they portrayed Mickey's death...he was a main character for so long. Hopefully they do it right in the days to come and we get a lot of "flashbacks" to remember Mickey and Maggie.

    Have to say, hate Bo and Carly together......but Hope is pissing me off! She needs to stop whining and look at all the damage she has done to their relationship and stop blaming BO for it all.

    I think it would be good to see Brady/Nicole together and EJ and Ari the chemistry. Would like to see Nicole "turn the corner" as I really LOVE watching AZ, she is such a good actress.

    Well, thanks for letting me post my thoughts! I love this show and would love to see it continue!

    Posted by Lady G at Friday, January 08 2010 07:42 AM

    WOW, today will be a good one. I kinda saw Mickey dieing. He is never on camera, guess they could not find the right person to play him, should have left it alone when they had a good one. So sad for Maggie tho. I just knew EJ was in on Sydney's "kidnapping" and that makes him NO better than Nicole. He has NO reason for doing this to Sami. I hope he gets caught and whats up with Anna, crazy broad, the Brady's were good to her. Sami better wise up and stay honest with Rafe or she will drive away the only decent man she has had.

    Posted by Southern_gal at Friday, January 08 2010 08:00 AM

    I always felt that EJ was somehow behind the kidnapping. That's just WRONG! I really can't stand him! I don't like this storyline. As for Sami, she should have and still can tell Rafe about the ransom note...why is she THAT dumb to listen to EJ?

    I really hope that Nicole somehow remembers who took Sydney and helps give her back to Sami. I also hope she is the one who figures out that EJ was behind the kidnapping too. They can't just let her go to prison for 20 years and that's it!

    And finally, I don't like having Carly back and trying to get Bo again. It's always been Bo and Hope for me...always will!!!

    Posted by lumiforever21 at Friday, January 08 2010 08:06 AM

    I knew it i knew it duhhh ej is so calm and cool with this whole thing and he been cool from the start.He called nicole a liar when she started to remember the womens voice and he made it seem like she was crazy.So to all you ej fans that though he was sooo innocent and pitiful how u like him now?lol
    Ej is straight dirty what sami did was her right its her body for godsakes.Look how ej reacts kiddnappin his own daughter from the one mother she knew and now one mother she has.This is so wrong sydeny couldnt spend christmas with her real family?That crazy.Now her birthday would pass and shes not home shakin my head what a shame.I told you ej would even use his kids to manuiplate sami now is that a real father or what?lol!

    Posted by jamalyne27 at Friday, January 08 2010 08:07 AM

    I am also new on here!! Ita agree tho with tikrrn I think Nicole will have something to do with Sami finding Sydney and will totally rat out EJ for revenge and Sami will do something to help her out of jail! Which I can't wait for Nicole's character to return! Hopefully she turns a new leaf cuz I don't care for Nicole's doings but love AZ she is awesome!

    I also think that Ari is a good match for EJ jus hope she turns him around instead of vice versa I can jus see her getting in with him and turning bad or something.

    I also hope too that Viv turns Mel against Carly so bad that she leaves town don't care much for her return, unless she takes her claws outta Bo then maybe I wouldn't hate her so much, but Hope needs to grow up and realize what she has and go HOME to Bo!

    I would really like to see Viv and Kate interact more and see Viv give Kate some hell!! Can't stand Kate and would like to see Viv put her in her place!

    Posted by everlena1973 at Friday, January 08 2010 08:42 AM

    PLEASE! I knew what EJ was up to. He never really seemed worried about finding Sidney. The reason why he did not want Sami to tell Rafe, is because he know that Rafe is good at what he does (look how much stuff Rafe went through to find out about Grace), Ej knew that if Rafe sniffed around long enough, EJ's secret would be out. EJ needs to sit down some where. BY THEY WAY, WHY DOES EJ'S PANTS ALWAYS SEEM TO BE A BIT TOO TIGHT!

    Posted by DOOL1965 at Friday, January 08 2010 09:20 AM

    WOW! 3 new posters in one day, this is GREAT! Welcome…

    In Rafe’s defense he tried to tell Sami where they were in the SAFE house that is wasn’t a good idea to keep EJ from the baby… And he did break into Dimera mansion but he was looking for evidence that Stefano was behind the mayors murder…And finally he did want to adopt Grace, but not until he saw what a manipulating, scheming, deceitful person Ej was, taking Sami to court to take Johnny away from her, talking to Roman about the mayors murder, etc…

    Now in Sami defense Ej has manipulated her into believing if she tells Rafe about the ransom note and anything happens to Sydney it will be all her fault, she knows Rafe can help but she is scared…She doesn’t trust Ej she told Sydney picture that this week…And yes when Rafe finds out that Sami lied to him, there is going to be a bump in the road for their relationship but it won’t last, b/c Rafe is a big of enough person to understand she was doing it for Sydney…Sami has matured a lot this past year but she has a ways to go…And Rafe and Sami love each other unconditionally and that will get them through the bad time!!!

    I do think that Ej is going to be a miserable lonely man, Sami will get custody of Johnny and Sydney and with Lucas leaving she will also have Will and Allie and Sami will finally have the family with Agent Hottie and her kids that she has been looking for all her life…And Ej will be on the outside looking in…

    Mia is reverting back to the way she acted before she got pregnant… I remember T. and that other girl talking about her when they all were at a different school. She acted like a spoiled brat! But I think Gabi will give her a run for her money for Chad…And she may end up without Will or Chad!

    YES, I do feel sorry for Maggie…but if they are not going to have Mickey on the show then bring closure to that part of Maggie’s life…And let’s face it the Horton’s are not the main stay of the show anymore….44 years they had a good run…

    Agent Hottie is still the coolest, hottest man on DOOL…And he was also voted #3 for best hero in 2009…

    Bwarner---Northern Illinois.


    Posted by firebird85 at Friday, January 08 2010 09:40 AM

    Welcome missylea,texastechchick,tikrrn, Jamalyne27 & anyone else I missed that is new to the board.

    I feel for Maggie in her loss for Mickey. I am glad that Hope was there for Maggie. Maybe, Hope will realize what is important in a person’s life and begin her journey back to Bo.

    Vivian didn’t pull any punches when she cornered a claustrophobic Carly on the elevator.
    Vivian got Carly to confess & Bo was there to pick up the pieces.

    I was disappointed to learn that EJ is behind Sydney’s disappearance. I was hoping that the writers would be creative and provide a good twist in the story.
    I was shocked as EJ manipulated Sami over the phone while casually playing with one of Sydney’s toys. I want to hate EJ for ruthlessly playing Sami. Then he lovingly snuggles holds Sydney while reading her a story. I am totally conflicted. Bravo to James for making EJ a character that is one of a kind.

    Posted by DocDru at Friday, January 08 2010 09:54 AM

    This really torks my chain.... I like EJ but now.... I really don't care if I watch anymore or not. What he is doing with Sydney is just plain stupid. He knows the only reason Sami kept Sydney (Grace) from him was because of Stephano. She knew Stephano was behind the hit on her life so why on earth would she want her child to be subjected to that kind of person...??? Plus Stephano was going to have Ralph cut her open when she was pregnant with the twins just to get the stem cells. There would be no Johnny if EJ had not stopped him from harvesting the stem cells ...

    EJ knew his dad was behind the hit on Sami and Benji's murder... and the stem cell thing and the black glove things he himself did.... etc etc...

    EJ even told Stephano he could understand why Sami hid the pregnacy from him and now he is turing out to be a bigger jerk than Stephano.

    Don't like the story line anymore.

    The Sami and Rafe thing is too boring and the EJ taking Sydney thing is just plain dumb. Stop trying to make Sami and Rafe the substitute Marlana and John. Sami makes a better "bad/good girl" than a bad girl turned good...

    Now put Sami and EJ together fighting against Stephano & Kate plus Victor and Vivian.... now that could be a good story line.

    Pair Brady and Nichole back fighting with Sami and EJ.

    Leave Bo and Hope alone. If you have to have a substitue Marlana and John, use Bo and Hope not Sami and Rafe.

    OK I feel better.... sorry just had to vent a little..

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