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    These Boots Were Made For Walking!

    Monday, December 21 2009
    Rafe finds out who owns the boots, Anna creates a kidnapper's note, and Carly admits her feelings for Bo.

    At the hospital, as Carly is telling Bo what happened last night, Daniel approaches them and says that he knows who put the body in Mrs. Parker’s room and why. A new orderly was to blame for the mix-up. Carly asks Bo to wait for him for a few minutes. Bo asks Daniel about their friendship. Daniel says he had no idea Carly had been married to Victor. He says he’s glad that Bo doesn’t have his father’s point of view. Bo tells Carly that they need to pay Vivian a visit. She says to leave it alone. They argue and he insists they talk in private and develop a strategy.

    Will is at Mia’s front door and asks Mia if he can pick her up around 7:00 PM? She says yes, then her cell rings and it’s Chad. He asks her the exact same question. When she hangs up, Will asks who that was, but Mia avoids the answer. She tells him that Aunt Maggie went to the market. He invites her to go with him to get a hot chocolate and he leaves. Mia shakes her head.

    Ari and Brady are in bed making love and she pleads for him to let her go to work. She suggests that next time they just do the making up part and skip the fighting part. As Brady leaves her to take a shower, there is a knock at the door. It's EJ. She tells EJ that it’s not a good time but he walks in anyway saying that he needs some answers. He asks her why she went to Cleveland. He suspects that she knows more than she’s letting on. Ari is miffed that EJ suspects she might have something to do with Sydney’s disappearance. She claims she went to Cleveland with Brady. EJ angrily accuses her of the kidnapping. Brady emerges from the bathroom and tells him to back off. He asks EJ what he’s doing there. EJ says he believes that it was a woman who took Sydney. Ari pleads that she was at the Java Cafe with Melanie. She didn’t know that Sydney disappeared until all of them were in Ohio. EJ sits on the bed and apologizes for speaking to her like that. He says he can’t sleep, can’t eat. He’s out of leads. She says she understands. He says it’s hard to be hopeful when they don’t know who has her. He blames himself and hopes he has a chance to make it up to her.

    Chloe visits Nicole at the jail. She knows Chloe is busy right now and thanks her for visiting. Chloe says she brought a gift for her, a mystery book to read. She thanks Chloe for trying to cheer her up. Nicole tells her she just wants Sydney found safe and sound. Nicole wishes she could help in some way. She remembers these ‘boots’ on the night Sydney was taken but no one believed her. Rafe is the only one who believed her. Chloe leaves to go and Nicole thanks her for visiting. She tells her not to feel guilty that she is stuck in jail. Chloe offers to speak to Brady to change his mind about visiting her but Nicole tells her not to.

    At home, Sami kisses Rafe who says he has been up since 4:00 AM. He tells her that after she went to bed, he went to see Stefano in jail and that he got him to tell him the truth. He doesn’t have Sydney. Somebody else does. He admits he gave Stefano truth serum so he’s sure Stefano is telling the truth. Sami tears up and says that Sydney could be anywhere. She can’t understand someone being so evil. Rafe doesn’t think it was Nicole. He says the woman who took Sydney wore very distinctive boots. Sami screams at him that they are running out of time. The phone rings and it’s EJ. He has a plan.

    At home, Anna carries Sydney and tells her that the more she is around her, the more she adores her. She says that Sydney belongs there with her. She tells Sydney how her Uncle Tony would have doted on her. She shows Sydney a photo of Tony, the best man she ever knew. Anna smiles wickedly as she says that people will soon be suffering even more than they are now. She looks at the note she has made that says, “I have your daughter.” She tells Sydney that they are going to have a very special Christmas together.

    Gabi runs into Will outside the store and says she’s sure it’s hard for him to get into the holiday spirit this year. She asks if they are any closer to finding his sister. He says no and tells her he’s taking Mia McCormick to the dance.

    T shows up at Mia’s door to get the cell phone he left at her place last night. He apologizes for Kinsey’s behavior last night. Mia is pre-occupied and admits she did something really stupid and horrible and doesn’t know how to fix it. Mia says she’s mad at herself for making two dates to the dance. He asks if she has early dementia or something. He suggests that she call Will and tell him that she’s going with Chad. She asks him not to tell Kinsey.

    At home, Carly and Bo argue and he asks her to let him finish. Then, they cut the tension by laughing. He tells her after all these years, she’s still impossible. She asks him where the family photo went that was on the table. He says that Hope took it and that he thinks they are finished. He tells her he doesn’t really understand how the two of them got to this point. He starts to unload and then apologizes for dumping on her. She gets upset and she admits she is happy to hear this. Carly admits she is falling in love with him again.

    Chad runs into Gabi and mentions that he's taking Mia to the dance. She tells him that she heard that Will was taking Mia to the dance. Chad can’t imagine where she heard that from. She finds an excuse and leaves.

    Will returns to Mia’s later and she admits she did something and wants to tell him but they keep getting interrupted. Chad arrives and asks Mia to clear up the confusion about who’s taking her to the dance.

    Nicole sits in her cell and Brady comes to the bars and looks at her. She says she didn’t think that she would ever see him again. She says she has no right to, but she wants to ask him something. She asks him not to stop looking for Sydney until he finds her. He promises.

    At the mansion, EJ sees Sami and Rafe and tells them about seeing Ari. He wants to offer a cash reward. Rafe’s phone rings and he looks shocked. He’s found out the name of the woman who owns the boots. Someone they all know very well.

    Next on Days of Our Lives:

    Will wonders who Mia really wants to go to the dance with.

    Sydney is photographed.

    Sami chokes Kate.

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    Posted by day2day at Monday, December 21 2009 05:37 AM

    Has Anna always been this out of control? I don't remember her being quite so OUT THERE!

    Posted by day2day at Monday, December 21 2009 05:40 AM

    Has Anna always been this out of control? I don't remember her being quite so OUT THERE!

    Posted by lumiforever21 at Monday, December 21 2009 06:41 AM

    Carly needs to get a life and leave bope alone.We came to far to have u interfer in there marriage and just because they been having problems doesnt give her the right to overlook the fact:BO IS MARRIED WITH KIDS!!Anybody who sees it as carly shouldnt igron her old feelings for bo got to be kiddin me.Why ruin another couple on days huh writters?You already took lumi from us and jarlena away from us what more do u want to take away from us?Now bope just for catface carly?GIVE US A BREAK!!Ciara is gonig be soooo heartbroken for christmas i think this is all wrong...

    Posted by DayzDreamin at Monday, December 21 2009 07:01 AM

    I think the Bope fans should be happy there is a storyline for Bo and Hope. The demanding that a couple doesnt get broken up tatic only ensures one thing ... a one way ticket to Swisserland. Blaming Carly?? wrong, the one who is in the wrong here is Miss high and mighty who packed her bags and took the kid away from her father. Hope gave Bo know chance at all in this. He offered to take vacation time so they could take a trip, to go to Doug and Julies when Hope said the house had bad memories but Hope was in control and was having none of it. Recall Bo asking Justin about a custody arrangement?? Because Hope took Ciara and not letting him see her. And That was all long before he ever saw Carly. Had Hope and Ciara been living in the house carly would have gone back to find justin for help.
    Bo and Carly had a much better relationship than bo has ever had with the shrew Hope. Hope is selfish and it is all about her. Carly was amazing with Shawn D and the whole family loved her (Tom, Alice, Shawn, Caroline, Jennifer, Isabella). Hope has alway played games with Bo and his loved was never enough or good enough for her. Hope needs to be alone or find somebody else. Bo and Carly have a lot of potential for a fresh story, plus Peter and crystal play off each other so well.

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Monday, December 21 2009 07:57 AM

    Well, DayzDreamin, ITA with you totally about Bope and Bo/Carly(Carbo or Barly??). Hope is the cause of Bope's probs, not anyone else, so Hope needs to QUIT blaming Carly.
    I also love Carly and I can see the chemistry between Crystal and Peter! I hope the writers give them a great storyline and keep them front and center!!(Along with Agent Hottie, of

    Posted by DOOL1965 at Monday, December 21 2009 08:02 AM

    Friday when Agent Hottie asked Stefano “boxer or briefs” I almost lost my lunch, I got this horrible image in my head and believe me it wasn’t pretty! lol
    Again Rafe comes through for Sami, calming her down, he certainly is her ROCK! No one else has ever been able to calm her down and make her listen to reason! They are so good for each other!
    I won’t be surprised if EJ and Kate are working together with Anna! I think the boots are going to be Kate’s!
    If Kate is involved she likes living dangerous! I wouldn’t want Stefano mad at me, and as far as EJ goes he will throw Kate under the bus in a New York minute! I remember Roman saying to Kate when he brought her in for questioning, that he didn’t think they were through with her and this investigation!
    Does EJ ever listen to anyone, barging in on Arianna and Brady, with his stupid theories, maybe one good thing will come out of this, EJ will see that Arianna and Brady are trying to have a relationship!
    Agent Hottie get an A+ from me today for being so understanding with Sami! He knows what she needs before she does.


    Posted by everlena1973 at Monday, December 21 2009 12:25 PM

    I can really see the empathy that Arianna has for E.J. As a matter of FACT, I think I see a EJARI in the MIX!!!

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Monday, December 21 2009 12:39 PM

    ITA, Everlena, I think Ejari will begin soon! You can already see the signs! lol

    Posted by bghwme at Monday, December 21 2009 01:04 PM

    OOO! EJ played Arianna to the hilt again today. Remarkable performance ther old boy...but wait. Brady wasn't fallin' for it. If looks could kill, EJ would be a goner. LOL

    Anna has always been a little flaky, and a bit unreasonable when her feelings are hurt; but she seems to always come around and do the right thing in the end. It will be interesting to see what her plans are. I still think EJ is involved somehow.

    Love Carly's honesty, but Bo/Carly together? Not for me. Bo and Hope need to reconcile and team up to help Carly.

    Posted by coconut2 at Monday, December 21 2009 01:14 PM

    I do love Sami and EJ together,but we are forgetting that EJ is a dope dealer and I don't like that,what about Sami and her kids.Can EJ also be undercover?I sure hope so because For some reason I believe EJ knows that Anna has Sydney but what could he be up to?And Sami and Rafe just don't click to me.I really believe there is a story line for them,we know that EJ was to have rape Sami but we don't know if he did because all we saw was Sami in the car with him,and she played EJ a lot and she knew how much he love her.So what really happen in the car that night.

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