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I now Pronounce You Slimeball and Wife.

Tuesday, September 22 2009
Stefano plans the wedding, Melanie's happy to have two suitors and Chloe and Daniel reunite.

EJ and Nicole share champagne and Nicole drinks to EJ’s birthday while EJ drinks to a future filled with happiness and to a wonderful wife who has taught him so much about love and honesty. EJ has a confession to make to Nicole and doubts she’ll like it. He once denied this but now says the truth is, she’s right. If she hadn’t become pregnant, he wouldn’t have married her. He couldn’t admit it at the time. Their relationship started off very unconventionally but she and Sydney are the best things in his life. He has never been happier. Nicole smiles and decides to take it as a positive thing. EJ thinks it is positive. Their daughter brought them together. They kiss and Nicole looks worried.

At the pub, Brady and Victor discuss Chloe coming out of her coma and Brady shares that he helped facilitate Daniel getting the medication that saved Chloe’s life. The suspicion has now shifted to Kate and Brady thinks Philip will have his head for it. Victor’s not worried but will talk to Philip, but Brady decides he’ll be the one to talk to Philip.

Philip drops Melanie off at home and asks Melanie what’s going on between her and Nathan. She’s not sure and asks if he cares. Philip denies caring or being curious but Melanie doesn’t believe that. Philip thinks Melanie likes the fact that Nathan is protective of her. Sure she does. Who wouldn’t? They discuss Kate and Melanie wonders if Philip thinks she’s siding with Daniel over his mother. Philip simply doesn’t understand why Melanie trusted Daniel. Brady wanders in and answers for her. "That’d be me!" Brady explains that Daniel went to him for help in saving Chloe, so Brady sought Melanie’s help. Philip yells, "You SOB!" They argue. Philip calls Brady a disloyal bastard and they start to fight. Melanie comes between them and Philip says he never should have put Melanie in this position. Philip leaves and Brady accuses Philip of using Melanie as a rebound relationship. Melanie tells Brady that Nathan and Philip were fighting over her in the police station. She giggles she didn’t have any guys and now she may have one too many!

Daniel brings Chloe back to her own hospital room to rest and when they kiss, Chloe wonders if it’s really happening. They resume making out until a cop interrupts. He’s there on orders from the DA. Chloe tells him Kate Roberts tried to kill her. The cop takes a statement and leaves and Lexi arrives, with news. Daniel can go home tonight. Daniel isn’t leaving with Kate on the loose. Father Matt walks in after learning she’s awake and Chloe’s happy to see him. Daniel leaves them alone and Chloe seeks advice. She was punished for breaking her vow to God to be faithful to Lucas. Will it end? She outlines what has happened with Daniel and doesn’t know what her next step is. Father Matt says she has done all she could to honor her vows. Since neither Daniel nor Chloe can give up their love for each other. It’s time for them to embrace one another. He leaves and Chloe relaxes. Daniel returns for more kissing and learns Father Matt gave them their blessing. They agree they’re meant to be together.

Lucas is floored when Kate tells him she’s marrying Stefano. He blasts Kate, thinking she has lost her mind and she flashes back to agreeing to marry Stefano and rolls her eyes. Lucas feels as though he’s in the twilight zone. "I’ll come around when it snows in hell! That’s when I’ll come around," Lucas rants and reminds her that Stefano attempted to kill her son! Stefano says that’s hearsay and Lucas asks what’s going on. Roman interjects with news about Daniel. Since Daniel didn’t sustain serious injury, Roman was able to get the charges lowered. They leave and Stefano thinks Lucas will come around. Kate can see this marriage will be a hard sell to her kids but Stefano’s sure she will be able to do it. After all, she has her freedom. Stefano leaves and Roman returns with questions. He tells her that both Daniel and Chloe are accusing her of poisoning Chloe and Daniel is accusing Kate of tying him up in a hotel room. Kate says there’s no proof. Roman leaves and Lucas returns. If she marries Stefano, that SOB is the only one she’ll have. He thinks her family will turn against her. He stalks out and Roman returns. Their search of the hotel room found nothing. Not even a trace of fingerprints, or DNA from any living soul! "Any idea of why that could be?" He asks who helped her cover it up. She denies anything and Roman smirks, knowingly. Kate leaves.

At the manse, Stefano tells Lexi the old wolf is getting hitched again. Lexi’s happy until she learns he’s marrying Kate!! Lexi reminds him of what Kate did to Daniel and can’t understand why she’d marry him, considering she was convinced he tried to kill Philip. Stefano shrugs it off. They cleared it up! Lexi thinks there’s something behind this and asks what it is but when she gets a call from EJ, she becomes concerned. EJ is checking in on Stefano. She tells him physically he’s fine but not mentally, ignoring Stefano’s hand gestures, begging her not to say anything about Kate! She lies to EJ that he was trying to get a drink but she stopped him. They hang up and Stefano says he doesn’t want EJ to leave his honeymoon to come home. Lexi thinks EJ will put a stop to the marriage but Stefano thinks EJ has an open mind. Though he has a past with Kate, Stefano doesn’t care. He wants Lexi’s blessing and after some thought, she says if it makes him happy, he’s got it. They embrace.

Maggie meets Victor outside of the pub. He’s shocked to learn that Daniel was brought to the hospital and rushes off.

Kate finds her room ransacked and calls Stefano. She explains she was grilled from Roman and her bedroom was ransacked by the police. They’ve found nothing and his people did too thorough of a job and Roman’s suspicious. Stefano’s not concerned and tells her to prepare for their wedding tonight. She’s shocked and resigns herself to her fate when Stefano reminds her that her husband can’t take the stand against her! He has sent over a selection of dresses and tells her to be at Chez Rouge in two hours.

Victor barges into Chloe’s hospital room wanting questions answered. Chloe fingers Kate for her attempted murder. Daniel says he had it recorded but Kate destroyed the recording.

Maggie bumps into Lucas in the park. He’s still upset she kept Chloe and Daniel’s affair from him and wants her to back off. Philip comes upon them and asks if everything’s okay. Maggie doesn’t think so and leaves. Philip can’t find their mother and Lucas tells him, "She’s getting married like I now pronounce you slimeball and wife." She’s marrying Stefano, says Lucas, shocking Philip.

Victor comes to Kate’s room, as she’s dressing, demanding to know what the hell she has gotten herself into!

Next on Days Of Our Lives:

T asks, "So, Mia, who's your baby's daddy?"

Lucas tells Philip, "Maybe this is payback for all the bad things she's done."

Victor tells Kate, "If you marry Stefano, Philip is going to be out of your life forever."

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