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    I now Pronounce You Slimeball and Wife.

    Tuesday, September 22 2009
    Stefano plans the wedding, Melanie's happy to have two suitors and Chloe and Daniel reunite.

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    Posted by ladyblack at Tuesday, September 22 2009 04:58 PM

    i justed wanted to slap the crab out of hope who do she think she is first of all coming in the house blaming bo bo using that weak excuse talking about the doctor thinks the best thing for ciara is that she leaves her home if i was bo i would have told her if you want to walk out that door then you are more than welcome to walk out that door but my daughter is not going anywhere did you forget that you was the one who let this man in your home your daughter would not have witness anything if you did not let him in your home putting your daughter in danger bo told you that he was not giving no officer no money tha was not good for you went behind his back and did that anyway so hope you are the reason why things are going the way they are and i agree with bo everytime something you run so know you lose your husband that is on you kate victor told you not to touch family now you cross the line and to make it worse you think you can trust a dimera how dumb can you be i agree that you mind well tell the police the truth and do your time that way you are not under the control of the dimera nicole how does it feel that you love ej but ej loves and always love who sami and after all you have done you going to lose because your secret is just about to come out and i know that rafe knows is over kate checkmate you cant trust stefano victor know what you done melanie if i was you i would run because phillip does not want you he only wants you because he does not have anyone brady is a good friend and truth be told phillip and lucas why cant your mother do these harmful things that you don't believe that she has done lexie what you should have told ej what his father was up to then that would have ruin nicole trip to leave salem i kate and nicole your secret will be reveal so i cant wait to see what happens next writers you want to make the viewers happy then let nathan and melanie get together chole are you kidding me you have a chance to get with the love of your life and you are not going to marry him what is wrong with you i promise you will rafe be able to sami the truth let rafe and sami get back together

    Posted by bghwme at Tuesday, September 22 2009 06:09 PM

    My favorite part of today's show was Roman. I like how they are finally putting Roman front and center again and making him into a strong and decent character instead of some lovesick idiot. I also like how he treated both Melanie and Lucas with fondness, understanding, and respect.

    I think Lucas did a good job too. I could see how he was torn between caring about Chloe and being angry with her at the same time. Poor hot-headed Lucas is headed for a hard fall. I think Sami will be there to steer him in the right direction.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Tuesday, September 22 2009 06:25 PM

    I CAN'T AGREE WITH YOU MORE!! I have always and will always love to see Sami and Lucas together, they should never have been split up in the first place. I hated seeing Sami bedding down with (what's his name?) oh yea, E.J. (I mean, Evil Jerk)! So sorry for all of you fans of Ejami! Looks like our future will be blessed once again with LUMI!!!!LUMI!!!LUMI!!!!LUMI!!!

    Posted by firebird85 at Tuesday, September 22 2009 07:43 PM

    It looks like Kate is going suffer in the end judging by Lucas' reaction to her marriage.

    I agree that Melanie needs to be smart about Philip. I was glad when Brady showed up.

    I am not a big Daniel/Chloe fan so I found myself missing Rafe & Sami.

    Posted by DOOL1965 at Wednesday, September 23 2009 08:55 AM

    Victor is Justin uncle.

    Why anyone (Lucas for example) can’t stay mad at Kate for more then 2 seconds, I’m not saying for the rest of their lives, but longer then a day. Why even put these mad scenes in the show, because we know its not going to last, it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

    I read Kate finds something out about Stefano and holds it over his head, so she will have the upper hand for awhile.

    I think Bo and Hope need to sail off into the sunset, and the SPD needs to hire Rafe to take Bo’s job. Rafe seems to be the only one that can figure things out. It would be a GREAT chance of pace! The SPD have had Brady’s running the department for too long, they need NEW blood in the department.

    Posted by kerry51340 at Wednesday, September 23 2009 02:44 PM

    Can you please tell me where Kates red dress with the black belt is from, it was on the sept. 23 episode

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