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It's Like Niagara Falls!

Tuesday, August 25 2009
Dean shoots somebody, Chad stops Mia from getting killed, EJ surprises Nicole with a honeymoon.

Sami leaves a message for Nicole on her cell phone, thanking her for being there for her. Rafe comes upon her, outside the pub, and wonders how come she’s suddenly friends with Nicole. Sami shrugs and asks if he has a problem with Nicole. He wants Sami to be cautious when dealing with Nicole. Sami says losing Grace changed everything and Nicole’s a better friend than he is. Rafe apologizes but Sami says he’s not in her life, and doesn’t want to be, so she tells him to stay out of it.

Nicole is annoyed that Dr. Baker keeps calling her. His last message to her tells her that she’d better call him. He threatens her. To herself she says she’ll let Stefano deal with him. EJ comes to her with Sydney and tells her the DNA tests are finished. He’s happy there is no chance Sydney can be taken from them.

Hope rants at Bo at the park about Ciara’s blood being on their hands if Ciara is hurt. She’ll never forgive Bo if anything happens. Bo repeats that he is firm in his belief that if they had paid the ransom, Ciara would be dead. He asks Hope not to give up on them as a team. Hope calls him out for taking it upon himself to give away their ransom money as a reward to somebody for finding Ciara. Bo did what he felt was best and asks her to hang in there.

In the shack, Dean runs his hand over Ciara’s head and she flinches. Even though she can’t hear, he tells her this is all going to come to an end for her, very soon. He caresses her hair and fixes the pink bow when Brenda and Kyle waltz in, wanting to know what he’s doing. He’s making sure her ties are secure. They tell Dean that they couldn’t get out, because of the roadblocks. Dean’s not concerned.

Will pops in at Cheatin’ Heart. Mia asks him to dance and nearby, Chad broods as he watches. T realizes this is one of Chad’s songs. Kinsey stumbles into the bar, obviously drunken and makes a beeline to Chad. "Isn’t this your song," she asks. Chad isn’t impressed by her drinking and he refuses a swig of the alcohol when she offers, so she guzzles it. Nearby, Will and Mia finish their dance and Will has to leave. Chad goes to Mia and says it hurt him deeply, to see her dancing with Will to their song. He asks for honesty. Is there something he did wrong? If so, he’d like to make it up to her. He professes to still be in love with her, but is interrupted by a call from his mother. He moves away to take it and as he’s gone, Mia accepts a ride from Kinsey, home. Once Chad’s off the phone, he finds T at the bar and learns that Mia left with Kinsey. He rushes out to tell Mia not to go.

Roman, Abe and Lexi talk to Theo and try to find out what he means when he says he saw Ciara with an angel. Theo grabs Abe’s arm, to show Roman and tugs on it. Roman realizes the angel is on the kidnapper's arm. "The perp has a tattoo!" Later, Theo looks through photos of angels and finds the same tattoo that Kyle has.

At the pub, Rafe talks to Arianna about Nicole, her secrets and Dr. Baker. Arianna thinks that Rafe should drop this and save both him and Sami the pain. Rafe realizes there was another person there that night and makes a call to the convent, but Sister Theresa is gone on a retreat for a few weeks. He remembers one more person who knows where Dr. Baker is.

Nicole and EJ arrive home and Sydney is put to bed. Nicole gets amorous and suggests they go to bed early. EJ likes the idea and they start kissing. He has a surprise for her. Things are going so well with family and with them that he wants to go on a honeymoon with her to the Caribbean. Nicole’s face falls. She doesn’t want to go to the Caribbean because it’s becoming a cliché! EJ laughs, while he reminds her how beautiful it is there. It’s where everyone goes for their honeymoon. "It’s like Niagara Falls," she argues. No, it’s a private resort, he tells her, and asks what’s really going on. She argues that she wants to take Sydney somewhere she can protect her. EJ makes more suggestions but she turns them down and suggests Paris. It’s free of earthquakes, avalanches and EJ grins. She has talked him into it. EJ goes to take care of Sydney, when she cries, and Nicole excitedly thinks about going to Paris.

Dr. Baker calls Nicole, but when she doesn’t answer, he threatens to bring her down.

At the shack, Dean takes a call and finds out that they’ve found out about Kyle’s angel tattoo. It’s time to leave. He tells them to relax. They discuss the money and Dean says they’re not getting it now. Hope won’t be happy she didn’t make the drop when she had the chance.

At the park, Sami flashes back to losing Grace and having Rafe for comfort. She cries momentarily but wipes her tears away. She’s stronger than this. She’s interrupted by EJ, pushing Sydney in the carriage. He asks if she’s alright and she claims she’s fine. EJ asks if Johnny’s upset with Rafe being gone. Sami accuses EJ of not caring about what Johnny feels but thinks EJ’s thrilled about the break-up. She invites him to say ‘I told you so’, so EJ says Rafe was a pathetic choice. Sami wonders if EJ had something to do with their break-up but she doesn’t need help from him to mess things up, he says. Sami rants about his perfect life so EJ tells her to take responsibility for her own actions. "You’re glad that I’m free," she says but EJ denies it. He has a great life and he and Nicole are connected more than ever. He shares his glorious honeymoon with her and Sami asks who he’s trying to convince. Her or himself? "Neither," he tells her and takes off. Sami receives a surprise call from Dr. Baker. "Hello Colleen. Or should I say, Samantha."

Dean rummages through a hotel room in search of anything connecting him to the kidnapping and takes it with him. "Like I never existed," he says, before leaving.

At the station, Hope gasps when she finds something online. The guy they want is staying at a hotel nearby, and he’s a registered sex offender.

At the shed, Brenda gets a cover for Ciara when it starts getting cold. Brenda’s tired of looking at Ciara, so throws the cover over her head and tries to tell Kyle to relax as he worries about Dean. Kyle offers Brenda to take Ciara into the woods, where nobody will find her.

Rafe goes to Nicole’s door to chat and she’s not happy to see him!

Roman, Hope and Bo search through the hotel room and find a photo of Hope, circled, and a map with three circled areas. They believe Ciara is in one of the areas.

Dean arrives back to the shed and takes out his gun. Brenda and Kyle worry that he’ll shoot Ciara. We see Dean’s face as he takes aim, then Ciara in the bed. Brenda screams, "Dean, no!" Dean fires a shot.

Next on Days Of Our Lives:

Mia yells at Chad when he tries to stop her from getting in the car with drunken Kinsey.

Sami talks to Lucas about trusting Nicole. Lucas thinks she is crazy to do it.

Nicole tells Rafe that he abandoned Sami.

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