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    I Will Hunt You Down!

    Thursday, August 20 2009
    Rafe digs for more information about Dr. Baker, Philip wants Stephanie back, and Melanie gets hurt.

    Rafe continues doing research on Dr. Baker and says somebody on the clinic’s message board has agreed to meet him with information about Dr. Richard M Baker. He posed as a former disgruntled patient of Dr. Baker’s and is meeting this person within an hour.

    Nicole calls Dr. Baker from the pier and asks if he received his money. He did and she tells him they’re through. Dr. Baker taunts her and asks her to send photos of Sami’s baby every so often. Nicole rants at him and he starts to laugh at his own joke. "I’m just playing with you. Now that I’ve got the money, my lips are completely sealed about your dastardly deeds." They hang up and Nicole tells Sydney that Dr. Baker will now disappear from their lives.

    EJ finishes a business call when Stefano barges into the great room for a drink. EJ reminds him he’s not to drink, but Stefano says they have a big problem.

    Stephanie asks Philip if he wants to get back together with her and when Melanie walks in, Stephanie is confused. "Do you want to tell her or should I?" Philip says he was under a lot of stress after he left Titan and his family and Melanie was there to listen to him vent. Melanie agrees. "It was one of those right place right time things." Stephanie asks why she’s there and where did Philip go all night. Melanie says he was with her. They spent the night together! Now isn’t the time to discuss this, says Philip, who says they need to focus on Ciara’s kidnapping. Melanie leaves and Stephanie makes a call to her family and worries about Hope and Bo. She asks Philip for the truth about what happened between him and Melanie last night. He stammers and Stephanie realizes she has no right to ask. The fact that he left his family proves to her he’s the hero she knew he was. Philip asks if there’s another chance for them and Stephanie thinks it depends on what he did with Melanie last night. Philip lies about what happened, saying they talked.

    At the shack, Brenda chastises Troy for giving Ciara false hope, when he tells her things are going to be alright. Brenda goes to the drop off point to make sure Hope is alone.

    At his desk, Bo has a vision that Ciara runs out of the woods with the kidnappers trailing behind. Brenda shoots Ciara in the back and Hope screams and holds her in her arms, crying. Bo gasps and Dean asks what’s wrong. Bo goes to call Hope, but she has turned off her cell phone so he tells Justin that Hope can’t go to the drop. He rushes off with Dean in tow. Victor arrives and Justin gives him a heads up about what’s been happening. Victor is concerned and wonders how Bo will forgive himself if he screws this up.

    Bo arrives at the drop point and Brenda runs off while Bo tells Hope that she can’t pay the ransom. If she does, Ciara will die. He tells Hope about his vision, and Dean arrives and says he’ll stick around to see if the kidnappers left anything behind.

    Rafe breaks into a room in the now closed clinic and is surprised there’s power to the building still. He starts research on the computer. He finds a few flyers for the Dominican Republic but when somebody else arrives, he hides. A woman arrives and is taken aback. She tells him something terrible happened at the clinic.

    EJ calls and makes a meeting with somebody but Stefano worries it’s an ambush. Nicole interrupts with Sydney and Stefano offers to return later, so he and Nicole can talk. EJ has bad news and tells her Ciara was kidnapped. Nicole is visually upset and EJ says there’s nothing worse for a parent. She mentions how the only way it’s alright to take a child away from its mother is if the child is better off with another. EJ is confused but Nicole says she’s generalizing. He tells her without her, his life would be meaningless.

    At the station, Victor tells Justin he has a meeting with somebody. He needs to find out if Ciara was taken because of him or the business.

    Dr. Baker calls his bookie and gambles on racing. Later, he tells the bookie he’ll get his money. All of it. He throws down the racing form in frustration.

    Dean heads into the shack and slams the door. He tells Troy and Brenda how angry he is that there will be no drop.

    Hope and Bo return to Salem PD and Justin is surprised they called off the ransom drop. Bo tells Justin he knows that if they paid the kidnappers, they’d kill Ciara. Justin asks how they could possibly know this. Bo and Hope fight about his visions, but Bo can’t ignore what came to him. Bo says the drop off point is irrelevant. It’s the ransom. They’ll never get it. Hope thinks they’ll kill Ciara if they don’t get the cash. Justin agrees with Hope. They’ve got to play the kidnapper’s game. Bo knows Ciara can identify the kidnapper, so he knows they won’t let her go. Dean arrives with what appears to be some proof that the kidnappers are similar to other cases. Once they got the money, they always let the child go. Brenda calls and Hope says she’s not backing out. There was a slight mix-up. Bo tells them that he’ll pay off every snitch and there’ll be no place for them to hide. "I will hunt you down if it takes the rest of my life," Bo yells into the phone.

    Melanie jumps on a stool at the pub and tells Arianna about her night with Philip. Arianna agrees to keep it quiet and is happy for Melanie, thinking they’re together. Melanie says not yet. He has a family crisis and is talking to Philip’s ex-fiancée. She’s sure Stephanie won’t take him back after she learns the truth.

    At the manse, Philip professes his love for Stephanie and wants her back. They agree to hold off with the reconciliation until Ciara’s back. Stephanie worries this kidnapping will pull him back into the family, but he assures her it isn’t. She hopes this is for him, not to appease her. She claims there’s a book of hers in his room and runs off. Melanie returns and is stunned to learn Philip and Stephanie may get back together. Melanie gasps and asks what last night meant. Philip said things in the heat of the moment, he says, and meant what he said. He’s sorry. Melanie cries that he’s not sorry. He got his night with her and his precious Stephanie back. Philip asks her to keep this from Stephanie, but she thinks if she tells her, they won’t have a chance. Stephanie returns with her book and notices Melanie’s tears.

    The Kiriakis and DiMera families meet and EJ tells Victor they had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Victor doesn’t believe them but EJ assures him he’d never harm a child. If somebody did, and he knew about it, they’d die a painful death.

    Nicole arrives at the pub and brings up Sami and Rafe to Arianna, who wonders why she cares about them.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Nicole wonders what EJ is up to.

    Brenda and Dean argue about what happens next.

    I think you’re dead wrong, Justin tells Bo.

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    Posted by AndiK at Thursday, August 20 2009 08:13 AM

    I'm so ready for this kidnapping storyline to be over and it will be, with Ciara found alive and well. That is all I will say for now. Now to finish up the baby switch storyline...Which won't happen until sometime in December when Ari has her baby in real life.

    Posted by wash_08 at Thursday, August 20 2009 08:14 AM

    You writers are sick to have an image of a child being shot. This show has gone to heck in a hen basket. No wonder the comments are so few because everyone's sick and tired of old re-hashed storylines that are drawn out over years. Who would even dream of shooting a child? Isn't it bad enough that this is really happening? The writers should be ashamed of themselves!

    Posted by heartliason at Thursday, August 20 2009 11:16 AM

    IT was really sick and disturbing seeing the child get shot. I did not like that especially considering all the other stuff that has happened with Zack.
    Now only to Steph who is the most selfish and self absorbed first she says everything should be about Ciara, then she is nosy and wants to know what is going on with Mel and Philip then when she finds out she said she cant think about anything except Ciara, ugh!
    And Philip what a jerk to put off Mel like that.
    Go Bo!!! for him telling off those people.

    Posted by missyluvs5 at Thursday, August 20 2009 12:30 PM

    Philip is such a jerk for misleading Melanie that way. What happened to her and Nathan being together? I thought they brought him on the show to be with her, not Stephanie.

    ITA that the image of Ciara being shot was in bad taste. The writers need to lay off the children. Can't they come up with a compelling s/l that doesn't involve the death or abduction of a child.

    Please move these s/l along faster, it is getting stale. I rarely even watch the show anymore, I just check the updates to see whether they have decided to cancel the show already.

    Atleast there was no Chloe and Daniel to gag about today.

    Posted by AndiK at Thursday, August 20 2009 12:31 PM

    Wow, Can't believe there aren't more comments. Well, I can but...Still...I know ya'll are mad about the kidnapping and other crappy storylines, but everything will be worked out. However, Bo and Hope's marriage is going to get rocky. That's all I'll say about that. Haven't these poor people been through enough? And then Carly is going to be coming back. Bet she'll be happy to see Bo and Hope on the outs (again). Really can this couple ever be happy? I miss the days when they were happy....

    Posted by frogger3.7 at Thursday, August 20 2009 12:43 PM

    oh my lord Andik, I hope you are wrong about how long it will take this darn storyline with the baby switch.. serious overkill on the writers part.. I feel horrible for Mia when she finds out that "her" child was actually grace and she died...Nicole needs to get what is coming to her.

    I see alot of people do not like sammy and EJ together, but I think they have great chemistry, and well Sammi is no saint and never has been.

    Posted by missyluvs5 at Thursday, August 20 2009 12:57 PM

    frogger3.7 - I love Sami and EJ together. Rafe is hot and not a bad guy, but I definetely prefer Sami with EJ.

    Posted by DOOL1965 at Thursday, August 20 2009 01:40 PM

    When are the producers, writers, etc., going to get their heads out of their butts!!! These s/l are older then dirt. They need to think of something new and breathe some new life into the show. I’m with a lot of the viewers I don’t watch too much anymore, just read spoilers and recaps…

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Thursday, August 20 2009 02:15 PM

    I love Dr. Baker and his craziness!!I, for one, wish TPTB would keep him around!He's a hoot! He adds something this show just doesn't have enough of right now--some comedy and laughter!!
    Rafe is getting closer!!It shouldn't be too long now before he finds out the truth(if he's as good as a detective as he's supposed to be)!!Thank God!! I think Nicole will actually have a mental breakdown when all this comes out about the baby switch!!I really think that whatever Rafe finds out, he will tell Sami! Surely he wouldn't risk losing her forever!!! Because if he witholds that info, she will never forgive him!
    ***Spoiler Talk***
    Did I hear or read somewhere a spumor about a SAFE wedding in November??Has anyone else heard this?? SAFE fans can only hope!!!!
    Poor, poor Mel! Philly is just treating her horribly!I hate to see my favorite girl in Salem being used and abused!I can't freakin stand Steph! She is such a bore and I bet Philly will grow tired of her boring butt very fast now that he's been with Mel. He may not admit that for awhile, but I bet he'll feel it! I say, Mel, don't give in so easy next time and make him beg, beg, and beg again!!I'm sure also that if Mel and Philly ever do get together, that witch that is his mother(I can't stand her so bad, I can't even type her name) will try to kill Mel as well! Sick biatch!!!And along with being sick, she is perverted, too! And Daniel's just now figuring this out!! What?? She is the one person on this show I DISPISE!!! Writers, if you have to kill anyone else off this year, please,please let it be Kate!! Oh God, I typed her name---now I'm going to be sick!!!Excuse me!!

    Ok, I'm back now..
    The Bope/Ciara storyline is so sad! Very insensitive on the writers' part to show those awful scenes of Ciara being shot! Sick, writers, just plain sick!!
    I do see Hope turning to Justin(seems she always turns to another man when things get tough)She must have 0 faith in Bo, I swear!!I guess that is opening it up for maybe Bo to turn to his old flame, Dr. Carly Manning!!At least this could be interesting!!! I remember they were the HOTTEST couple on any soap back in the day!! Love Crystal Chappell! She is just gorgeous and had great chemistry with Peter! I'm sure they still will!! I'm sure Lawrence may try to put a damper on Bo/Carly! From what I remember of him, he was a HOTTIE, too!And Vivian coming back as well--Salem may become quite the interesting place to be in the fall---if the writers get in gear!!
    Everyone have fun posting and have a great day!!

    Posted by AndiK at Thursday, August 20 2009 04:34 PM

    Sorry frogger3.7, I read it somewhere. It coincides with Arianne Zuker (Nicole) going on her maternity leave. I was shocked it was going to take that long too. Makes you wonder what they'll do in the meantime. EJ DOES find out, but keeps it to himself for a while....

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