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    Don't Get Too Attached.

    Tuesday, August 18 2009
    Melanie and Philip wind up at a hotel, Victor gets the money together for the kidnappers and Hope gets a call...

    Philip tells Melanie that things have suddenly become clear and he leans in and kisses her. She pushes him away and hits him when he comes back for another kiss! She apologizes, but she’s trying to be respectful and stop kissing boys when she means nothing to them. She asks what she is to him and he calls her the only person who accepts me for who he is. He wants to be with her. They kiss, deeply. Philip confesses he quit Titan. She’s surprised and impressed. She gives him advice and knows how hard it is to break away from your father and become your own person. Philip is touched. His dad doesn’t even measure up to what her dad was. Melanie says she’s becoming stronger every day. Philip calls her beautiful, smart and funny. That’s what he likes most about her, that she’s funny. Melanie laughs and would also like him to take her seriously. He touches her hair and she melts. She’s happy he quit. It makes him feel liberated. Philip tells Melanie she saved his life. Melanie confesses to Philip she has been waiting for him. Philip kisses her and says he wants to be alone with her. She wants that too.

    At the Cheatin’ Heart, Nathan tells Stephanie that it’s not her fault Philip’s crazy. He gazes into her eyes as she puts a cold compress on his forehead, where he had been hit by Philip. Stephanie admits how embarrassing that was that Philip hit Nathan. It was inexcusable, but Nathan says she still loves him. He knows they can’t help who they fall for and sometimes they fall for those who aren’t good for them. Nathan asks what they’re going to do about Philip. Stephanie would like to stop talking about him and shut off her feelings for him. Stephanie wonders why Philip did that. Nathan says Philip saw they were connecting and became jealous. Stephanie doesn’t like Philip’s temper.

    Brady asks Arianna where the cocaine came from. She has no idea, she lies. Could be from anyone. Brady asks if she thinks it’s his. She doesn’t, so he tells her to call the police. She refuses. What if Brady’s a suspect? Also, she doesn’t want Caroline’s good name tarnished. She convinces Brady not to call the police when she makes up a story about some business men lunching there earlier. She remembers how they came in for a meeting and she thought it was unusual for them to make so many bathroom trips, but thinks they must have been doing the coke. Since they paid in cash, there is no way to trace them. Brady looks at the packet of coke and with determination, tells her about his past with coke and how it almost ruined his life.

    When the kidnapper returns, Brenda is glad he’s back. Ciara has been whining. She’s quiet now. Brenda eats the candy that the kidnapper meant for Ciara, saying she doesn't want the girl to be hyper. The kidnapper watches Ciara sleep. He hates to see her so upset, he says, sadly. She's a good girl. Brenda snaps. "Don't get too attached!" She’ll be leaving them, one way or another.

    Bo asks dirty officer Dean to help him with the case just as Hope arrives. She thinks Ciara knew the perp. Dean listens in and Hope assumes somebody has been stalking her. Ellen and Tracey arrive and Dean’s eyes widen when Tracey says she remembers something important about Ciara. Hope asks Ellen to stop beating herself up about this and Tracey remembers Ciara being given a lollipop from some guy in the park and that she gave Ciara her Tommy bear. Hope starts to wonder if the DiMera’s are doing this, because of Bo’s connection to the Kiriakis clan. Bo says that’s not DiMera style, but Hope doesn’t want to discount it. Dean comes to them with a lead. A child was seen by a car by the side of the road, so he rushes to investigate.

    At the manse, Justin and Victor arrange to have money wired into Victor’s account, first thing in the morning. They worry about Ciara and Bo and Hope. They already lost one child. Justin says family comes first. Bo knows that, says Victor, and reminds Justin about the olive trees behind the Kiriakis villa in Greece. The owner, Victor calls an old coot, has had an accident and his property went on the market, so Victor bought it up. He plans on building four or five villas to accommodate the entire Kiriakis clan, from the youngest, Ciara… he pauses and his face falls. Later, he takes a call about the money transfer and they take off to Salem PD.

    Victor and Justin arrive at Salem PD and Bo asks Victor to write names of those who hold a grudge against the Kiriakis family.

    Hope makes a few calls and holds the Tommy bear close to her heart as she reminisces about spending time with Ciara and Bo at the park, where they discussed Zach turning nine. Bo said they’d been given another chance. Hope breaks down again and Justin holds her close and comforts her. Justin asks her to have faith.

    At the pier, Dean calls Brenda and asks if she’s ready to execute phase two. He can’t wait to see Hope’s face when the call comes in.

    Bo and Victor come out of Bo’s office and Victor says he’ll get the ransom money. They’re interrupted by Dean, who tells them the lead was a dead end. Bo takes Hope into his office and holds her as she cries. He won’t let them be torn apart this time, the way they were over Zach’s death. When the call comes, Dean prepares to trace the call. Brenda disguises her voice when she tells Hope they’ve got her daughter and unlike Zach, she’s safe. “If anything happens to Ciara, it’s on your head,” says Brenda. Hope screams and Bo holds her as she cries.

    Stephanie and Nathan stroll in the park and while Stephanie shows him photos of her little brother, Victor interrupts and calls Stephanie a tramp. He can't believe Stephanie moved on already. Nathan gets hot under the collar after hearing this and defends her honor. Victor blames Stephanie for Philip turning his back on his family tonight. Stephanie is stunned and both she and Nathan are shocked as Victor tells them to get word to Philip that Ciara was kidnapped.

    Philip and Melanie arrive at a hotel and the sleazy hotel manager thinks he recognizes Philip. Philip slips him some extra money and the man grins lasciviously before leaving. Melanie brings up Stephanie, but Philip wants to live in the moment. They kiss and fall to the bed.

    Back at the pub, Arianna thanks Brady for opening up about his past with cocaine. He gets a text message from Victor, saying there has been a family emergency. He leaves and Arianna calls somebody about the next shipment.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Kidnappers tell Hope she’ll do what they ask if she wants to see Ciara again. They show a photo of Ciara with today’s newspaper.

    Philip tells Melanie that he and Stephanie are history.

    Daniel tells Kate she’s one sick lady.

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    Posted by morisey at Tuesday, August 18 2009 07:05 AM

    If dirty Dean works in the SPD wouldn't he know that Hope isn't rich? And Melanie needs to get some self respect and make Phillip take her to a nice hotel.

    Posted by firebird85 at Tuesday, August 18 2009 09:17 AM

    Melanie & Philip’s smouldering chemistry nearly melted my TV set. I loved Mel’s reaction to Philip’s kiss – a slap! What’s up with Philip? He couldn’t spring for a decent a hotel room.

    Ari is really growing on me. I hope this Passion Gal can do justice to the character & not change it.

    The kidnapping story is lame. Sorry, but I had sit through Sami’s anguish over Grace, and now, it’s Hope. This is just overkill.

    Wow, Victor must really be a “Daddy Warbucks”. He paid millions for Daniel’s bail, and is willing fork over the money for Ciara’s ransom.

    Posted by ghlover2009 at Tuesday, August 18 2009 09:19 AM

    Victor is my new fave character i agree with him about steph. lol. dean and brenda are sickos kidnapping a little girl.

    Posted by heartliason at Tuesday, August 18 2009 10:57 AM

    Kudos to Victor for telling off that self righteous Steph, I cant stand her and now cant stand Nathan, I hope he ends up feeling like a fool.

    What is up with Phil going to a cheap hotel not even hotel but motel for Mel. He took Steph to this great hotel what he got shot it, and he takes Mel to a cheap place, if I were Mel I would be insulted.

    Feel bad for Bo and Hope but Bo should let his father get more involved, see the real side of Vic that would teach that traitor cop.

    Posted by LittleMaree at Tuesday, August 18 2009 11:14 AM

    I love Stephanie and Nathan! I think when she was with Max she acted very immature, when she was with Phillip she was getting a little better. Being with Nathan she seems to act a little more mature. I mean, she did want to call Melanie to apologize about the whole misunderstanding.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Tuesday, August 18 2009 12:57 PM

    Let me tell you now! I didn't like the fact AT first, that it looked as if they were pairing Nathan and Melanie; now, it looks like it will (possibly) be a Nathen/Stephanie and Melanie/Philip paring. I loved the fact that Melanie FINALLY grew up and caught the attention of a good guy. Stephanie should go back to racing cars, I don't think that it was fair for her to horn in on Melanies turf! I did not want to see Philip with Melanie but now that Stephanie is taking her spot with Nathan, I hope that Melanie makes Phillip fall HEAD OVER HILLS IN LOVE WITH HER. MELANIE GIRL, I AM WITH YA ALL THE WAY. Tell Philip to spend some more money and get the PRESENDITAL SUITE! Get'em GIRL! BY THE WAY, I SIMPLY LOVE ARIANNA AND BRADY!! SO HOT, SO GOOD, DID I SO SO HOT!!!!!

    Posted by JPeterson at Tuesday, August 18 2009 02:37 PM

    Victor says "that whoever is behind this kidnapping will be a dead person." I don't know how you other fans out there feel, but I personally think Justin is behind this whole thing by just watching his "body language". I could be wrong but this is the way I see it right now and of course the traitor officer on the inside was a foregone conclusion from the beginning.

    We all go through with this baby switch for months and nothing has been accomplished and now it's a kidnapping? When is it going to stop? I agree with firebird85 the kidnapping story is lame. Bye for now.

    Posted by p4t1 at Tuesday, August 18 2009 02:54 PM

    Enough of these s/ls with crimes against children. Please get creative and stop it, just stop it! Does anyone else think that Kate might be behind the kidnapping?

    Posted by golden25 at Wednesday, August 19 2009 06:35 AM

    p4t1-good idea about Kate. I never thought about that. But the kidnapping would take Victor's mind off of her for a little while and the police too. HUM! Makes you wonder.

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