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    He's All Yours, Princess!

    Friday, August 14 2009
    Stephanie hones in on Melanie's date, Arianna and Brady go swimming and the search party starts looking for Ciara.

    Arianna finds Brady by the pool at the mansion, wet and looking buff in swim trunks. She gives him a gift certificate for another picnic in the park. Brady grins and wonders who to go with on the picnic. Arianna suggests Paris Hilton but he’d rather take her! They flirt and Brady says they can go for a swim. They make plans to do so after she closes the pub. She has to get her swimsuit first, but Brady says swimsuits are prohibited in his pool! He grabs her and kisses her.

    Philip makes a call to ensure Carlos’ children’s education is taken care of but Victor barges in and angrily asks when the education of Carlos’s children became his problem. Victor doesn’t want them to get involved. They’re involved enough as is, and he reminds Philip that Carlos wasn’t family or a friend. Victor’s saddened by his death but he pays them well and they keep their mouths shut."Bad stuff happens. Get used to it," Victor spits out.

    Stephanie arrives at Sami’s place for a girl’s night. Sami has decided to stay in, because Johnny has a cold. Stephanie asks why so many boxes by the door and Sami shares the details of her and Rafe's break-up. They commiserate over lost boyfriends and Stephanie admits her doubts about Philip. Sami thinks Stephanie did the right thing and they agree that eventually they’ll get their happy ever after. Maggie arrives and Sami tells her Rafe is moving out. Maggie hugs her and knows how difficult this must be.

    Rafe wanders into the hospital and slips in a thumb drive before he starts searching for information on Dr. Baker. Melanie stops him. He lies that he’s looking for a patient’s room number. He tries to flirt his way out of the situation but Melanie’s on to him. He’s attractive but it’s not going to work, she says. He lies that he is attracted to one of the nurses there named Anita. He wants her last name. Melanie doesn’t know her and says the computer is confidential. She can’t help, and her matchmaking skills aren’t that great, anyway. He acts as though he’s leaving and by the time Melanie turns to leave, Rafe returns to the computer, inserts the thumb drive and saves all the information on Dr. Baker. He bumps into Sami, who explains she’s there with Johnny, who is fine. Rafe says he’s in Salem for a while longer and they find things awkward, so Sami tells him she misses him and leaves.

    At the pub, Hope is worried about Ciara. Bo has another vision that he has found Ciara’s Tommy Bear in the woods and excuses himself to make a call. Hope’s face falls. Bo calls Ellen and asks if Ciara’s having fun. Ellen says she’s having a blast but can’t find her anywhere. Bo immediately hangs up and motions for Hope and Justin to follow him. Hope asks as they rush off, "Is it Ciara?"

    At the park, Ellen runs to Abe to ask if he has seen Ciara. He hasn’t and when he asks Theo, Theo seems very upset and says, "See Ciara. See Ciara." He wrings his hands and Abe assumes he’s tired. He sends him home with Lexi and the search begins. Hope, Justin and Bo rush to the park. They split up and search. Hope finds Ciara’s water bottle. Justin tries to tell her not to jump to conclusions. Bo takes a call and tells Hope they’ve got cops on this. He holds her as she screams and cries. Abe tells them a stolen car was found down by the river, so Bo runs off. He finds Ciara’s bear in the woods, just as he did in his vision…

    A scummy looking man comes into Dr. Baker’s room and demands Dr. Baker give him the money. He’s tired of waiting and whips out a gun to show how serious he is. Dr. Baker gets out his wallet and shoves all his money at the thug, who notices that he’s a doctor, when he sees his identification. The thug asks how a doctor got involved in this. A nervous Baker promises to get more money for him in a few days.

    Arianna and Troy meet at the pub. He shares that people are impressed at how quickly she is moving their product. "Make sure you don’t get pinched," he tells her. Arianna asks if she’ll be taken care of if she’s caught, but Troy is certain she won’t get into trouble.

    Melanie rushes into the Cheatin’ Heart with her buttons done up wrong. She’s embarrassed and runs off to fix them while Nathan waits. Stephanie arrives and Nathan says he stopped by for dinner with a friend. "It’s Melanie, actually." He got her message about hanging out and says they should. Melanie comes out of the restroom and overhears. She is hurt that he’s flirting with Stephanie and comments on how she’s honing in on her date. Melanie comments on her cleavage showing and says to Nathan, that she’s not into triangles and they’re done. "He’s all yours, princess," she says and then stalks off. Nathan and Stephanie discuss Melanie and Nathan says they weren’t on a date. They’re just friends. Stephanie says she could care less, causing Nathan to say she should be devastated! They flirt and joke but Stephanie apologizes for interfering. Nathan asks if she’s still into Philip and she tells him they’re through. Nathan is glad and asks her to hang out with him and have dinner. Later, they both admit they’re having fun without complications.

    Rafe drops by the pub to use Arianna’s lap top. He wants to know what the connection from Dr. Baker is to Sami. Rafe starts a search. He finds out Nicole must have met Dr. Baker from Brookville Clinic but wonders how they met and why.

    Philip goes to the pier to think about Carlo. Melanie interrupts. She’s in the mood to flirt with danger and admits her ego got hurt today. Philip’s not in a good mood either and can’t stop thinking about Carlos. Melanie reminds him it wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t even family. Philip tells her to shut up. She sounds like Victor! Melanie explains she thought it would make him feel better to say he wasn’t family. He’s a good person, she tells him. Philip says Victor doesn’t care about Carlos. It makes Philip question the business and everything. Melanie wants to try to make him feel better.

    Maggie puts Johnny down and Sami asks her for tea. She thanks Maggie for putting Rafe’s things away. Sami admits she saw Rafe at the hospital, and wonders why love has to be so hard. Maggie takes her in a hug. Sami says it’s too late for them but it feels like she’s making the biggest mistake of her life. She wonders if he feels the same.

    Arianna arrives back at the mansion and Brady wondered if she was going to change her mind. She slips off her robe to show a sexy bikini and Brady can’t take his eyes off her. They go for a swim and afterward, start making out.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Daniel asks how they get in there and Brady says there’s got to be a way.

    Melanie tells Arianna not to play a player.

    Philip tells Victor he quits Titan. For good!

    Bo reads the ransom note to Hope. "Five million dollars if you ever want to see your little girl again."

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    Posted by blindiedling at Friday, August 14 2009 05:18 AM

    Bo and Hope need to go to Victor for the 5 million. If he can dish out 60 million for Daniel, that is change for him, plus Ciara is his granddaughter. Cop shop in Salem isn`t very good at solving crimes. JMO. Blin.

    Posted by day2day at Friday, August 14 2009 05:50 AM

    Geeeez - You'd think with all the kidnapping (and adult-napping) that has gone on in Salem thru the years, that people would be more careful with their kids! Seems Bo and Hope have been thru this before havn't they? Didn't Shawn D get nabbed a couple of times?

    Posted by LittleMomma at Friday, August 14 2009 07:36 AM

    Stephanie makes me sick! She treats Melanie like dirt when she thinks something is going on with Melanie and Phillip but then turns around and pulls that crap with Nathan WHILE he is out with Melanie. Poor Melanie can't catch a break!

    Posted by ghlover2009 at Friday, August 14 2009 08:36 AM

    I can't believe this wack job that kidnapped little ciara that is sad. is arianna a undercover cop or something. i hate stephanie she is witch always butting in on melanine. melanie should kick steph's azz

    Posted by jmains0709 at Friday, August 14 2009 08:38 AM

    Stephanie really needs to go away! Far Far away. With her parents would be really good.

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Friday, August 14 2009 09:30 AM

    Why does DAYS always have these kidnapping and "harm to kids" storylines the last few years? Bope has been through enough of this! I don't like these storylines! Can't you come up with something better like the storylines of old when Bope was actually involved in a mystery about themselves(whether it be on a plantation, a deserted island, or on their boat or in Europe somewhere)!! Cmon, writers, I want to see more of that stuff again--where romance is involved, not this kidnapping, holding for ransom crap!! We see way too much of that in real life!! It's depressing!! And if I am depressed already, why do I want to watch a depressing show?? I don't!!! Get it together, Dena...and quick!!!!
    SAFE def. needs to hook back up! They're the only ones worth watching besides Melanie! I agree, Steph sucks! Writers, why can't you write her off and bring back someone we actually LIKE!!!

    Posted by K-DOG at Friday, August 14 2009 10:53 AM

    I’ve been upset with Days. So much so I haven’t tuned in or commented in a while. I think it plain bad writing not to cast someone to play Chloe’s parents. In this time of crisis Nancy and her double chin would’ve been all over that hospital. Chloe’s father is a doctor for Pete’s sake!

    Now they got Maggie stand in mothering… Oh marlena you are sorely missed.

    Yes Shawn Douglas was k-napped a few times. I’m so tired of Bope hanging over their kids. Hopes veins popping all out her neck. She could stand to gain a few lbs.

    Arianna as an undercover…that would tickle my fancy, up until that notion I was very annoyed with her. No real storyline.

    I see writer trying to pit the grown ups with the Mickey mousse, i.e. Sammy and Stephanie heart to heart. Personally they need to keep them separate; Sammy was destroying lives before Steff was a twinkle in writers eyes.

    Happy Soaps

    Posted by LittleMaree at Friday, August 14 2009 12:23 PM

    I still love the idea of Stephanie and Nathan. It wasn't Stephanie's fault...she just happened to walk into the was Nathan who brought up her voicemail and wanting to hang out again. Like he wasn't really a date. I do like Melanie but I see her and Nathan more as friends.

    Posted by bronxie at Friday, August 14 2009 05:23 PM

    that it i am gone again from days. dont mess with children first you kill sammy little girl now you have some slime kidnap little ciara no way. theis use to be a love show. i am out of here for good this time.

    Posted by bronxie at Friday, August 14 2009 05:25 PM

    sorry for the mis spell i ment this

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