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    Meredith Hudson.

    Tuesday, July 21 2009
    Daniel and Chloe kiss, Sami meets Emily's sister and Nathan has issues keeping his date with Melanie, due to work.

    Philip and Daniel run down to the pier and workout as Daniel tells Philip to take it easy, considering it’s not long ago that he was shot! They do pushups and Philip wonders if Daniel has something he wants to get off his chest. Philip heard he was leaving town and asks if it’s woman troubles. Daniel admits it is and thinks it’s easier to start a new life.

    In her hospital room, Chloe tells Kate she feels much better and is being released today. She's surprised when Kate says Daniel’s leaving town after joining them on their last show. Chloe’s surprised Daniel would give up his job and life because of her. Chloe tells Kate that Daniel deserves a fresh start and she’s happy for him. Lucas was upset he wasn’t there for her but Chloe feels fine and Kate is sure that lightening doesn’t strike three times, so they both agree she’s back to her old self. When Chloe goes to dress, Kate takes out a cell phone and plants it.

    At the townhouse, Rafe reads Sami’s note and says, "Oh no. Not there." Roman arrives with a baseball glove for Johnny, but Rafe says he’s at Caroline’s. Roman is surprised Sami isn’t spending every waking moment with him and notices the boxes. Rafe moved in? Rafe asks if Roman has a problem with it and though Roman has had issues with Rafe, he thinks he’s the one man who can take care of his daughter.

    Sami arrives at her special secret spot and finds a woman sobbing. "Emily," she yells and Sami goes to her to ask if she’s okay. The woman says this place is filled with memories of her sister, Emily, and cries. Emily used to come there with her fiancé. It was her favorite place. Sami sadly apologizes for her loss and confesses she lost her daughter recently. They introduce themselves and Sami is surprised to hear the woman’s name is Meredith Hudson, so she starts pressing her for answers in Emily’s death, but Meredith doesn’t want to talk, so she runs off. Sami mopes back to her own spot and seems distant when Rafe arrives, saying he didn’t have issues finding the spot! They discuss Roman’s visit and toast to their future. They reminisce about the last time they attempted a picnic and start kissing, but Sami jumps up suddenly, saying she has to pick the twins up. She asks to meet him at home and rushes off, leaving Rafe puzzled.

    Melanie arrives home, skipping and whistling. Maggie greets her and asks about her matchmaking skills. Melanie says they didn’t work. Later, Melanie returns all dressed up and tells Maggie she’s off to dinner with Nathan. Maggie is so proud of Melanie and thinks she’ll make a wonderful nurse one day. Melanie tells Maggie this is not a big date, so she should keep her expectations low. They giggle and Melanie runs off.

    Stephanie goes to Nathan and tells him she’d like to interview him. Later, Daniel finds Nathan at the nurse’s station. He’s picking up a few things before he leaves. He gives Nathan a tip. Sleep is overrated! Nathan asks for advice on a patient they’re about to discharge who has a complicated history, but when he goes to show Daniel the file, Nathan receives a page and has to go.

    Chloe and Kate arrive at Maggie’s place to shoot the last show with Daniel. Kate thinks Chloe needs a scarf to go with her outfit, so Maggie takes Chris and Chloe upstairs to use one of hers while Kate poisons some brownies and steals Chloe’s cell phone.

    Melanie goes to the pub to meet Nathan and Arianna tells her it sounds like fun. Melanie apologizes for being so pushy with Brady. Arianna tries to change the topic, and Melanie notices that Nathan’s late. She nervously wonders where he is.

    At the hospital, Nathan is late for meeting Melanie and tells Stephanie so. She is surprised and not happy that he’s dating Melanie but is the last person who should be dispensing advice. Nathan leaves and Stephanie flashes back to her latest goodbye with Philip. Philip arrives and Stephanie tries to stay aloof, but he makes her smile. He’s there on business and if she thought he was out of sight, out of mind, she’s wrong! Stephanie knows that and thinks someday they can be friends, but Philip’s not so sure he can handle that.

    Nathan arrives to the pub and they discuss Melanie passing her test and how Maggie has been so supportive. Arianna orders them a drink and Nathan’s pager goes off. He has to leave but will only take an hour, so if she'd like to stay or take a rain check, he says it's up to her. She'll wait, she says, nervously.

    Chris and Chloe have found a scarf for Chloe and return to the kitchen, where Daniel finds them. He wants to talk to Chloe, so Kate asks Chris to make himself scarce, while she gives Chloe the brownies to eat. Chloe starts munching on them and Kate leaves. Chloe asks Daniel if he’s leaving town because things didn’t work out with the woman he was dating. Daniel is confused. He wasn’t dating anyone and there’s no other woman for him! They hug and Chloe says she’s leaving Lucas! Meanwhile, outside Maggie’s abode, Kate yells at Chris about not bringing an antique pitcher to the shoot and decides to run off and get it herself.

    Back inside, Chloe tells Daniel she kept dreaming about their future together. He’s all she thinks about. "Same here," Daniel says and Chloe admits she made a terrible mistake in marrying Lucas. She finally knows what love is and is sorry for the timing but Daniel says it’s right. Finally! Daniel has waited a long time for this moment and notices she feels warm, when he caresses her face. She says the nurses checked her temperature and she’s fine. Daniel is confused, and upset when she explains she was ill again and in the hospital. Daniel knows something’s wrong and promises not to let anything happen to her again.

    Later, Kate calls Chris to tell him she has the pitcher and will return. Kate tells him to close the set. They’ll be taping soon. She then sits on a park bench, puts on red gloves and makes a call with Chloe’s phone.

    Philip comes out of a board meeting with a brunette and Philip asks if she’d like to go to the Brady Pub. She finds it tempting but takes a rain check. Stephanie watches them from nearby as Nathan watches her. After Philip leaves, Nathan says that must be Stephanie’s ex. It was rough for her to see him, she admits, and Nathan makes a joke. "Want me to kill him?" Stephanie grins and says it was only a few weeks ago that Philip was in the hospital dying from a gunshot wound and now he’s acting as though he’s dead to her. Later, Maggie arrives as Nathan prepares to leave to see Melanie and Stephanie calls Maggie a godsend. Maggie is interrupted by a call. Maggie asks, "Chloe? Chloe?" (It’s Kate.) Maggie hears, "Wait, Daniel. I can’t do this anymore." She hears Daniel reply, "If I can’t have you, nobody will!" Kate hangs up on Maggie.

    Arianna asks Melanie how long she’ll wait for Nathan to return to the pub. Melanie’s got no life, she says, and Arianna thinks Melanie’s wishing it was Philip she was dating. Melanie says she’s nobody’s sloppy seconds though in the past she’d have taken advantage of the situation. They agree that the bad boys are too much drama and when Philip walks in and tells her he got a new car, a Ferrari GT, she barks out a laugh, when he asks her to go for a ride.

    Rafe unpacks at home as Sami meets Roman at the pub and asks him to find out information for her on Meredith Hudson and her family - without asking why!

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Bo and Hope tell Daniel, "You do realize this is a police investigation, now?"

    Nicole tells Mia, "I want to know everything about this boy."

    Philip tells Melanie there is something she needs to know.

    Daniel looks over Chloe who lies in a hospital bed and says, "No she will not code. I will not lose her."
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    Posted by day2day at Tuesday, July 21 2009 07:02 AM

    How can Kate continually be so stupid?

    Posted by lacollins26 at Tuesday, July 21 2009 08:52 AM

    How long is this Kate thing going to last? How many times can she get away with poisoning someone? We all know what is going to hapen. Lucas will find out and disown her for the upteenth time and eventually forgive her. Kate will not go to jail because she never does.

    This Emily Hudson situation has me intrigued. Can't wait to find out Rafe and Arianna's secrets about her.

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Tuesday, July 21 2009 09:44 AM

    How many times have I said it--Kate makes me want to throw up! Can't stand her and the fact that she ALWAYS gets away with the crap she does! She has been doing evil for years and last year I really thought karma was getting her with the cancer, but noooo THANKS TO CHLOE she beat the cancer. I would spend the rest of my life being grateful and loving to someone who had saved my life, but Kate instead is trying to kill Chloe six months later!! And like Kate hasn't had plenty of affairs in her miserable life----who is she to judge anyone??? TPTB, if you do one thing right in these next "critical" six months, take Kate's azz off the show!! How could it be so hard to get rid of her? You've gotten rid of LOTS of others that are needed on the show right now alot worse than Kate!
    Love the storyline right now with SAFE! I'm sure the writers will try hard to mess them up, too, but hopefully with all the SAFE fans out there, we can keep rallying and keep SAFE together FOREVER!!! LOL!!!

    Posted by 2boyzrule at Tuesday, July 21 2009 12:15 PM

    Gag me with the Danloe cr@p- looks like the Snow White stuff really begins tomorrow- thank goodness Dr. Wesley is coming on- I can't wait to see him save his daughter from this mess. I've always loved KS! What a hottie still!!!

    Melanie and Nathan- still love them and I'm so rooting for them! Yippee!

    Loved Kate's (LK) new haircut- very stylish and she is looking very lovely. Despite the things she does, Kate is just the bomb at being the bad girl, like Nicole she just does it well. Kate and Chris have been the best part about Danloe for me- just fantastic. I hope Chris stays around.

    I'm curious to know what's up with Rafe's past and who Arianna is talking to on the phone with because she doesn't seem very happy so who could it be and what is up?

    Posted by DOOL1965 at Tuesday, July 21 2009 04:20 PM

    There’s nothing position to say about the show today. Same ole same ole, I’ve been watching Days for 44 years, and never got bored with the S/L even Marlena being the devil, last spring I quit watching because the S/L were the same for months, Sami couldn’t make up her mind if she wanted Lucas or EJ, then last fall when Rafe came to the show I started watching again, it was a cute S/L between Rafe & Sami, well the show is in a rut again, 7 months of the baby switch, and months of Kate and the 3 stooges, the S/L aren’t holding my interest, so might be time to take a break from the show. It’s sad because if the audience is not interested they lose viewers, and if they lose viewers, they show goes down in ratings, and if the show goes down in ratings, it gets cancelled.

    Posted by Dragonfly2828 at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:47 PM

    I like Meredith. I'm interested to hear her side of the story about what happened to Emily. (sidenote: Rachel Kimsey is BEAUTIFUL.)

    Posted by cheesecake at Wednesday, July 22 2009 02:06 PM

    I think this whole set up in the park with sami was done by demeria when everything come out about rafe what ever happen was and accident

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