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    Consider Yourself Fired!

    Tuesday, May 05 2009
    Hope saves Philip, Chelsea says goodbye to Hope and EJ helps Stefano investigate Baker.

    Hope finds Melanie at work at the hospital and asks if she knows where Ralph Farrows, head of security, is. Melanie doesn’t know him, nor does she care. She’s busy. She mentions something about the new nurse tending to Philip, and Hope panics. "What new nurse?" Hope runs into Philip’s room, with her gun, just as the nurse is smothering Philip. The nurse backs away from Philip, but claims to simply be doing her job! Melanie runs to Philip and screams. He isn’t breathing! She starts CPR and Philip comes to. "You enjoying yourself? Any excuse to kiss me," he says, and Melanie gasps! She was giving him the breath of life, she says. Dr. Baker rushes in.

    At the pier, Kate tells Chloe she risked her life to save hers, showing a selfless side, but then showed herself to be the selfish witch she has always been. She accuses Chloe of having no morals or values, causing Chloe to ask what’s going on. "I’ve never seen you like this," says a confused Chloe, who asks if she’d like to go have coffee somewhere and talk. She asks if it’s about the taping schedule for the show, but Kate tells her it’s not that, and yells that Chloe’s best quality is lying. Kate says there’s no use in denying it. Daniel confirmed. Chloe starts to cry and Kate wonders why she married Lucas. Chloe loves him and begs her not to tell Lucas. She won’t, because she couldn’t bear to hurt him. He could fall off the wagon again. Chloe is thankful, and Kate says she’s no longer the host of the TV Show. "Consider yourself fired," she yells, as Lucas comes upon them. "Whoa, wait a minute, you can’t fire Chloe," Lucas shouts, perplexed. Kate says she did, and invites Chloe to tell him why! Chloe admits she didn’t want the job in the first place because of the Vancouver job and she lies that she and Kate ran some tests and found out she wasn’t a good candidate. Kate agrees. Chloe was stiff as a board and insincere! Chloe’s happy that she can focus on her career, Ali and Lucas. Kate comments that her career always comes first! Lucas wonders why she’s acting like this. What changed? Kate says Chloe was late and didn’t work hard. Chloe agrees. She wasn’t committed. Kate leaves to find a replacement, but Lucas is still not convinced something else is going on. Chloe convinces him otherwise and they snuggle on the bench. Lucas asks her to wait for him at the pub. He has some business to take care of. She meanders away while Lucas calls Kate and leaves a message for her to call him back with the truth!

    EJ investigates Dr. Baker over the phone and is interrupted by Nicole, who asks why he’s investigating Baker. She wants to know why, but he refuses to tell her. Nicole snatches a paper from EJ’s hands and gasps. She reads he was a gambler. She demands to know more, but EJ comments on the beautiful day and tells her to go for a walk. Finally, he admits Stefano’s investigating the doctor, but EJ doesn’t know why. Nicole reminds EJ she fired the doctor and finds the investigation pointless but EJ doesn’t care. It’s Stefano’s business. EJ wonders why Nicole fired the doctor, and Nicole stammers. She knew EJ didn’t like him. Since he’s out of their lives, why bother to continue the investigation, she says. EJ says, "Why indeed?" he wonders why she’d suggest cancelling the inquiry. She goes on and on about this and EJ agrees, it’s probably not worth investigating. He finally agrees to cancel the investigation for now, but if Stefano wants the investigation re-opened, upon his return, that’ll be his decision. When the baby cries, EJ ushers Nicole out of the great room and wonders why Nicole’s so determined to stop the investigation.

    In the foyer, Nicole calls Dr. Baker and tells him to meet her. She calls for Marco and leaves.

    Back inside the great room, EJ takes a call and screams bloody murder at Masi, for trying to kill Philip in his hospital room. He takes a look at Baker’s file again.

    Stephanie arrives home to find Chelsea crying on the sofa. She’s been so busy preparing to leave that she hasn’t had time to let things sink in. Stephanie comforts her. She’ll be in London soon, to help her. Chelsea knows, but is also upset that she’ll miss all of her friends. They wonder how they’ll survive and Stephanie suggests webcams! The phone rings and Stephanie picks up to find Melanie on the phone, who explains the night’s events. Stephanie runs out of the apartment with Chelsea on her heels.

    Hope tells Philip that they’ve not yet found the identity of the woman who stole a nurse’s identity, but Philip doesn’t care. He knows it’s the DiMera’s. Hope doesn’t want him going after the DiMera’s and lets him know there’s going to be a list of names of those who are allowed into his room. After she leaves, Philip gets out of bed as Melanie walks in. He almost falls and she catches him, and tries to get him back to bed. Stephanie walks in and Melanie lets her know there’s nothing untoward going on. She explains what happened and Stephanie is thankful and upset by the news. Philip didn’t want her to know, he admits, and asks her not to feel guilty. She gets an idea and leaves. Melanie arrives later and Philip tells her he’s feeling fine.

    Chelsea meets Hope outside Philip’s room. Hope says they haven’t found out the nurse's identity, but Bo found an envelope of money and is headed to Chicago. Chelsea bursts out, "No!" She won’t get to say goodbye. She has to leave for London tonight. Hope thinks they can get Bo to hurry back. Chelsea thanks Hope for all she has done for her, especially after all she has done to her. Hope loves her and Chelsea credits Hope with being the person she has become and they hug. Saying goodbye to her is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do, Chelsea admits. Hope says she’ll miss her and she has grown into such a beautiful person. "You are my daughter, you know that." Chelsea tells Hope she loves her.

    Nicole arrives at Java Café and quietly lets Dr. Baker know that her guard Marco is watching them, so this has to be a surprise meeting. Nicole threatens him that if he wants to live, he had better leave town! She lets him know about the investigation, saying she convinced EJ to kill it for a few days. Dr. Baker can’t leave town. He needs this job!

    Stephanie arrives at the DiMera mansion and EJ opens the door. She yells, "It stops now, do you hear me?" EJ acts surprised that there was a second attempt on Philip’s life, but Stephanie knows better and begs him to leave Philip alone. EJ shows her the door and later, makes a call to Stefano, saying they’ve tried to deliver the package again but failed. He asks him to start returning some of his calls.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Bo says, "My daughter, part of my heart. I love you." Chelsea says, "I love you."

    Brady says, "Killing more people is not the answer here." Victor yells, "Shut up and stay out of it!"

    Nicole tells Sami she doesn’t want her within a mile of her daughter.

    Arianna tells Rafe, "You cannot be with that woman. Are you out of your mind?"

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    Posted by lacollins26 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 05:21 AM

    So sad to see Chelsea going but hopefully 1 day she will return, with Max of course and maybe Billie too.
    When is this baby thing going to end?!?!?!? Nicole really thinks she can get away with all of this.
    I cannot believe EJ. I knew he was more like Stefano than he admitted but he is getting out of control with this Phillip thing.
    I am waiting for someone to clue Lucas in on what his loving wife was really up to with Dr. Dan. I just can;t help but remember how when it came to Sami, Kate was never worried about Lucas falling off the wagon. She would expose her for everything without a second thought. Back then she would have kicked him off herself. So why the hesitation. Everyone else knows but Lucas. Let the poor guy in on it and let him be a grown up snd deal with grown up problems LIKE A GROWNUP!!!

    Posted by Sunness at Tuesday, May 05 2009 07:36 AM

    Nicole demands Sami to stay away from her daughter.
    Sami should demand that she stay away from her son than.
    I HATE the way Nicole treats Sami. HATE IT.

    I think Kate should tell Lucas. He did fall off the wagon before but this time he has Sami and Will to help keep him together.
    He did not before!!
    I have never been a huge fan of Lucas and Chloe.
    I do think Chloe and Dr. Dan look good together!!
    The Story lines are moving soooooooooo slow!!
    Not one secret has come out at ALLLLLLL!
    Lets let Mias or Lucas and Chloe or Nicoles, or Dr.Bakers or
    Time to make this show interesting PLEASE

    Posted by lacollins26 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 07:49 AM

    I am also deeply saddened there was no SAFE today!!! They are the highlight on this show for me right now.

    Posted by sde006 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 08:22 AM

    I am so tired of the whole baby switch... I wish they just cme out with the truth already it gets rather old when you have seen it time and time again. I like Sami and when it does come out it's only going to dig her into another hole because everyone is going to come down on her because she lied again luckily this time she will have Rafe if she doesn't somehow mess it up.
    I can't wait until Nicole is busted that is the episode I am waititng on and will have to be at home to watch...

    Posted by missyluvs5 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 08:30 AM

    I am glad I read the daily update now before actually wasting time watching the show today. I am so sick of watching Nicole constantly get herself out of hot water when it comes to Dr. Baker and Sydney. How stupid can EJ be to let her keep pulling the wool over his eyes. She is obviously lying about something and keeping it from him, let him wisen up!!!

    I may have to tape the show just so I can see the good-bye
    between Hope and Chelsea. I am so sad to see her leave.

    Philip and Stephanie "BORING"

    Tomorrow looks good. I feel the same way lacollins26 feels about Nicole. She is a little to high and mighty when it comes to Sami and Sydney. Sydney is Sami's daughter not Nicole's. Please end this S/L soon!!!!! I can't wait to see Nicole finally get what is coming to her.

    Posted by firebird85 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 08:35 AM

    Excuse me Kate; you owe Chloe your life. Chloe risked her life to save yours.
    Sure, Chloe made mistakes but let's not forget about your past.

    I am getting tired with EJ’s common response “It’s business.”

    LOL at Philip’s remark to Melanie about kissing him when she was trying to do CPR.
    These two still have that special charm.

    What did Stephanie hope to gain by going over to EJ’s home & demanding him to stop the feud?

    I am going to miss Rachel/Chelsea.

    Posted by ca2000 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 09:03 AM

    firebird85, Steph and EJ used to race together and actually were good friends when they both ended up in Salem at the same time. I think that maybe she went over there to tell him to stop because she used to know him. IMO.

    Posted by Kimberly ann at Tuesday, May 05 2009 09:13 AM

    Kate should just tell Lucas what his wife has been up too, really she did it to Sami, so why not do it to Chloe. Goning to miss Chelsea she is so great.

    Posted by lpmh at Tuesday, May 05 2009 10:44 AM

    I will miss Bo daugther seems all everyone is slowly leaving Salam for good...Why are the writers doing this, is this there way of saying Days of our Lives is coming to end soon like they did to Another World, when they drop that show it left you with a cliff hanger...I never forgot that.
    But back to my show..I saw it on soap net, that was great the way sami carried on and Rafe just smiled saying its my sister...I tell you I sure hope those two become a super couple, great together....
    What is going to happen with Nicole and Sami baby waiting for EJ to find out...I think the show is getting good...

    Posted by firebird85 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 11:05 AM

    ca2000, Thanks for the information about EJ & Stephanie. I wasn't watching the show at that time. That's interesting.

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