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    Hilda the Hun!

    Wednesday, November 26 2008
    Philip breaks up a catfight, Melanie steals, Nicole returns home and Sami breaks out of the safe house.

    At Cheatin’ Heart, Max browses through Trent Robbin’s book and says he’s responsible for so many people’s lives ruined, including Nick, Melanie's and his. He throws the book away.

    Chelsea and Melanie get into a catfight in the pub, while outside the pub, Philip takes a business call. A patron tells a barmaid that this is better than pay–per-view, while Melanie and Chelsea continue to go at it. Philip notices banging inside the pub and rushes inside, breaking up the fight. Melanie goes after Chelsea again, but Chelsea runs off. Outside, Stephanie sees her running away and calls her name, but Chelsea doesn’t turn around. Inside, Melanie tells Philip, "Somebody needed to put that dumb girl in her place." Philip tells her to watch her mouth but Melanie tells him to save his CEO crap for somebody that cares!"

    An allergenic Hilda shows up at the safe house, unhappy to have to babysit Sami, who is asleep. Hilda’s allergies are acting up and once Rafe leaves she notices Sami’s ever-growing belly and wonders what Rafe’s feeding her. Outside, Rafe looks at a photo of EJ, while back inside, Hilda is upset to find that she purchased the nighttime formula for allergies. She figures it won’t make her sleepy and guzzles half the bottle, before commenting, “Nummers!” She turns on the game and soon passes out. Sami wakes up and is surprised to see 'Hilda the Hun'. She notices the empty allergy bottle and blasts a sleeping Hilda. “You know he’s going to blame me for this!” She looks outside and decides to go for a walk.

    EJ continues to call Nicole’s cell phone, and is concerned when she doesn’t pick up. Mary, the maid, tells EJ that Roman has called. Marlena was attacked by Marino’s killer, and Hope is babysitting Johnny at the park. He runs off.

    Nicole ignores EJ’s calls and sobs about their loss. Brady comforts her and she sobs that this was supposed to be different this time for EJ. She asks Brady to take her home.

    Hope runs into a rested looking Julie, who says she has been through five continents and doesn’t feel rested. Hope lets her know that she’s taking care of Johnny DiMera, after Marlena was attacked by Marino’s killer, while Johnny was at her townhouse. They discuss Nick and Julie says she knew from the moment she saw Melanie that she’d be trouble. She thinks Melanie drove him to killing Trent. Hope disagrees.

    Chelsea arrives at Cheatin’ Heart and cries to Max that Melanie’s right. She’s the reason Nick snapped and killed Max’s father. Max doesn’t buy any of this, but Chelsea reminds him of her past mistakes. Max tells her not to let Melanie ruin her confidence and reminds her of all the good work she does at the hospital. Chelsea needs to make amends with Nick, but Max says Nick is responsible for his own actions, not her. The guy has been out of control for months. He knows that while not everything is inherited, Nick’s mother was also out of control. “You are not responsible, so accept it and move on,” he tells her. Chelsea starts to feel better and has to leave. Before she does, Max says he’s happy to hear she’s recovering, and reminds her he’s always there for her.

    Philip goes outside and tells Stephanie about Chelsea’s fight with Melanie. Stephanie wishes she had been there sooner. She’d have pummeled Melanie. Philip finds that scary, yet sexy! She tells him she came to give him the file for the Green Initiative for the Riverfront and asks who he’s hiring for the administrative job. She’s unhappy to hear it’s Melanie, but Philip says Melanie’s tech savvy.

    Back inside the pub, a patron sees Melanie and calls her a real spitfire! Melanie thinks to herself that she can get money off of the silver fox, as she calls him. She charms Bob, after he introduces himself and after a while, she tells him she’s got to get going.

    Outside the pub, Philip thinks Melanie would be a good administrative assistant, but she’s too much of a troublemaker to bother with. Melanie comes out of the pub and overhears this. She tells Philip to shove his job!

    EJ arrives at the park and is thankful Johnny is with Hope. Hope asks EJ if Stefano had anything to do with hiring the man who killed Marino but EJ doesn’t believe he did. Nearby, Rafe listens in on the entire conversation. EJ is upset; knowing that a member of his family could be next, considering Marlena was attacked. EJ’s taking his son home and putting him under lock and key and suggests she tell Lucas to do the same. He leaves and Julie says she doesn’t believe that EJ’s being honest. They believe EJ’s probably happy to have Sami in witness protection so he can bring Johnny up the way he wants. Julie comments that with Stefano around, the child will be detestable and they move on to wonder if EJ and Sami will get back together. Julie thinks EJ has changed since the twins were born but he’s still pompous.

    A blanket-wrapped Nicole and Brady arrive at the DiMera manse. Brady takes care of Nicole, who wants a drink. Brady gets her water. “Booze isn’t going to help you right now. It’s just going to make things worse.” Nicole realizes that. She wasn’t thinking straight and thanks him for all his help. She isn’t sure how she’s going to tell EJ and can’t believe she has lost her baby. Nicole wants to rest and Brady offers to stay with her. She wants to be alone and sobs while she goes up to her room.

    Nicole sits on the edge of her bed and holds her stomach. When the maid, Mary enters the room, she yells at her to get the hell out, and then screams, “Get out!” She sobs after Mary runs out of Nicole’s room then gets into bed.

    Shortly thereafter, EJ arrives home with Johnny and Mary tells him that Nicole is back and there’s something he needs to know.

    Later, a knock comes to Nicole’s room and she tells whoever it is to go away. EJ tells her, “Hi sweetheart, it’s me and Johnny, darling.” He enters her room and tells her Mary said she was crying.

    Melanie goes behind the pub and starts to rummage through Bob’s wallet for cash. She’s interrupted by an angry Bob, who wants his wallet back. He grabs her and accuses her of stealing. He wonders how she thought she’d get away with it!

    Sami enters the convent nearby and starts to cry. A sister taps her on the shoulder and asks if she’s alright. She’s not and when asked, she admits it has to do with her expecting. She introduces herself as Colleen. Sister Theresa is not there to judge and wants to help, she says. Sami heard there was an orphanage here. Sister Theresa tells her that’s true. Sami asks. “Do you take children now?” They do, but not that often, says Sister Theresa. She’d be happy to help with whatever the situation is and gives Sami a St. Anne medal. Sam is thankful and has a feeling she’ll return.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Victor says to Brady, "Those two women almost destroyed your life. The best thing to do is just stay away from them. Brady asks, "Is that an order?"

    Daniel asks a nurse if there has been a mix-up with the test results from Kate. It’s not good news…

    Nicole says nervously, "I don't know what you are talking about." EJ says, "I know all about it. I know what you did.”

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    Posted by JamaicanGirl at Wednesday, November 26 2008 03:54 AM

    I would love to watch that fight

    Posted by JamaicanGirl at Wednesday, November 26 2008 03:54 AM

    omg, i am the first one today

    Posted by JpoLovesDays at Wednesday, November 26 2008 05:00 AM

    im thinking that wen rafe and sami get out they shud be real close, like that everyone can see and so the two boys start showing there jealousy.. that would get some love flowing back into the show for all the rafe, ej, lucas and sami fans... but i am wanting her to get out soon... like real soon

    Im soo soo sick of melanie.. she is a brat but one thing im thankful for is that the nick and melanie storyline is over... he freaked me right out..

    Nicole losing her baby, very sad... BUT i am not gonna be happy that she is gonna start lying to ej... i mean how dumb wearing fake baby belly??? isnt ej gonna want to touch her and that... doesnt make sence to me... also i REALLY hope they dont go on and actually make her steal sami's babi.. C'mon Brady speak up kiddo. i just no there gonna drag that 1 on..Im really hoping that Ej finds out Sami is pregnant b4 she has the babi.

    There really isnt many comments recently... hopfully the show picks up again and there can be heaps like there used to be... much better that wud be

    Posted by bghwme at Wednesday, November 26 2008 05:20 AM

    I'm thinkin' it's time for Chelsea to get her own feelings about her involvement in the death of her baby brother and the death of Ford Decker resolved.

    Perhaps it's time for Melanie and Chelsea to have a heart to heart talk instead of a big old fight. Seems to me that would be the only way to convince Melanie that Nick is not a psycho. He's just a nice guy who made some uncharacteristic bad choices, and whose behavior has changed for some unknown reason. Perhaps the pills? Perhaps a brain tumor?

    Chelsea really does need someone to talk to....

    The police need to take a closer look at the evidence. Maybe Mickey will do that.

    I feel so bad for Nicole.

    Posted by Prilla35 at Wednesday, November 26 2008 05:44 AM

    I know this sounds kinda wierd. But do you all think They will put Chelsie with Max? I know they have been good friends always. But they have been closer now than before. thats my thoughts.
    Cmon writers get rid of Melanie. Maybe Nick can sneak out of jail and really throw her off the balcony!
    Yes I bawled like a baby watching yesterdays episode. My husband laughed at me. I just feel so sorry for Nicole, I just really want her to tell EJ the truth. I dont want another episode of Kristen with John. Please writers make this good for Nicole and Ej!

    Posted by moma at Wednesday, November 26 2008 06:25 AM

    When Chelsea first was seen in Salem as a friend of Abby (Jack & Jennifer = parents) she went after Max then. They dated awhile.... she went after Max cause she knew Abby had a thing for him. Chelsea was some piece of work then. Max was no saint either... every time a girl got hooked on him he dumped 'em quicker than a hot potatoe..... Chelsea included. Max finally straightened up with Stephanie... after some hard times there too.....

    Posted by zimmy at Wednesday, November 26 2008 08:59 AM

    My bet is that Sami will give up her baby to the orphanage and Nicole will adopt it. When EJ does a paternitity test it will show him as the father.

    Posted by EJAMIFANinCA at Wednesday, November 26 2008 09:54 AM

    I cried with Nicole too. She is such an awsome actress b/c you really felt her pain. I hope she tells EJ the truth too...but I read that Stephano encourages EJ to marry Nicole, and Nicole considers adopting a baby and passing it off as her own in the next couple of weeks. So it would be crazy if Sami gives her baby up and Nicole picks it up. How insaine would that be?! I'm sure we're being staged to go that way! I will not like that turn of events at all. I was liking the idea of Nicole and EJ at a church getting ready to marry and Sami crashing the party with a buddle of joy. Now that would be fun to see...if course I am an EJAMI fan. All this baby swapping is just same ole hat different couples. I guess it would be a repeat of Coleen Brady and Santo DeMira though. Perhaps that is why we saw that whole thing in Ireland. It's the same story a generation was in the cards to go this way. BUT WHY?

    I can not believe Dr Dan. What a perv! He now has the hots for Chloe while Kate is dying and after Chelsea. And he is suppose to be Salem's finest, what a predator. Anyway, watch out Chloe.
    I was not that impressed with the Brady actor, he did not even compare to Nicole. During his scene with Nicole while she was losing the baby...he lacked something. If EJ was there, it would have been some good acting. But she was totally amazing.

    Posted by titans at Wednesday, November 26 2008 11:26 AM

    Nicole is a brilliant actress...she does a wonderful job with all her scenes...and I was glad Brady was there for her...those two were always meant for each other. He is the only one who ever truly loved Nicole....Ej doesn't love her..he cares for her but he isn't in love with her.

    I am not looking forward to how this plays out though....she will lie to him....and most folks are probably right somehow she will get her hands on Sami's baby. same old story....we all remember the baby switching with Hope/Lexi/Kristen....something new.

    Ej/Nicole - boring
    lucas/chloe - boring
    Stephanie/Mac - boring
    Daniel/Kate - just plain wrong

    Ej/Sami - exciting....
    Phillip/Chloe - hot...
    Mac/Chelsea - maybe some unfinished business....but would be interesting to see them lean on each other and see where it goes.....

    Just please do not let Chelsea get back with Daniel....I was all for them in the beginning and thought they were great....and maybe (a big maybe) you can forgive him banging grandma once but NEVER if it happened a second time.

    Posted by rose_42 at Wednesday, November 26 2008 11:46 AM

    first off i think alot of people aren't writing right now cause they're upset about the cut backs same sa i am.i thinktheir trying to trick us with ej & nicole getting sami's baby.but maybe not i don't know.i think think that stephanie looks good with philip.maybe she wouldn't be so whiny with a mature man.i can't wait for some excitement to start happening between nicole/brady /ej /lucas and chloe.and as for dr. hard on he should be with nicole she needs some one now thats who he usually goes after .hope beb,presses charges against melanie .

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