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    Wednesday, October 08 2008
    Lucas lends an ear, Nick gets a DUI and Max is hauled into jail!

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    Posted by moma at Wednesday, October 08 2008 12:45 PM

    Stax..: yes you're right...however if I remember right (and I may be wrong here...) Nicole was never the good wife to Victor anyway. Wasn't she a scheemer from day one in that marriage?? I think she truly had feelings for Philip back then. She went after Brady then too........

    Posted by cudajenko at Wednesday, October 08 2008 12:48 PM

    I believe that Nicole will wind up sleeping with Phillip (now that's a way to get back at Vic) and in a mix of all things and s/l's in soap land...she will hang on to the Kiriakis money because this baby will be said to be his...Sammy will keep quiet for awhile b/c she doesn't want her to be with Ej, what yall think? Screwed up enuff?

    Posted by rockstar at Wednesday, October 08 2008 01:39 PM

    passionsfan2582 I couldnt agree with you more....the s/l makes no sense what so ever... daniel & kate begging Chelsea to forgive them, daniel saying chelsea is his future... then the next minute they are jumping into bed...come on TPTB!!!...plz...
    Daniel & Chelsea are amazing together...they deserve a 2nd chance...

    Posted by alwaysEJ at Wednesday, October 08 2008 02:10 PM

    When Nicole first came back to Salem she said her sights were set on Phil. Clearly she got distracted by EJ (& who can blame her) but after all this mess with EJ is over...and EJ is with Sami...Nicole will be alone & upset & I see her sleeping with either Phil or Brady (maybe both!). I don't know if she'll end up with either of them long term or not but she had it bad for Brady in the past & she & Phil have been pretty friendly lately as well.

    Posted by bghwme at Wednesday, October 08 2008 04:04 PM

    I believe Nicole's first true love was Eric; and they almost got together; but for reasons of her own, she broke his heart instead.

    Nicole has a lot of dark secrets in her past that we don't know about yet, but I think she has changed and is trying hard to do right and be a good person.

    I know there is a connection between Nicole and Melanie. I am hoping that Nicole turns out to be her mother. I think it's very possible, and would make a great story line. Especially if Marlena the psychiatrist plays a part in getting them together.

    If Max breaks up with Stephanie, it will only be to protect her. He loves Stephanie very much. I think Stephanie loves him too, but she does cling a bit too much. Max is a grown man and a smart man. When it comes to family, you have to back off a little. KWIM?

    I wish Stephanie would not be so hard on Melanie and I wish Melanie would not try to taunt her so much. Planting Trent's wallet in Stephanie's purse seemed like a mean thing to do; but it could also have been an immature cry for help?

    I mean she KNOWS that Stephanie will know where it came from, and she KNOWS that Stephanie will tell Max, so....what's the point?

    My question is this: How does Nicole know that Trent's wallet was missing? That sounds like another little detail about the murder that the police would not have released to the general public...

    Also, if Melanie's knife was the one found in Trent's back, her fingerprints would have been on it. She was not wearing gloves, and I think she would have been too upset to try and wipe her prints off after the fact...

    I don't see her with a split personality. Perhaps she blacked out or got knocked out during the struggle for the knife.

    I cannot tell where the Sami/EJ/Lucas/Nicole/Chloe thing is headed, but I don't think Chloe is going to stick around and be part of it for much longer.

    I hope Philip is only planning on being a friend to Melanie. She does not strike me as the person who could make him happy. I still want him to some how end up with his little son's adopted mom. Hope the writers pick up on this suggestion!LOL

    Let's see some hot love scenes between John and Marlena. Only by loving New John will she discover that Old John was there all along!

    Posted by Cobie at Wednesday, October 08 2008 04:32 PM

    I'm glad Melanie put Stephanie in her place. She hit the nail on the head - Steph's jealous of Max's attention towards her. Yes, Melanie's a brat. Yes, Stephanie is whiny. But the two of them are going to have to figure it out.
    And I was glad to see Nick close the door on Chelsea. He can see the handwriting on the wall. She loves Daniel. Yes, she loved Nick, but that's done, and he knows it. He's interested in Melanie now, and I kinda' like the two of them together. I really like Nick, I do. And I think he's going to be just what Melanie needs to pull out of her shell and join the good people of Salem.

    Posted by daysfan2582 at Wednesday, October 08 2008 06:42 PM

    I cannot believe this spoiler about Daniel and Kate. WTF is going on with this show.........seriously. First Kate was suppose to receive devastating news which we all assumed would be lung cancer then we find out thats what it is suppose to be, then we go from a 95% chance that she will have lung cancer to about a 50% chance that she might have lung cancer or it could just be a tumor........WTH and lets not forget this whole time her coughing spells have been a joke meaning it doesn't even look convincing that shes sick and to add to that she has been so worried and caught up with her work and the lives of other people and lets not forget the most important fact here she doesn't even look sick at all, her face is still plastered with make-up......nothing about Kate screams lung cancer or gravely ill from her looks to her attitude to her actions. The last time she was on screen she was preparing for the biopsy and I hear she will be on at least once this week and then you mean to tell me that the show goes from her literally being in the hospital to her and daniel having is this show doing seriously!!!!!! If they had of wanted Kate to be paired with Daniel then why not of had her meet Daniel first instead of Chelsea. What makes Kate's character so important, this whole summer and even before that she has literally been one of the most seen actresses on the show which by the way is not fair to the real veteran's of this show such as Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Maggie, Mickey, Doug, Julie, Abe, Lexie, Roman, Victor and Caroline. Seriously why does she get special treatment. Roman and Kate were good paired together, they share children for pete's sake they are connected and what about stefano proposing to her whats the deal with that??? Daniel and Chelsea's story has been taken away from them and as a long time viewer of this show I am sorely disappointed......this is just a soap opera but at least shows like General Hospital, All My Children, One Life To Live and the others actually listen/consider what the fans want....its no wonder that the ratings are low and the show was only renewed until 2011. I want Daniel & Chelsea's story back!!!!

    Posted by joysie76 at Wednesday, October 08 2008 10:01 PM

    Who makes the dress worn by Melanie as she is talking to trent in the picture at the top of this page? iwant to buy it.

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