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    Internet Bimbo.

    Wednesday, October 08 2008
    Lucas lends an ear, Nick gets a DUI and Max is hauled into jail!

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    Posted by Prilla35 at Wednesday, October 08 2008 07:48 AM

    Oh yeah Lumi! Again and always you took the words right out of my mouth... GO EJ AND NICOLE!!!!!!!! Poor Nicole. Let her have EJ and only EJ!!!!!

    Posted by LUMIFOREVERANDEVER at Wednesday, October 08 2008 07:54 AM

    :) Great minds think alike Prilla35

    Posted by Prilla35 at Wednesday, October 08 2008 07:55 AM

    You bet!!

    Posted by rose_42 at Wednesday, October 08 2008 08:09 AM

    the writer's sure like to mess with your head,we have so many things goin on and the biggest thing we need is some hot and heavy romance!!!!!!!!!i mean we have a murder that nobody in salem us along list of suspects doesn't it?i really don't think that max is the one he would never do that to his ma.melanie on the other hand is a plain b....!don'tlike hera bit .and i remember that too
    moma about nick don't remember all the details but he hasn't had much of a line since he and chelsea broke up.wish stephanie would act tgeir age.fighting and whining is all we hear from them too.kate and daniel make love? now that's two sick people.maybe it's kate's good -bye present to him.i wish they would move things along a little faster sometimes i get frustrated with all the dragging out.ithink john's heasaches have something to do with the old john or at least some of the old john coming back to us.we also don't see much of victor maybe he's trgoughing in the towel?
    i mean after he gave all the responsibility to philip and we sure don't see him much either.only when someone's at the hospital.

    Posted by sbull at Wednesday, October 08 2008 08:30 AM

    I see that Melanie does not have a good fan club, I don't like her either. I also think maybe Nick should go on to greener pastures. There is nothing for him in Salem. I like Max and Steph together and I also agree she is a whiner. She needs something to do besides hang all over Max. John I love him and sure hope he will not be killed off again. Hoping these episodes he is having are the old John coming out. If I were Chelsa I could not forget or forgive Dan, sorry, that is just gross to think about your lover being with your Grandma, can't go there.

    Posted by loveyalots at Wednesday, October 08 2008 08:50 AM

    .........another spoiler alert ...........
    max breaks up with Stephaine .........
    Sami gets in with the FBI...........

    Posted by jmains0709 at Wednesday, October 08 2008 08:51 AM

    I like the Trent murder thing. Sami needs to tell EJ about the baby already.

    Posted by thyma at Wednesday, October 08 2008 08:59 AM

    I keep thinking I am going to wake up and the EJ/Nicole storyline was all a big bad dream. I love Nicole but am not into her with EJ at all. Big diehard EJAMI fan although I barely watch Days any more due to being so disappointed.
    I don't know if any of you feel this way but remember when Nicole and Austin were getting close? I felt they had really good chemistry. Kind of like Ejami. I liked Carrie with the old Austin way back,(Patrick Muldoon) not the new one.
    This new storyline coming up when Sami witnesses a murder....I think this is where that new guy from Passions(not the guy playing Brady) will interact with Sami.
    Maybe they will get close and that will make EJ wake up.
    Maybe a new guy for Nicole? Still hoping that Nicole's baby is not EJ's.
    So not into Max and Steph...never was and never have been.
    Not a fan of Chelsey and Daniel or Daniel and Kate.
    Love Stefano and sorry guys ....I like the new John. Really liking his interaction with Nicole.
    As for Melanie......I don't think she killed Trent but I don't think many people like her and so I wouldn't be surprised if the Day's writers do decide to make her the killer and she'll be one of the persons leaving.

    Posted by passionsfan2582 at Wednesday, October 08 2008 09:56 AM

    Wow just wow is all I have to say in light of the new spoilers especially the one about Kate and Daniel and on that note the show is just sunk to a new low and their ratings are still low.........gee I wonder why. I don't like what they are trying to do to Daniel's character and I don't want to see a Nick and Chelsea reunion b/c they are so mismatched as are Kate and Daniel. Whatever happened to Stefano proposing to Kate.........I don't think any of us have forgotten that shouldn't she of gave him an answer by now and we all know how stefano is what he wants he gets so whats up with that. Seriously Kate is better suited for Stefano or Roman and this supposed cancer story of hers is a big joke and I hate that the show is making light of such a serious issue I mean seriously we last seen Kate preparing for a biopsy now next week she and Daniel are suppose to become intimate what's up with that.......seriously how screwed up is that.

    Posted by danseafan08 at Wednesday, October 08 2008 10:02 AM

    What Kate's doing is just unforgivable.....wth is she thinking correct me if i'm wrong but did she not say that she didn't want to hurt chelsea and didn't mean to hurt her either and so did Daniel. I hate what they are trying to do with his character. No wonder the ratings are down. I will not watch a chick reunion or a kate and daniel pairing. Daniel and Chelsea's relationship needs to be put back together and soon.

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