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    It's a Sleepover!

    Friday, October 03 2008
    Lucas makes Sami an offer, Philip admits his love, and Kate prepares for her biopsy!

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    Posted by caitnhaileysmom at Saturday, October 04 2008 01:33 AM

    Sami and Lucas belong together. They finally made it work and then EJ came along and messed everything up! They need to get back to where they were before EJ came into the picture. John needs his memory back. Marlena and the old John were great together! I am sooooo glad that Nicole is pregnant. I hope that somehow Sami's baby turns out to be Lucas's!!!

    Posted by LUMIFOREVERANDEVER at Saturday, October 04 2008 08:58 AM

    Richteam, I read on the message board it was renewed until 2011 Your comments about LUMI and ejami are spot on. 100% agree!

    Posted by LongTimeDaysFan at Saturday, October 04 2008 01:50 PM

    Someone posted that Kate is so sick and yet still flirting. When was that? I never saw her flirting. Nor has Kate had sex with her daughter's or granddaughter's beau. Chelsea and Dan weren't beaus at the time.

    It was a tender sight to see Philip and Lucas so concerned about their mother.

    Wonder if two of the vets leaving will be Max and Stephanie after the murder mystery is wrapped up.

    Posted by danseafan08 at Saturday, October 04 2008 02:19 PM

    I agree 100% carolann. I miss Daniel and Chelsea as well and I want to see them back together.

    LongTimeDaysFan, i remember reading the comment about kate flirting when she is suppose to be sick. I believe what the poster meant was that this storyline first and foremost is not being played seriously, second when it started originally Kate was suppose to have cancer and now its been said that she might have cancer so theres some changes there. What that poster meant was that Kate is not playing the role seriously....from her actions to the way she looks. She has been worried about her business and clearly more worried with her looks and with Daniel than her health. With the possible pairing of daniel and kate she is being written to look like she is interested in daniel. As for her having sex with her daughter's bf, she did have sex with her daughter's bf, if i remember correctly she had slept with roman while billie was with him. As for chelsea.....this story began with both of them so while Chelsea and Daniel were not officially dating at the time, the feelings were there even Daniel admitted that. Now when Kate went to the pub and ran into Daniel.......Daniel was a mess, he was very drunk and feeling very down for what happened with chelsea's surgery, he blamed himself for causing her infertility and he also had developed feelings for chelsea at the time so had chelsea. Now instead of Kate taking Daniel home, she should of been more of a friend to him and talked to him at the pub meaning don't let him order anymore drinks, give him some coffee and sober him up a bit and talk to him but Kate didn't do that. She had a choice in the matter and I really think she used her poor judgement, she could of been a friend and talked to him there and once he was sober enough she could of called him a cab but clearly that was not her intentions which makes it selfish on her part. Regardless the feelings were still there between chelsea and daniel and she knew that deep inside but did it anyways and i'm not saying daniel is blameless b/c he isn't but he was visibly very drunk and kate knew that she could see that and she should of handled the situation better!!! I want chelsea and daniel back together!!!!!

    Posted by passionsfan2582 at Saturday, October 04 2008 03:28 PM

    I really miss seeing Daniel and Chelsea together. They are a really great couple together and their chemistry is off the charts and I really miss seeing them together. I want to see them back together!!!!

    Posted by rockstar at Sunday, October 05 2008 01:26 PM

    I dont understand why TPTB are doing this to Chelsea & Daniel... They are wonderful to watch....whatever they are trying to make out between Kate & Daniel its not working...all I see is concern for her because she is sick!. Come on DOOL, please let Daniel & Chelsea find a way back to each other!....

    Posted by firebird85 at Sunday, October 05 2008 03:56 PM

    Daniel has great chemistry with anyone except Chelsea (sorry). It's only my opinion. Maybe he hooks up with someone new.

    Posted by bghwme at Sunday, October 05 2008 04:56 PM

    I agree. I don't think Chelsea belongs with Daniel either. I don't think she belongs in any committed relationship right now. She needs to get her education and her career together, and work on her self-confidence.

    She needs to try to be a better friend to the people she is close to right now, and get closer to Bo and Hope. Someone will come along soon who is just perfect for her.

    As for Nicole, I hope Eric comes back and that she and Eric get together. He is a great guy, and Nicole deserves better than EJ. EJ has treated her like crap. I hope Eric takes Nicole and her baby out of Salem and away from DiMera influence.
    And, I hope John plays a part in helping them to escape.

    Maybe John will build or buy a house for Sami and her children to live in too. That way she won't have to stay in the mansion around mad-man Stephano.

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