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    It's a Sleepover!

    Friday, October 03 2008
    Lucas makes Sami an offer, Philip admits his love, and Kate prepares for her biopsy!

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    Posted by SJH 13 at Friday, October 03 2008 06:41 AM

    You Lumi's must be ecstatic!! This is some good writing. Finally they are making Lucas more mature. He knows Sami's pregnant with EJ's baby and he's still being a friend to her. I love Ejami, but more importantly, I love a good story that will make me not sure of who I want people to be with, and it looks like they are headed in that direction. Happy Friday everyone!

    Posted by safire8645 at Friday, October 03 2008 07:35 AM

    I haven't watched the show yet so it's kinda hard to comment on it before actually seeing it but here goes my opinion and it's just that my opinion:

    I like the fact that they are making Lucas and Sami civil to each other, maybe even supportive. They should be they share two children and a huge chunk of their past. I believe they will always care for one another and truly want the best for each other regardless if they are together or not. If as one poster predicted Lucas were to claim EJ's baby as his own I will truly lose all respect for him. Sami did that to him with Will and Austin and he has never let her forget it, so I would find that toatally out of character and hypocritical if the writers take that route. I personally and hoping for a more mature Lucas, one who does not fly off the handle and be vindictive.

    I think the passion between Sami and EJ is being set off like the fireworks on the 4th of July. There's no way they would fly off hte handle so completely with each other or about each other unless they were in love and trying to deny it. I don't see EJ doing this over Nicole nor do I see Sami doing it over Lucas.

    We all see what we want but that's what I see. Unless the writer's decide to go a different route, of course here lately the writers keep throwing everybody in with each other and there are no specific couples which is truly confusing and starting to become very aggravating to me.

    Is it just me or is Kate and Daniel being shoved down our throats. I'm so disgusted over this. I would really rather not have to suffer through this, of course to watch the others I guess I will have to.

    Athought hit me last night that maybe Victor is the vet that is leaving and Caroline too. They are both getting up in age. I hope not. What do you guys think? Anybody gotta clue?

    Posted by STAXPHLOEFAN at Friday, October 03 2008 07:44 AM

    PHLOE was AMAZING today!! Haha, stupid childish Morgan! THe kiss between Philip and Chloe was HOT HOT HOT and when Morgan saw them, Philip just gave a little nod towards her. It was soo great.

    Chloe's not leaving-she'll be back, and my guess is that with Brady back, there will be some tension there. But I don't think there will be a triange-Philip's already played second to Brady, the writers wouldn't do it again. I think Brady will be Stephano's pawn, OR MAYBE Brady and Nicole will get together?? But in the spoilers Chloe is coming back in two weeks.

    Who ever called Chloe a skank for sleeping with Sami's man...let me just say this. There are many, many things you can say about Sami Brady. She's deceitful, spoiled, etc. She's slept with far more men then Chloe has, has had illegitimate children, etc. Chloe, on the other hand, has only slept with three men, despite the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous. Lucas was a mistake-we ALL make mistakes-and it was out of character for her but the writers sucked over the summer so what can we do? But the point is, I don't go on this board trashing Sami's character, and I don't think it's fair to call Chloe a skank/tramp when she is clearly not. We all KNEW LuChloe was never going to last, so why get so intense over it?

    Anyway, LOVED the scene between Philio and Chloe today-these two have sooo much chemistry and right now, there is major chemistry lacking between all these characters at the moment! They need to use Phloe more-they fire up the screen!

    Posted by safire8645 at Friday, October 03 2008 07:49 AM

    STAXPHLOEFAN - thanks so much for the website I will be sure to check that out. I'm very much excited about today's episode and seeing the kiss. I think Phillip is totally sexy with a bad boy edge, starting to remind me alot of Bo back in the day just a richer Bo. I hate the way the writers have made Chloe so trampy(I know that's not really a word. I htink Chloe had real feelings for Phillip but felt like she would be hurt behind him and Morgan so she ran to Lucas and now she realizes that isn't gonna work out. I seriously think the writers are just throwing people together and seeing what's working and what's not. I wish they would pick a direction and go. I understand a love triangle or two but not everybody in the show.

    I'm ready for some John and Marlena reunion action. I'm getting tired of this. Writers you guys need to wrap this up, mesh the two John's together and lets get on with it.

    Posted by safire8645 at Friday, October 03 2008 07:58 AM

    STAX- I agree with what you said! The writers are just throwing people together trying to find a hit. They seem to be missing alot and I think sacrificing characters in order to do this. There is nothing in Chloe's past to explain her actions since she has come back. I find it very tacky that they have her jumping from one brothers bed to another in a matter of days. I also don't like the fact that when they brought her back they had everybody on this show hating on her and no one has yet to apologize to her. Brady is responsible for his own actions not Chloe. Of course I find it totally farfetched to think that Brady would ever do drugs to begin with.

    Posted by STAXPHLOEFAN at Friday, October 03 2008 08:13 AM

    safire8645-Definitely check the website out-you'll love it! I agree it is tacky but Lucas was to blame too. And I think the situation in the elevator was weird-Chloe was freaking out cause she's claustrophobic and wasn't thinking clearly. But I honestly think Phloe is going to be end game and I am sooo excited about that! What I REALLY want is for them to show flashbacks of old Phloe to remind us of how great they were! I also agree that people hating on Chloe and not apologizing to her was ridiculous-Brady is a GROWN MAN for god's sake!! The drugs story was totally unrealistic though!

    Posted by safire8645 at Friday, October 03 2008 08:30 AM

    I agree, I just wish the writers would be a little bit more creative when coming up with storylines and explanations. They need to review the history of the characters before they just start writing stuff. Give us Day's fans more credit. Some of us have been watching a really long time, 30 years, it's sad they don't take this into consideration.

    I also wish the writers would give Sami a friend to talk to that is not a family member or man. She needs a girlfriend. They gave Nicole and Chloe a friendship, it's Sami's turn. Or at least let her talk to one of her cousin's - Stephanie, Chelsea, somebody!!

    Posted by momie at Friday, October 03 2008 08:56 AM

    well i think your right the writers are totaly jackin this show up i have been watching days for a long time and i find my self not even wanting to watch it any more the plot is total stupid its just everybody sleeping with everybody i mean look at e.j a couple of months ago he was sooo in love with sami and nothing could change that then now oh he's falling for nicole right at the time sami becomes aviable how stupid whats the piont and chloe they totaly changed her up when they brought her back i really don't get that at all she was a nice girl and out of no where she is running through guys like underwear its stupid they need to get on track and bring bell back it really bothers me they just sent them off on a boat and you don't hear anything else about them even though all that is going on with their famillies i am starting to lose my love for the show

    Posted by jayromero at Friday, October 03 2008 09:06 AM

    i think sami and lucas can stay good friends. i think he knows that sami really cares for ej. i hope they will remain friends.there is no chemistry with them, like there is sami and ej.

    Posted by jmains0709 at Friday, October 03 2008 09:25 AM

    This sound like a good episode all in all.I really liked what Philip said. Daniel belongs with Chelsea.

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