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    What happened to the Cat in the Hat?

    Tuesday, September 23 2008
    Trent is threatened by Nick and Melanie, Stefano and John argue over who gets the DiMera Empire and the new police commissioner is announced!

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    Posted by alwaysEJ at Tuesday, September 23 2008 01:41 PM

    Wanted to add that Victor should have told Chloe where Brady was...she was his wife at the time & I think she thought something terrible had happened to him but was afraid to tell people for fear they would blame/suspect her.

    Brady will return to Salem soon so all this will be dealt with again. I really think the show thought they could get Kyle Lowder (or someone) back as Brady when Chloe returned, but when that didn't work out, they had to explain him away & came up with the crazy drug addiction stuff.

    Posted by chicher at Tuesday, September 23 2008 02:37 PM

    I can't wait for Eric Martsolf to play the roll of Brady. He is very good looking and a great actor. I used to love him on Passions before they left television and moved to cable. Most of goofy stuff on Passions was like comic relief that I could do without but I loved the Theresa and Ethan and Sheridan and Luis storylines.

    Posted by MrsRWright at Tuesday, September 23 2008 02:38 PM

    who else thinks Nichole is pregnant??? it makes sinces she's always queezy and dringing OJ..... but with whos kid?EJs? i have only been watching the last 2 or 3 wks... but its good!!!!!

    Posted by chicher at Tuesday, September 23 2008 03:29 PM

    Yes. She is pregnant. There have been multiple other sites reporting the news. Sami is also pregnant. I think the writers are going to make Nicole and Sami be pregnent with EJ's baby. Sami should deliver first because she had sex with EJ months before Nicole did. Who knows though, it is a soap after all and they do whatever they want (the writers)

    Posted by chicher at Tuesday, September 23 2008 03:33 PM

    You know, Abe said that he put in a good word for Hope but what if the Mayor, who is obviously working for Stephano, had already been told by Stephano to put her in there. The thought came to me today that they may do another Princess Gina storyline with Gina pretending to be Hope and working for Stephano (as the police commissioner) so that he can basically get away with just about anything.

    Posted by Prilla35 at Tuesday, September 23 2008 04:04 PM

    Hopefully Lucas goes over and catches Stephano with Allie. Then that will prove Sami is a bad Mom!!

    Posted by bghwme at Tuesday, September 23 2008 05:32 PM

    I don't think Stephano was supposed to be reading to the twins. It looked like they had just had their lunch, and Stephano probably sent the housekeeper away so he could steal some time with his grandchildren.

    John put a quick stop to that. "Please take the rugrats to a less threatening environment." I love New John!

    My guess is that EJ was at work, and Sami was at a doctor's appointment finding out that she's pregnant!LOL

    Anna was excellent today. She is fast becoming my hero. Who would have thought it? I feel bad for Marlena. I think her problem with John was more than just Ava. I think when John destroyed that disk, it was like he killed Old John all over again...she lost all hope of getting her husband back; and I think that hurt her very deeply.

    Something needs to happen to give Marlena some hope. At least Anna's little talk with her made her want to fight again. Go Anna!

    I think if Melanie killed Trent, she would poison him or something. Can't see her using a knife.

    I can't really see Nicole using a knife either, except maybe to protect herself; but ***spoiler***she does have her eye on a knife right after having a fight with Trent over the money.

    Posted by daysfan2582 at Tuesday, September 23 2008 08:50 PM

    First and foremost I have to show some love for Rachel Melvin and Shawn Christian they are amazing actors and I love them, they work well together and they look great together and as a fan you can tell they have great attitudes and have fun working together....and as for their characters.....I will say it a million times. I Love Daniel and Chelsea together and I can't wait to see them actually face to face tommorrow on screen, i got to see the clip but I have to see it on screen as well. Daniel and Chelsea are absolutely amazing together and I'm very glad that Chelsea is back in Salem and I'm glad that Daniel is fighting for if we could just get them back together Days!!!!

    I am really glad that more men is coming to Salem I was so happy to learn that Eric Martsolf and Galen Gerring were in deed coming to Salem.......when i first read about it-it was considered a rumor but now we know its for real and I think they will be absolutely amazing plus it doesn't hurt for Days to have more men in fact I really hope that they can stick around b/c as I have been saying for a long time Days needs more men but perhaps they should be given a manual for who to do and who not to do if you know what I mean.....coughKatecough.... I can't wait for Nicole to find out she's pregnant and for EJ to learn this as well. What is up with Stefano reading to those twins....are you kidding me that man doesn't have one soft bone in his body but yet Lucas was not to be trusted. I'm glad that Hope is the new commissoner and I hope that Abe can run for mayor and I hope he gets that position. Also I can't wait for Chelsea to be reunited with Theo b/c in a way Theo is helping Chelsea and she is helping him their scenes together are adorable. I'm also glad that Kayla will be getting the Chief of Staff Position at the hospital. On and end note.......I hope to see Dansea back together and soon.....

    Posted by danseafan08 at Tuesday, September 23 2008 08:54 PM

    I agree I am right there with you Daysfan2582. Rachel Melvin and Shawn Christian do a fabulous job and I think they are both great assets to the show. I really hope to see Dansea back together soon. I love seeing Daniel fight for Chelsea too...i think its time for him to do some chasing after her....please put them back together Days!!!!

    Posted by passionsfan2582 at Tuesday, September 23 2008 08:57 PM

    Please put Dansea back together Days....these two are so amazing together and I think the show is really boring w/o them, i think they deserve for their story to continue. Also, i'm glad that Eric Martsolf and Galen Gerring is coming to Days I followed Passions for 9 years and I was a huge Theresa and Ethan fan. Please put Dansea back together!!!!!

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