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Thursday, October 12 2006
Shawn visits Belle, Mimi says goodbye to Philip, Lucas shares his feelings with Sami, and E.J. and Kate get intimate in her office!

At the penthouse, John and Belle play gin rummy - John wins, and Belle starts to think about her loss. Marlena comforts her when Shawn shows up at the penthouse with gifts.

Marlena and John go on the balcony to give Shawn and Belle time alone. Marlena has a confession to make. She tells him she is scared. Being home with John, Belle and Claire is terrifying to her. The thought of losing any one of them terrifies her. This was why she tried to get away! She asks him to hold her and not let go and help her be brave enough to stay!

Shawn gives her a book - 1001 Jokes. She smiles as he tells her he thought she could use a laugh. He gives her a toy to give to Claire. He blames himself for her losing the baby, and relays how patient that Philip was with Claire, and thinks he's too selfish to be a good father. Belle disagrees and almost tells him she wants him, but stops. She has a hard time finding her words, as Shawn reaches out to her, holding on to her arms! She is a little weak and tells him about her talk with Carrie. He flashes back to the talk, remembering and starts to leave but she grabs him. He's upset and tells her timing is off. He tells her he is selfish and leaves. She throws something at the door after him.

Mimi meets Philip as he prepares to leave Salem. She tries to stop him, but he's not changing his mind. He explains that when asked, Belle couldn't tell him that she wanted a future with him. Mimi starts to cry, blaming herself, but Philip says that its' not her fault, and that Shawn dropped the custody suit. He picks up his bag to leave, but Mimi implores him to stay. She hates who she has become, and wants to do the right thing. Philip apologizes but tells her he doesn't belong there anymore. He asks that Mimi please tell Claire about Philip and how much he loves her and always will, and that she'll always be his little girl. He takes the picture of Claire and leaves.

At her apartment, Sami is in shock when Lucas tells her he has feelings for her. He tells her he always has loved her, and always will, and was bored being married to Carrie. He goes on to say that this is why he hung on so dearly to Carrie - to get over Sami! She doesn't believe him, but he explains he had to get Sami out of her heart and head. Sami is furious with him and tells him he doesn't want anything to do with him! They tell each other that they drive each other crazy, but she doesn't want to go on this journey with him again, as it's too exhausting. He tells her he only wants her, and she tells him she is over him, but she cries as she tells him, so he doesn't believe her and asks her to look him in the eye and tell him she is over him. She tells him to pack up and leave, just as Will walks in. Will is upset, telling his mom she ruins it all the time! He says he wants to leave, so Sami lies, and says she didn't ask Lucas to leave. She pretends that she asked Lucas to go on a family hike, not to take a hike, and on a picnic and that they'll do whatever it takes to keep Will at home, with them. Will is thrilled and goes to bed, then Sami rushes off! Will comes out of his room, 'high-fiving' his dad, asking how they're doing, and Lucas says they're doing great! They talk about concentrating on their goal of getting Sami back with Lucas. He's tired of being part of Lucas' games and asks if Lucas believes if he and Sami truly belong together. Lucas replies in the positive as Will smiles!

E.J. arrives at Kate's office, telling her he didn't get Sami into bed. He tells Kate he can seduce Sami any day, but Lucas followed them around all night, working a Laurel and Hardy routine! Kate is surprised that Lucas and Sami are living together. E.J. tells Kate he has had his suspicions about her for a while and starts to kiss her. They passionately kiss.

Shawn enters Chez Rouge, giving his aunt Maggie a big hug. She gets him something to eat, telling him she owes him for bringing Willow to her. She tells Shawn that Willow is a great waitress. She wonders why Shawn didn't tell him that Willow was a prostitute. She doesn't mind, but was curious, and Shawn says that he saw something in her.

Willow watches as Maggie asks Shawn if he is there to check up on her! He admits he came there to see Maggie and hoping to see Willow! Willow comes to their table and Maggie asks her to have a seat while she gets Shawn something to eat. She sits and thanks Shawn for everything. She offers to make him feel better, but he tells her he doesn't need that. She tells him that having sex is like a mini-vacation. He asks that they go on a date together! Maggie gives Shawn his dinner 'to -go'. She knew he and Willow would be leaving together. When they leave, she looks worried, and says, "Uh oh" to herself!

Mimi arrives at the penthouse to tell Belle that Philip is leaving town. She tells Mimi that he is making a big mistake and Mimi lets her know that she'll drive her to him. They leave a note for Marlena and John, telling them they'll return soon.

Belle and Mimi and arrive at the airport when Belle stops short, seeing Philip getting his ticket. She realizes that she can't stop him and tells Mimi that Philip deserves more than what she can give him. She cries as Philip is seen walking on to the plane.

Later, Marlena finds Belle's note and starts to cry. She's overcome with joy in such a simple 'normal' thing... no more kidnappings, no more Alex North, etc.. Both Marlena and John agree that it's a nice life, a wonderful life that they share and Marlena will never leave it again! They then go off to bed!

Sami arrives at Kate's office to apologize for their date issues. E.J. hides in the bathroom, and Kate slams the door in her face, after telling her she is not her messenger service! Sami is unimpressed and Kate resumes her passion with E.J.

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