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    Bring It On!

    Wednesday, September 03 2008
    Stefano asserts his position with his sons, Paul confesses, Chelsea tells Theo she's leaving town!

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    Posted by sharonschaller at Wednesday, September 03 2008 12:32 PM

    This is so sad........I feel so bad for Chelsea.

    Posted by STAXPHLOEFAN at Wednesday, September 03 2008 12:35 PM

    THANK YOU rose_52 and Soapyfriend for realizing that Chloe is meant to be with Philip! The Philip/Morgan pairing was totally disingenuous-the whole thing was based on deceit! If Morgan can't forgive Philip for threatening her father, there is no way that she is going to forgive him for hiring Paul to plant cocaine on the ship. I REALLY hope all of this comes out so Philip can come out and be honest again, and break this whole silly Morgan thing off. And then maybe Chloe and Philip can come back together. I would love to see Chloe get her life back together and get a job, go back to singing and be fabulous. think we were sooo close when they crashed in the plane and Philip and Chloe were getting closer...the writers that were hired in March RUINED their characters, their relationship, and basically DOOL in general. So glad we are getting new writers!

    Posted by LUMIFOREVERANDEVER at Wednesday, September 03 2008 12:42 PM

    Isn't it funny that Morgan can't forgive Phil for a threat, but Sami can forgive Ej, well, for being Ej? These writers are so inconsistent. I hope the new writers put the great couples back together and get back to the theme of days, true love and heroes..right now, it seems like the slimy bad guys get away with everything and get the ones they want, such as Ej and Sami and Kate and Daniel. Jarlena, LUMI, and I think I am now rooting for Chloe and Phil since there is no sign of Brady. Morgan is not a bad character, but Phil and Chloe just make it happen, they make more sense...high school lovers reunited is a sweeter story than a relationship based on lies and deceit...this goes for every couple.

    Posted by SJH 13 at Wednesday, September 03 2008 01:07 PM

    I really don't think it's too far-fetched that Morgan can't forgive Philip while Sami can forgive EJ. Morgan and Sami are completely different characters. It has nothing to do with inconsistency on the writers' part (this time), it's about two different personalities and how they deal with different things. I imagine not all of us would forgive someone for the same action, because we are not all the same.

    I wasn't really feeling anything between Chloe and Philip...................all it was was sex. I do like Chloe and Lucas together. I think Chloe really cares for Lucas (now that she isn't as stalkerish as she was there for a while) and she is really just looking for someone to love that loves her back. I'm not saying Lucas loves her, but I think Chloe could be a great fresh start for Lucas.

    Posted by jjtrdsa at Wednesday, September 03 2008 02:40 PM

    kate has no standards she is like the brooke of days of our lives. i honestly believe that if tommorrow if she finds out rex is not her son she would sleep with him.

    Posted by jjtrdsa at Wednesday, September 03 2008 02:48 PM

    lucas and chloe seems so forced as if the writers forcing them to be together. they only sopke for a while next thing you know they have sex in an elevator. and i still dont understand what happen to chloe why did she come back so mean- spirited and with such low moral. i mean since the week when she found out belle slept with philip she has been a bit mean. when she was being condescending and cruel. what happen to damsel in distress chloe and nicole coming back a bit nicer still have her evil ways but a bit tone down. it seems to me they changed and not whiney Lucas. when is he stop being a whiner and stop yelling at sami

    Posted by bghwme at Wednesday, September 03 2008 05:11 PM

    If you watched the end of the show today, you should have gotten the first clue that there is more to Melanie than meets the eye. ("Send a car for me. Things are getting pretty intense around here.") I hope she really is Max's sister. He seems to need that in his life. She is definitely hiding something, and I think Nick knows more about it than what he is telling.

    Still can't figure out why John is so hot on Phillip's case. It makes no sense. Did Phillip and the old John have that same kind of tension between them?

    I think there's something going on between John and Bo. One clue was when John told Kayla that she "saw what she wanted to see" when Kayla was rebuffing him for looking so pleased when Bo was arrested at his own wedding. Another clue today when Bo called John.."Old Friend". Or am I just imagining things? Bo is always full of surprises. I bet something is up here.

    What ever happened to Roman sleeping on Marlena's floor? Don't want them back together, but it would have been fun seeing them reminisce...and John freaking out about it.LOL

    I hope Dan gets written out of the show altogether, and they find a much better story line for Chelsea. Not necessarily back with Nick, not necessarily with anyone for a while. She can get her education and her career in place and have lots of fun adventures with her friends for awhile. She can get closer with Bo and Hope and with her little sister.

    Someday, a wonderful man will find her and sweep her off her feet. She will have become a capable and confident young woman who deserves nothing but the very best.

    Posted by AllieB at Thursday, September 04 2008 03:17 AM

    I am really enjoying Stephano he's bringing that spark that the soap needs right now. It's never boring when Stephano is on. I hope Chelsea get's pass this thing with Kate and Daniel so she can be happy with him. I wish Max and Stephanie would break up because that still does'nt look right to me, Stephanie calling Caroline Grandma and Max calling her Mother. I'm also getting so sick and tired of this new John. I want the old John back. I am so sick of when he talks how he shakes his head it is very annoying along with the way he talks. I miss the old John.

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