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    You'll Have to Rip it from my Cold, Dead Hands

    Thursday, May 08 2008
    Chelsea breaks it off with Nick, EJ gets news on his visa and Martino puts out two hits on Salemites!

    Daniel and Chelsea kiss passionately at the Brady house until Daniel stops things. He wants to know why it has to be so complicated and refuses to hurt Chelsea. Chelsea doesn't think it needs to be complicated and kisses him again, but Daniel reminds her she has a boyfriend. Chelsea doesn't have feelings for Nick anymore and says he deserves better. Daniel takes her face in his and tells her how beautiful she is, so she kisses him. He can't get involved with her and calls her young. "You're pulling the age card," she asks, insulted. She thinks either he's married or he has some baggage, and since he's not married, she offers to help. She tells him about her part in Zach's death but he already knew. He says he's touched that she told him. She tells him she wanted to let him in, no matter how scary it was and wonders if it will help him to do the same. Daniel tells her how amazing she is and that she'll find someone else. Chelsea tells him if he really wants to be with her, he'll find a way. "Obviously I'm not very good at this, so I'm going to go," Daniel says, and leaves the house.

    Marlena finds that John has removed Stefano's portrait and replaced it with one of her. He asks, "You like it?" Marlena's a little disconcerted and embarrassed because of the size and wants it removed. He refuses and tells her someone filled him in about their past.

    EJ arrives home to Sami, who immediately accuses him of being with Nicole. EJ denies it but Sami says he smells of her cheap perfume and her dog! EJ tries to change the topic and asks about her day. She shares her day quickly and asks, "What's the wicked witch of the west up to?" EJ says he has other clients now and not to assume he was with Nicole. He wants to take her out and buy her something pretty but Sami wants to save the money to leave the DiMera mansion, AKA, the house of horrors. She tells him that last night was a prime example of why they should move, because she had a strange encounter with John. "We sort of bonded in a dysfunctional way," she says and regrets confiding in him.

    As John skirts the issue of who told him about his past, Sami overhears and walks into the morning room and admits that she told John about his past with Marlena. Marlena thinks Sami must have told him how kind and generous he was but John tells her, "No." He found out what a jerk he and Marlena could be!

    Nicole storms into Abe's office, where Roman, Abe and Ava are discussing her case. Roman tries to kick Nicole out but she rants at him to help her stop Victor from trying to kick her out, daily. Roman escorts her out, claiming this isn't a police matter and he and Abe tell Ava she's free to go. Abe takes a call and finds out that Bo went ballistic on Martino at the pub. They all take off to the pub.

    At the pub, Bo hits Martino, who is amused by Bo's anger. Bo grabs Martino and Max gets out a shotgun. Martino's goons return inside the pub and Bo cuffs Martino. Ava walks in and Bo tells her that her old man is going down and there's nothing she can do about it. She doesn't want to! Bo starts to arrest Martino but when Roman arrives, he tells Max to put the gun away and stops Bo in his tracks. Ava interrupts and tells her dad that she's angry that he let her out of jail. She no longer trusts him and thinks he paid Dr. Nusbaum to give her those drugs. Martino pleads innocence and tells her she knows better than that. "I don't," she says and Abe tells Bo they have no charges, so they must let Martino go. Bo yells that it's Vitali's fault that Pop's dead and threatens Martino that with or without the law behind him, he'll get his! Martino wants to talk to Ava, but she isn't interested. "Maybe I'm starting to see you for who you really are," she tells him. After Roman, Bo, Ava and Abe leave, Kate wants to know if Martino is truly heartbroken or if he's putting on a show. Martino claims to love Ava but Kate isn't so sure, after what Ava claimed. He tells Kate he did what he did to protect her. Kate snorts and tells him not to call her anymore. She leaves.

    Back at the DiMera mansion, John tells Marlena he found out they hooked up on a conference room table at Titan. Marlena is embarrassed and tells him this isn't for public ears. She asks that they discuss it later and asks EJ how things are going with immigration. The fax rings and EJ thinks it could be news! Nicole arrives, much to Sami's annoyance. She grabs the fax from immigration and refuses to give it to EJ until he is honest about whether or not he had sex with Nicole! "You'll have to rip it from my cold, dead hands," she yells, but EJ grabs it and relieved, he tells them his visa has been renewed! When Nicole shows how thrilled she is, Sami accuses her of being in on this. Nicole denies it and Sami kicks her out. EJ grins and tells Sami he found her temper tantrum and jealousy amusing. Sami ignores him and tells him that they can finally get the annulment she's by dying for! EJ asks her not to spoil the mood. Marlena and John, who have chosen to stay out of this argument, watch as Sami storms off and EJ smiles and says, "She likes me. She really likes me!"

    Later, Marlena and John have a drink and John tells her he was thinking about how hot they used to be. She tells him, "Yes, something like that." John kisses her and asks where that conference room table is when they need it. She isn't amused but he ignores her and tells her she's still got it! Talk turns to his bonding session with Sami and he tells her how things came about with them looking at the encrypted disc. Rolf watches as John tries to find it, without success!

    Bo, Abe and Roman arrive back at Salem PD and they discuss a way to prove these two unsolved murders that point to Vitali. Ava enters the room. She offers to help them find the truth if they help her find out what part her father played in her psychiatry care. Abe tells her that they'll be in contact and she tells him she'll be at the Salem Inn. Abe doesn't agree that she should stay there but she promises she isn't going to try to contact Steve or Kayla. She warns Abe to get Bo to be on guard, considering people who go against her father usually end up dead.

    Roman and Bo arrive at the Brady home and Roman asks Bo to rest a little more, since he's still recovering. Bo promises not to push himself but he wants Vitali to suffer. Bo checks his bandages as they discuss how to help Chelsea deal with her sterility.

    Chelsea arrives at the pub and greets Max and Stephanie. She goes to Nick and Stephanie confesses to Max that she thinks Nick is in for bad news.

    Nearby, Chelsea assumes Nick knows what this is about. He nods that he does and she tells Nick she needed to reevaluated things and thinks it'll be better for both of them. "Not for me," Nick tells her. He's in love with her and wants her to be happy, with or without him. "How are you so amazing," she asks, teary eyed, and Nick replies that she taught him. Sadly, Nick gets up to leave as Chelsea weeps. Stephanie and Max comfort her as she tells them she and Nick are over.

    In an alley, Martino's goons realize they shouldn't have killed Earl and Nusbaum on the same day. Martino puts a hit out on Patch and Bo.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Nicole cries on EJ's shoulder and sobs, "She's the only one I could really count on." Sami watches, with surprise.

    At the gym, Lexi says, "You are an excellent doctor." Daniel says, "Maybe you should know what happened the last time I got involved with a patient."

    John tells Marlena, "Well, now that I know how you really feel about me, you have just jumped to the top of my suspect list."

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    Posted by AAkiseLUVSEJAMIE at Thursday, May 08 2008 06:16 AM

    OOhh.... this sounds like a really good episode , i can't wait to see Ej and Sami

    Posted by roses4880 at Thursday, May 08 2008 09:43 AM

    I'll be so glad when they bring your sweet Stefano back..they show is not that grand without him..

    Posted by jordansmom at Thursday, May 08 2008 10:03 AM

    I love the Chelsea and Daniel story line, for me the quicker they get together the better. As for John I can't wait till he get's his memory back, I don't like this new John. I also think Sami and E.J belong together.

    Posted by Najwa at Thursday, May 08 2008 10:16 AM

    Ok Im watching the show right now and the I just got say this....
    As soon as I seen that John put up that portrait of marlena, My heart went out to Lisa! I mean seriously people! That was the only way she was seeing him on the show. Besides in her dreams!
    Put the portrait back up for Lisa!!!


    Posted by Najwa at Thursday, May 08 2008 10:18 AM

    Ok Im watching the show right now and the I just got say this....
    As soon as I seen that John put up that portrait of marlena, My heart went out to Lisa! I mean seriously people! That was the only way she was seeing him on the show. Besides in her dreams!
    Put the portrait back up for Lisa!!!


    Posted by Najwa at Thursday, May 08 2008 10:18 AM

    Ok Im watching the show right now and the I just got say this....
    As soon as I seen that John put up that portrait of marlena, My heart went out to Lisa! I mean seriously people! That was the only way she was seeing him on the show. Besides in her dreams!
    Put the portrait back up for Lisa!!!


    Posted by roses4880 at Thursday, May 08 2008 10:26 AM

    i agree...much rather see Stefano glaring down on all of them...Bring back her Sweet Stefano!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by at Thursday, May 08 2008 10:41 AM

    I haven't whatched it yet. I still busy surfing the web. I can't wait to watch it when i get home from school. I hope Daniel and Cheleasea get together! John rocks for putting up the picture of Marlena. She is so pretty!

    Posted by sharonschaller at Thursday, May 08 2008 11:01 AM



    Posted by gapeach76 at Thursday, May 08 2008 11:10 AM

    Saw the show today, but missed John hanging up Marlene's picture (had to grab lunch). I loved that the first thing out of Sami's mouth once EJ announced that his VISA was renewed was that now she could get her annullment. Rock on LUMI - can't wait for Lucas' return.

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