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    Dragged from the River.

    Wednesday, May 07 2008
    Daniel confesses his feelings for Chelsea, Ava is out on bail and Bo shakes down Martino.

    Bo watches Chelsea sleep. He hears her murmur Daniel's name in her sleep and his mouth drops open. Once she's awake, she tells him she's craving a caramel macchiato from the Java Café! Bo reminds her she can't leave the house for a week and brings up her sleep-talking. He asks if anyone has ever told her she talked in her sleep. "Yeah Nick…" She starts off and then quickly tries to cover it up by saying, "No, my sorority sisters!" Bo chooses to pretend he heard nothing and when Bo tells her he's on the way to work, Chelsea says she is working with Hope to try to keep him home. Morgan's arrival gives Bo the chance to dart out the door!

    Morgan brings Chelsea coffee and muffins and they discuss Bo's guilt over her inability to have kids. Morgan can relate to tough times and Chelsea flashes back to kissing Daniel and tells Morgan that she is not sure how she feels about her infertility. She's sure it'll affect all of her relationships in the future, if she and Nick don't stay together. Morgan thinks that she has other options such as adoption and surrogacy and suggests that she take things as they come.

    Kate breakfasts with Martino at the pub. Kate says, "I have to say you've changed a bit." Martino is positive it's because of her. Suddenly, Dr. Daniel rushes into the pub looking confused and is ushered over to Martino and Kate's table, where he angrily explains that he was paged moments before he was to take his flight on the premise that he had to consult with a colleague. A sheepish Martino admits that he was paged to do a consult with him about his daughter. Daniel snorts and Kate comes to Martino's defense. She says she suggested Daniel would be the person to talk to but after Martino explains the situation with Ava, Daniel says Ava needs a psychiatrist, not him, and he storms out, with Kate on his heels.

    Steph enters the pub and greets Max with a kiss. He's been working on Nick's grant proposal all night and thinks he has fixed it. He asks Stephanie to mail it to the administration building without letting Nick know that he redid his work. Stephanie is confused. She thought he just cleaned it up a little. Nick walks in the pub and asks what's going on but Max covers and hands Steph the envelope under the table. Stephanie leaves; claiming she has to work and Nick takes a seat and apologizes for dumping on Max, yesterday. Max was happy to listen, he says. Nick says he left his grant proposal there yesterday and asks where it is. Max kicks it under the table and lies that he hasn't seen it. Stephanie returns and says today wasn't her day to work. When Nick asks, she tells him she hasn't seen his proposal. Nick says he promised Chelsea he'd put her first, so he tells them the grant will have to wait. After Nick runs off, Stephanie asks Max to be honest with what's going on. Max claims that Nicks' a very protective person and claims not to know much about the proposal. She doesn't believe him and thinks there is more he's not telling her.

    Abe arrives at University Hospital to meet with Lexi, who informs him they've an appointment with a therapist. Roman arrives and Lexi tells the men that she's releasing Ava Vitali as she's not in immediate danger. We see Ava sitting in her hospital bed while Lexi explains that Ava's medically fit to face the consequences for her actions.

    Later, Lexi releases Ava and gives Roman a copy of the forms. "Ava is officially yours," she says. Ava appears catatonic as Roman tells her he's taking her to the police station for booking.
    At Salem PD, Abe tells Roman Ava's lawyer is causing issues for them. He doesn't want Ava to be cut loose on a technicality like her father has in the past. On the way to processing, Ava bumps into Bo, who sneers at her and tells her she must feel helpless. He yells that her new buddies in jail will make mincemeat of her and she deserves it for killing his father and putting a bullet in his wife. He continues to yell until Roman stops him. Ava apologizes and says she deserves to be punished for what she did. Roman's confused and says detox works miracles for her disposition! After Abe and Roman tell Bo that Dr. Nusbaum's drugs made Ava crazy, Bo thinks it's time he had a chat with Martino Vitali! Roman says they've got him under surveillance and tells Bo he's currently breakfasting with Kate at the pub. A cop enters Roman's office and tells the men that Dr. David Nusbaum's body was dragged from the river. Bo storms out of the room.

    Kate finds Daniel and asks him to reconsider taking Ava's case. She tells Daniel the man loves his daughter. Daniel doesn't trust him and doesn't want him around his colleges or anyone else he cares about. "That includes you." He tells her if she's around him, chances are that Chelsea will be around him. Kate realizes Daniel cares for Chelsea and asks if that's why he's running out. Daniel denies it.

    Kate returns to her table at the pub and Martino asks if she'd like to have dinner with him. She asks, "Just dinner?" He counters, "Was it ever just dinner?" Kate thinks that some things are better left in the past and she says these days she likes to get to know a man before they're intimate! She asks after Ava but Martino doesn't know where to begin.

    Back at the Brady home, Chelsea tells Morgan she's trying not to keep thinking about the future but wonders how long she should wait to tell a guy that she can't have kids. Morgan lightens up Chelsea's mood with jokes and when Nick arrives, Morgan leaves for work. Nick asks how Chelsea's feeling today and she tells him she's better. Nick nods and from the door we hear, "Glad to hear it!" Daniel stands at the opened front door. Chelsea tells Nick that she and Daniel were supposed to have a final examination before he left town and rushes Nick out the door, asking him to call later. Daniel shakes his head while she does it and he says he's there to tell her he was asked to stay and consult on another case, but it all depends on her. He says he really didn't want to leave Salem, or her. He tells her this is wrong and it has to stop because she's his patient. Chelsea tells him to stop pushing her away and when he tells her he's not, she grabs his face and kisses him, passionately.

    Back at Salem PD, Roman tells Abe that Ava's arraignment went fine, but she refused bail. When Abe tells Ava that Dr. Nusbaum was found dead, Ava's not surprised and assumes her father killed him.

    Nick returns to the pub and tells Max that Daniel showed up at Chelsea's house. He thinks that Daniel's hitting on Chelsea. The two are interrupted by an incensed Bo, who pushes his way into the pub and finds his way to Martino's table, where he tells Martino who he is and what Ava put him through. Martino apologizes and Bo asks Martino to have his goons step outside. He warns the man that he could review their gun permits. "No telling how long it could take." The men step outside, Kate moves to the bar and Bo hits Martino with a good right hook!

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Sami tells EJ that it's no use lying. "I know you were with Nicole!" Turned away from her, EJ smirks!

    Chelsea asks Daniel if he's married!

    Bo grabs at Martino's lapel and threatens him.

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    Posted by day2day at Wednesday, May 07 2008 06:20 AM

    I wonder how many others will perish at the "hand" of Martino? So far, I'm guessing the "snitch" was offed by Matrino's guys and now Ava's Doctor...(Why is it the MOB men are always so good looking? Martino is very distinguished and attractive). Actually, he and Kate look pretty fine together! I'm looking forward to Max revealing how really SMART he is!

    Posted by roses4880 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 07:15 AM

    can they please give roman a love interest and stop having him run behind his family and marlena.

    Posted by Megan Nicole at Wednesday, May 07 2008 07:18 AM

    OMG! What does Bo think that he is doing?! He knows this guy is a mob boss and he has already off-ed at least two people in the last couple of days and he punches him!! Right in front of everybody!? What is he thinking?! His wife has already been shot and he just had an operation! He should be home sitting on the couch and watchig TV or something and not starting another vendetta!

    Way to go Chelsea - push Nick on out the door and let in Dotor Dan! Love it! She is not taking no for an answer and you can tell he is completely into her - why else keep showing-up at her house? He isn't her doctor anymore anyway and he was practically on a plane outa town and suddenly he's back at her door! I think they are hot together!

    I hope Max gets Nick his grant and maybe he can work with him or something. Give Max some money and get Nick something to throw himself into because him and Chelsea are HISTORY!

    Posted by toye at Wednesday, May 07 2008 07:30 AM

    I have really been enjoying DOOL, I'm loving it!!!

    Posted by firebird85 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 07:44 AM

    I have been enjoying the Vitali storyline.

    Chelsea & Daniel - still not clicking with me. I just don't see it. It's not just the age difference. There's no chemistry btw them. It almost seems the writers are pushing them on the viewers. Also, If Chelsea was a mature person, she would have ended it with Nick instead of stringing him along.

    Posted by sunnyshadow at Wednesday, May 07 2008 09:05 AM

    I also wish they would give Roman a love interest. He's got a cowboy twang that won't go away and when he played the handyman Chris, when I was a teenage, he was downright sexy. Bring back some of that sex appeal for him. I bet the ratings go up.

    Posted by Slyn11 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 09:53 AM

    Chelsea and Dr. Dan are so hot together. Did you notice the tension in that last scene with them? He kept moving closer and closer you could feel it all pent up between them. The way they were arguing back and was like they were about to explode from all the denial. And then when she grabbed and kissed him....what a kiss! I haven't seen that much passion in daytime in years...and definitely not on Days in an extremely long time. Just wow!

    Posted by pRiNcEss AriSSa at Wednesday, May 07 2008 10:35 AM

    Its getting pretty good...I agree WITH roses4880 Roman Needs some Love its been along time for him!! im diggin the Chelsea and Daniel thing but how shes doing Nick is way rude hes done nothing but been there for her..

    Posted by pRiNcEss AriSSa at Wednesday, May 07 2008 10:40 AM

    There is something about Morgan that isnt right....

    Posted by gapeach76 at Wednesday, May 07 2008 11:15 AM

    The show today was awesome. Loved the scene with Daniel and Martino and Daniel turned him down. Then him showing up at the Brady's and telling Chelsea that his staying in Salem depended on her. You know that she is going to want him to stay so they can explore their feelings for each other.

    Can't wait to see everyone's (Bo/Hope, Victor's) reaction to this pairing. You know Kate already suspects that he feels something for her granddaughter. Should get interesting.

    Loved the scene with Ava at the police station where she apologized to Bo for all the pain she has caused his family and admitting that she needed to pay for what she did. Too bad Daddy is not going to allow that to happen. I was really proud of the way she acted when Bo was chewing on her. Great Acting Tamara.

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