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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Days Of Our Lives'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    What Kind of Life is That?

    Monday, May 05 2008
    EJ's immigration hearing takes place, Morgan issues Philip a warning, Martino Vitali shows up in Salem and Daniel kisses Chelsea - for real.

    Sami and EJ arrive at Salem PD, where Mr. Burke awaits in Roman's office. Roman explains they are meeting there because Roman was busy with work and couldn't get away. Marlena and John arrive and much to everyone's surprise, Nicole shows up. Nicole's there to testify about EJ and Sami's unholy matrimony, she says with a grin. An angry Sami demands that Roman kick Nicole out but when he doesn't, Nicole confesses her confusion. She thought EJ was born in the USA, and asks if that would mean he had dual citizenship. EJ explains that would have been true but when he was born, his mother tried to pass him off as someone else's baby, so his original birth certificate became null and void. They moved to the UK and his mother married Edmond, a UK citizen, and EJ became a UK citizen because of it. He is legally a citizen of the UK. Nicole is confused and snorts that she could use a drink after that confusing back story. John goes inside Roman's office to talk with Mr. Burke. While John's with Mr. Burke, Sami paces. Marlena and Roman ask Sami to stay calm. Nicole munches on a doughnut and says she's there to help. EJ threatens Nicole not to say a word against he or Sami while talking to Mr. Burke. Sami thanks him for sticking up for her, but she worries it's not enough to help.

    Mr. Burke asks John questions about EJ and Sami. Later, Nicole comes out of Roman's office giggling with Mr. Burke. Nicole grins as Mr. Burke kisses her hand and Nicole teases Sami when she says Johnny will have a nice time visiting his father in the UK! Sami jumps Nicole and is pulled off her by Roman and Marlena. Mr. Burke calls Sami and EJ into Roman's office.

    Philip has lunch at the pub while he talks to Max about his work. Max admits he not only has to do community work, and tend bar, he has to find a third job, to make ends meet. Philip offers Max a job minding the docks and helping him take down John Black, but Max refuses to spy and help bring Hollingsworth down. Nearby, Morgan overhears the exchange and looks none too happy! She comes to Phil and tells him so. He tries to make it up to her by buying her a drink but she instead invites him to a game of darts. While Philip's removing darts from the board, Morgan throws a dart at him and pins the fabric from his shirt to the dartboard, as a warning! Philip yells, "Hey!" He grins as Morgan says she's sure that he has enough money to get the shirt fixed.

    Kate arrives to the Brady home with dinner and support for Chelsea. Chelsea says that the infertility isn't the worst part of all this. She admits Daniel hurt her feelings when he took himself off her case and had another doctor oversee her post operative care. Kate points out they can still be friends but Chelsea wonders if she offended him. Kate's sure that's not true and asks if she thought her and Daniel could be more than just friends. Nick arrives and offers to take Chelsea out in Uncle Mickey's boat, to the Horton cabin. Chelsea grins. Nick asks her to go out in the backyard and jump into Bo and Hope's hammock, but Chelsea shrugs. She tells him she's still tired and wants to rest, and when he kisses her goodbye, she moves and he kisses her face, not her lips. After he leaves, she calls Daniel.

    Ava's guard wants Martino to leave, but Martino has a court order that says he's allowed to be there. Martino is upset that Ava is tied to the bed, but Kayla tells him it's necessary and she wants to know why Dr. Nusbaum was on Ava's case, considering the drugs he gave her made her unstable. Martino has no idea what she's getting at and promises that Dr. Nusbaum would never do anything to harm Ava. Kayla's positive that this is not true. The pills were given, knowing that Ava would lose her mind. Martino sits with Ava and comforts her as she comes down from the medication. He promises to find out why her doctor was giving her the wrong medication. Ava cries that all this time, there was nothing wrong with her. He tells her she can blame Patch for this - he does! Kayla asks him to leave and then tells Ava she'll feel better once the drugs are out of her system.

    Outside the room, Martino makes a call as Steve watches from the doorway. "It's not a game show, you have no choice. Just get it done." He looks at Steve.

    At the hospital, Lexi talks to Daniel and asks if he's leaving Salem to catch a wave or to get away from his feelings for Chelsea. Daniel gets a private call, but the caller (Chelsea) hangs up after hearing his voice. Lexi asks Daniel to stay in Salem.

    Nick arrives at the pub and tells Max and Morgan what happened with Chelsea. He spills his beer and storms out, and Morgan follows him with his books that he has left behind. Nick's long gone and on her way out, Morgan bumps into Philip and blames him for getting in the way. He calls her a drama queen.

    Stephanie arrives to visit Chelsea and hears about what happened with Nick. Stephanie asks if she's considering breaking off their relationship but Chelsea can't make a decision yet. They discuss Steph and Max and Chelsea is happy for her and remembers she used to feel that way for Nick until…"You met Daniel," finishes Stephanie. Chelsea doesn't think Daniel's interested in her but Stephanie isn't so sure.

    After Stephanie leaves, Daniel arrives. He tells her he's making one last house-call before he leaves Salem. She tells him Bo and Hope are resting and comments that he seems to run away from establishing roots anywhere. "What kind of life is that?" She wants to know and lets him know that he's thought of in the highest regard. When he asks what she thinks, she says, "Do you even have to ask?" An uncomfortable silence ensues and Daniel has to go. He heads toward the door but turns around and takes Chelsea in his arms and kisses her passionately!

    Kate arrives at the pub, where she meets Martino. He hugs her and tells her she hasn't changed a bit. She calls him Marty and he remembers that she's the only woman who ever called him that. He asks her to dinner later and promises it's just a couple of friends catching up. Kate agrees to it and admits she had a horrible experience earlier, when she stumbled upon a murder scene. Martino acts surprised and asks what she knows about it. Kate knows nothing at all and Martino says that kind of stuff gives him the creeps. Kate forgot how squeamish he is. Martino chuckles and they reminisce about their past. Kate has to leave, so Martino walks Kate to her car.

    At the pub, Max finds Nick's books left behind and leafs through the pages! Stephanie and Kayla arrive and notice Max working on Nick's notes. Max tells them he's just helping out his friend. Kayla comments that it all looks foreign to her.

    EJ and Sami tell Mr. Burke how they met in the hallway of her building. They hold hands as they admit they had some rough patches but they've come together. Burke is surprised since he knows about the bad blood between the families. EJ and Sami profess their love for each other and EJ admits it's all about family for him. He has no other family and begs Burke not to take him away from them. Sami weeps as she listens and Mr. Burke promises they'll hear from him soon. He leaves and Sami tells EJ he did great.

    Outside Roman's office, before she leaves, Nicole says she did try to help but Sami trying to attack her didn't help. Sami starts to cry. "What if she's right?" EJ holds Sami.

    Lexi visits Ava and tells her according to her chart, things are looking much better. She asks her to rest, but Ava is curious about where her father and Steve are.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    John tells a startled Sami that she can always move to the UK to be with EJ.

    If you weren't so in love with Sami, maybe I'd go after you!

    A masked person snoops through John's desk and finds and toys with John's disc.

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    Posted by AAkiseLUVSEJAMIE at Monday, May 05 2008 06:12 AM

    This sounds like a good episode so far , can't to see Ejami and Dansea

    Posted by nicole08 at Monday, May 05 2008 06:27 AM looks good....Daniel and chelsea i think they would be a great couple..nick is just to busy anymore and he just doesn't seem to look happy anymore...what are they going to do to john now..i think they need to let john get his memory back...can't wait until lucas comes home..maybe sami and lucas can be finally be happy now..

    Posted by day2day at Monday, May 05 2008 06:37 AM

    I have a feeling the "masked" person snooping and toying with John's disc will be dear Rolf...But why is he masked? I wonder if Kate and Martino will have an ongoing S/L now? That could be really interesting. Why doesn't Max want anyone to know how smart he really is? Happy Monday to all!

    Posted by Jen Forest at Monday, May 05 2008 07:40 AM

    I think all Days watchers will understand when I say that there are good times for days and times when it gets a little boring. These are definitely GOOD TIMES. Between the war thats brewing with John and the Phillip, Chloe and Nicoles cat-fights, Ava'a appearance, the EJ/Sami/Lucas triagle thats on the horizon, and my personal favorite Daniel and Chelsea, any story line they choose for the day is sure to entertain.

    Posted by LMA2931 at Monday, May 05 2008 08:34 AM

    ok yall, i am all for dr Dan and chelsea but i looked at the ages and birthdays, he was born in 1965, and she was born in 1985, wow that's a big difference they are both legal, so it's not horrible, but i just wonder what they will talk about. i hope they make this story a good one and don't back out on it...i like them together

    Posted by suzrocks at Monday, May 05 2008 09:08 AM

    Lisa, I left you something on the message boards.

    Posted by 4Angels at Monday, May 05 2008 09:17 AM

    Dool has to be going up on the Rating's!!! Days are defiantly good now! I don't want to miss a single minuet of
    of the show it is definitely getting Very Very Interesting!
    Can not wait to see today's show! Hey I guess the writers
    have known what they were doing all along,with s/l a lot of
    us just did like or understand what they were leading up to!
    But I still miss Belle & Shawn! I will be glad when some where down the road they will come back from there sailing
    around the world trip!!!
    I can barely wait for Lucus to back on show! That is going to bring some more good s/l!!!

    Posted by Slyn11 at Monday, May 05 2008 09:41 AM

    Today's episode was jaw dropping good. Daniel and Chelsea are so hot together and that kiss proved!!! I need to go watch it again.

    Posted by caliope janes at Monday, May 05 2008 09:45 AM

    I will be very upset if Max turns out to be Ava's since he came on and was adopted before Patch and Kayla wed and Patch left (THEN met Ava) Max was 5 when he came on and Frankie was 16. that would just be an easy out and a let down.

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, May 05 2008 09:48 AM

    LOL @ Lisa!!

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