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    Winner Takes All!

    Wednesday, April 23 2008
    Marlena arrives home and has made a decision, Morgan and Max profess their love and Kayla gets Ava to open up.

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    Posted by Dakota 4762 at Wednesday, April 23 2008 08:25 AM

    Greatbear 100: I am so happy to see you post again!!!
    We have all been so worried about you and lots of people have asked if you were okay.

    Posted by daysfan2582 at Wednesday, April 23 2008 08:57 AM

    I am new to the soaps thing here but I am an avid participant over on the boards. I just wanted to say that this whole crazy Ava storyline is annoying. I hate Ava being on the show, i know that there has to be several storylines and of course its a soap opera but come on, i don't like Ava and i especially don't like anything about this storyline. I have watched Days since I was little, its actually been like a tradition b/c my great grandmother (RIP) and so on watched it religiously and I hate seeing some of the favorite couples messed with. If this Ava storyline is going to continue, don't drag it out i think most of us fans can agree to that. There are so many storylines going so i think they could speed this one up and carry on with the rest. I am a Sami and Lucas fan and I can't wait for him to be back. I read that he is going to be doing some taping around the end of April which will possibly put him back on the show in May, maybe sami will actually get to visit him or something, i don't know how they will work it but they will figure it out. I don't hate EJ but he should have to pay for what he has done as well, i mean lucas is in jail serving his time so EJ should be punished too for shooting John and the other stuff that he has participated in and i think sami needs to stand up to him more especially when it concenrs Ally. Ally is lucas's daughter not his. I wish this stuff with brady will come out, i hope Kyle Lowder comes back. Also, stephanie and max need to get together already but she gets kidnapped so maybe this will push them together once and for all.

    Posted by Tune2Days at Wednesday, April 23 2008 09:18 AM

    I think...Marlena...should have told John...who shot him...and took his kidney...thats the real Marlena...the one who tried to shot the...scum for raping her daughter...
    John's revenge on him...should be good...and...valid...
    Then Stefano can wake up...and make him pay for his betrayal...after all Stefano warned him...
    These are things...that will save this show....

    Ava...buh bye...

    Posted by sharonschaller at Wednesday, April 23 2008 11:03 AM

    Bring back Belle and Shawn. They are missed very much

    Posted by Tesstellthetruthalready at Wednesday, April 23 2008 11:24 AM

    Greatbear!! It's so great to see you back, we were all worried about you, you'll have to stop by the lounge when you get a chance and post in the DOOL thread there, just to let everyone know your okay....
    Somebody will eventually tell John about everything EJ has done to him...surely they can't let that go just because EJ "betrayed" his daddy...I'd like to see Stefano wake up and be the one to give up the dirt on EJ....and offer to pay for target practice for Lucas, so next time he won't
    Today's show was pretty good...I just kept waiting for EJ to ask Marlena if he could borrow her pink
    The Ava storyline has been blah, but it was pretty interesting has to start getting better eventually! I'm keeping my faith in the writers....
    I wasn't too happy about the Steph and Max pairing, but it is growing on me, and they were sooooo cute today!!

    Posted by GLDaysfan714 at Wednesday, April 23 2008 11:45 AM

    Please, please, please put Chelsea with Dr. Dan. The age difference doesn't matter. This is a soap. Nick and Chelsea together are so boring. I hope this whole Ava story disipates soon. I can't bring myself to watch her anymore. Love Steph and Max together but they need more of a storyline. Bring back Shawn and Belle! Sami needs to ditch E.J. Would love to see Brandon come back. I always loved him with Sami. E.J. and Nicole would be interesting.

    Posted by forc2breckonwit at Wednesday, April 23 2008 12:20 PM

    Hello everyone!
    Hope your week is going great.

    Todays episode sounds really good. Can't wait to catch it.
    I'm so glad Kayla is pressing Ava to find out what type of medication she is taking. I said before, I think something more happena nd it doesn't all pertain to Steve. I feel her father has something to do with her getting on this medication. I'm waiting for them to introduce his character and move this s/l along.

    Max & Stephanie look so cute together. I'm glad they FINALLY admitted their feelings. I want to enjoy a nice romance for them but it looks like The Vitali family has something else in mind.

    I so enjoy watching Rolf. I agree with the person who said Marlena should remember the disk with Johns memory on it. Hopefully has time goes by it will click. I'm just going to enjoy the new John. He truly as more dimension to Drakes character.

    As for Sami & EJ......They are such a handful. He knows he is wrong for eavesdroppin but that is typical EJ. As for Sami the last time her behind even brought home a paycheck was when Austin & Carrie were on the canvas. How does she plan to support her kids. I know they live with John but EJ has to be the breadwinner(unfortunately). She needs to put aside her feelings about Nicole and look at the bigger picture. But look who I'm talking about. lol I so enjoy her arguments with Nicole. It makes for good soap watching. Keep it coming....

    Greatbear~ it is so nice to hear from you. I always enjoy your post.

    Posted by gapeach76 at Wednesday, April 23 2008 12:30 PM

    Greatbear100 - I just want to join everyone else in saying Welcome back...

    Watched the show today and it was great. I can't believe that Marlene bought Rolf's story about 'the picture was crooked'. One of these days she is going to wake and remember what Stefano said about John's memories being on a disk and then she will remember that Claire had the disk in her hand and start to wonder what in the world happened to it.

    I also can't wait until Ava's poppa comes on the show. It will be real interesting to see what he does to his daughter when he realizes what she has done. Also... can't wait for Chelsea to get better so that Victor can track down the Vitelli's and get Bo/Hope and Steve/Kayla back.

    Posted by Megan Nicole at Wednesday, April 23 2008 12:39 PM

    Greatbear! Glad to see that you are back! Hope all is well and glad to have you back on the DC to comment. Check out the Lounge - lots of soap fans have been missing you!

    I love EJ - I just can't help myself! I think he is adorable and totally in love with Sami and has given up all of his bad boy ways just to take care of her and her babies. I don't know who will drag him back down to the dark side, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. (And I will still love him!) I know he has skeletons (like a whole graveyard) in his closet - he is a Dimera after all! I think that the action between Sami and Nicole is great. I do think they would be fighting each other whether EJ was there or not, but he gives them something to compete over. Everyone knows that Sami hates to lose...even something (or someone) that she doesn't even know if she wants! I think that this thing between Nicole and Sami (which has been there a LOOOOONG time before EJ) will bring EJ and Sami closer together - just in time for Lucas to come back into the pic!

    Loved Max and Steph today! They are so cute; I'm also glad that Morgan and Steph are getting along. Nice that she just stepped back when she found out that Steph had serious feelings for Max.

    Kayla needs to get the the bottom of this Ava medication thing. Is her father drugging her? It would make more sense than she is just toatlly messed-up over Steve leaving her at the altar... I bet he freaks tom. when he wakes up in bed with her! LOL

    Posted by everlena1973 at Wednesday, April 23 2008 12:40 PM

    First of all, let me say: no matter what goes on, I LOVE DAYS OF OUR LIVES! I can't wait to see Joe Penny, I love all of his movies. I wish that Brandon could come back and sweep Sammi off her feet agian, they always shared some very good love sceans. If she can't have Brandon, hurry up and bring Lucas home. I have not watched DAYS in a couple of days, I will do so tonight. I can't wait to See Sammi sock that man hungry Nicole!

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