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    Rabid Pit Bull!

    Wednesday, March 19 2008
    Chelsea makes it through surgery and family supports one another during the wait for Bo to make it through his surgery.

    Kayla gives Bo an immunosuppressant and Lexi comforts Hope. Hope urges Bo to fight. She reminds him of how much she and his family need him.

    Belle tells Shawn and Philip that Bo's being prepped for surgery and they can see him once more beforehand. Philip comforts Shawn and Belle almost slips and mentions them leaving town but she stops herself. Nearby, Marlena tells John they're blessed with a good family and he's a part of it. He prefers to keep his distance as he fears one of the family could get caught in the crossfire. Caroline tells Steph and Max that she and Victor were told they couldn't see Chelsea. She's being prepped for surgery. Caroline thinks the two can beat the odds. Marlena comforts Belle and Shawn and John says he doesn't know how Marlena or Belle can work in a hospital. It's so tense. He comments how Belle is a ball of sunshine and she must get it from her mother. Belle thanks him and says she gets it from him, too. Steve tries to lighten the mood by telling Steph, Max and Roman that he gave up a kidney to his brother Jack (Devereaux) and he's ok. They try to joke around and keep things light to disguise their real concerns.

    Chelsea talks to Billie on the phone in her hospital room. Billie feels bad she can't be there so Kate promises she'll call every hour on the hour with an update from the surgery. Chelsea fills out hospital papers and Kate worries about the surgery. Chelsea says she owes it to Bo to repay him and wants this. "I need to do this," she says as Dr. Jonas enters the room and says Kate's right. This is very risky surgery. Chelsea says she won't be talked out of it. She wants her dad to survive, even if she doesn't. Kate calls a scared Chelsea courageous and says she's proud of her.

    Family says goodbye and good luck to an unconscious Bo as the doctors wheel him out. Meanwhile, Lexi, Kayla and Dr. Jonas prepare for surgery.

    Nick arrives in Chelsea's room and apologizes for being so late. He wanted to find his old stuffed teddy in his apartment to give her for good luck. Chelsea accepts it happily and is told that his mom gave him 'Teddy' when he was 10, so he's only on loan! Chelsea's glad to see them both and Nick asks if she's certain about this surgery. He doesn't want to lose her. She asks him to have a little faith and the nurse comes to retrieve her and take her to the OR. Kate and Nick give her hugs and Nick kisses her hard. Steph and Max arrive to lend support and Hope stops her on the way to surgery to thank her. Chelsea says it'll be easy. She has to simply lie there and stay asleep. She'd do anything for her dad, she says. "I love you, Chelsea," says Hope, tears flowing freely. Chelsea and Bo's gurneys are stopped beside each other. Chelsea jokes she's disobeying him again by going for the surgery. He can yell at her when they go home, she says. She tells them they're in this together. "We're a team".

    Kevin, the anesthesiologist, gives Chelsea a sedative to put her under, in the OR. The doctors Kayla and Daniel arrive and surgery begins. Chelsea bleeds a little more than they'd like they say but they've got their fingers crossed. They find her pancreas is viable and they remove it and sew Chelsea up. They bring the pancreas to Bo.

    Family waits in the waiting room. Some play cards. Max beats them all and they reminisce about Nick winning all the money at blackjack in Vegas! They laugh about Chelsea's expression at his winnings and they decide to go again but Steve is not invited, Stephanie says. He has to take care of the new baby! Belle brings food for all but Shawn can't eat. His stomach is in knots. Belle wants to think positive thoughts. Kate and Philip wander about and Kate bumps into John. She introduces herself as his ex-fiancée. John laughs, "Ok? Sorry about that," he says. She says she'll try not to take it personally and he asks if they're friends. She says they are and that entitles him to advice about Philip and Victor. They can be quite ruthless and it can be dangerous crossing the two. John finds he's a formidable opponent. "Don't say I didn't warn you," she says. Close by, Marlena and Roman cheer on Chelsea and Hope and Roman head to the chapel to light a candle. John tells Marlena they should go home, get some food and sleep and then return when it's over. Marlena knows it’s the logical way of thinking but when you love someone, it's difficult to leave. Marlena agrees to go with him home- she can use the fresh air. Belle and Philip discuss how happy Belle is and Philip admits it stings a little but he's happy for her. Kate kicks everyone's butt at cards and blows it off. She says it's easy. You just have to do what it takes to win. Stephanie says this is where Chelsea gets her strength! Max remembers Chelsea as a rabid pit bull when she first arrived in Salem. Steve laughs and says that rabid pit bull is going to kick butt in the emergency room.

    Marlena and John find themselves at the pier. John tells Marlena that Rolf's having a hard time adjusting as his butler but John says he has no choice. Rolf misses the lab and his Bunsen burner, he jokes and says Rolf won't help him get his memory back. He only remembers pain when he visits the hospital and that's why he's uncomfortable there. He tells her he doesn't care about "those people" (Chelsea and Bo) but Marlena points out that for someone who doesn't care, she wonders why he showed up. He thinks it was morbid curiosity and Marlena starts to analyze him, much to his annoyance. She tells him this pier has a special memory for them. "Did…we… get mugged here?" he asks. Marlena chuckles and says they reunited there when they were separated for a long period. She has so many memories to share and John realizes just how much she misses her life with the old him. He receives a call and appears to want privacy. Paul calls him about the Kiriakis shipments but John tells him he'll be in touch. He lies to Marlena about who called and says it was the estate Lawyer, looking for him to sign more papers. John agrees to accompany her back to the hospital.

    Hope and Roman return from the chapel and Roman admits it's hard for him to see Caroline with Victor when he wishes it was his dad. Hope thinks it's nice they're comforting each other. Steve goes to Hope and notices how strong she's being. She's trying but inside she's a mess, she says. Steve thinks she's allowed to be a mess in front of him. She worries things won't work out but Steve asks her to stay positive. Hope hugs him and thanks him for being such a good friend to them. He jokes she can repay him with babysitting or a personal check! A nurse interrupts to tell them Chelsea's doing just fine after they removed her pancreas and Hope and Steve pray together and the others hug each other, in relief. Max tells Nick they've a lot to celebrate and Nick says he feels bad for working so hard on this grant. He wants to be a better boyfriend and spend more time with her. Steph comments Chelsea knows this.

    In the OR, Lexi tells an unconscious Chelsea she came through for them. She goes to see how Bo is doing. Dr. Jonas likes the challenge of the operation and when Lexi arrives, he tells her to stick around. The suspense is far from over.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Phillip tells Belle, "Wow. If you end up taking Claire, I'm never going to see her again, am I?"

    Tony asks Anna, "So, what can I do for you?" Anna points at a young man and says, "I want him."

    Chelsea asks, "Is my dad okay?" Dr. Jonas stares.

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    Posted by artistah at Wednesday, March 19 2008 07:22 AM

    I know it is soap world, but it a pancreas transplant even possible? I have never heard of that. I had a good friend die from pancreatitis and never heard of the possibility of a transplant.
    Just wondering.

    Posted by Megan Nicole at Wednesday, March 19 2008 07:31 AM

    Good morning all! YAY! I knew that Chelsea would come through for them! Now it is up to Bo to get better and get us outa the hospital!! I knew that he'd make it!! The writers would have to be CRAZY to kick him! It was good to see Nick showing up at the last min. I wasn't the only one wondering where he was! Still no Sami and EJ...when will they be back on?? I am still loving the new John! The s/l with John and Victor is great! I can't wait to see what comes from that!! I am starting to let Phil grow on me and he is being so good and leaving Shawn and Belle alone - FINALLY! I do feel sorry for him to lose Claire. I know she's not his child, but he once thought she was and he does love her. It will be tough for him to watch them go - hopefully we have a great s/l back in Salem to keep him busy!!

    Posted by day2day at Wednesday, March 19 2008 07:32 AM

    Good to know everyone made it thru surgery - for now. What about Shawn and Belle taking Claire away when they promised that Phil could be a big part of her life - how rude...NOW, John seems to be in need of a "personality transplant" I wish someone would find that disc and restore him to the Real John! Is Stefano still in a coma?

    Posted by roesbud at Wednesday, March 19 2008 07:46 AM

    Dear Chrissi Mach 19 2008 posted by Roesbud

    How was your trip hope you had fun. I like the story lines

    But do you know when Sami and Ej are came back to the show.

    Chelsea did the right thing for her father. I read the

    updates frist and i wacht the show to. And my mom wacht

    the show to. Is Jonh going rember soon he is not nice

    to enenbody on the show.Are Shawn and Belle laveing the

    show with Claire Yes or No??? write back soon please

    your friend Megan O'Dell

    Posted by Tune2Days at Wednesday, March 19 2008 07:52 AM

    Morning everyone...:)
    Artistah..pancreas transplants are possible..the most common is a full pancresa from a donor who has passed away and organ transplant..donor...
    A new using a slice of pancreas from a live donor..and it has been successful..all that is really required is a blood type match..not a relative..
    They are doing the same with Liver transplants..I learned this because a friend of mine had breast cancer and now her kidneys and liver are at risk..they are considering a live liver donation..
    Hope this helps..

    I guess I am the only one who thinks..Phillip needs to let it go with Claire..
    he passed his own son up..but he cant turn lose of Shawn's baby..thats a bit me...
    I am so glad..we haven't seen Ava.. whew..I dread seeing her..

    Posted by artistah at Wednesday, March 19 2008 08:25 AM

    Thanks Tune2Days! I didn't know that.

    Posted by david2jr at Wednesday, March 19 2008 09:03 AM

    I think Nick needs to go, where has he been through all this with Chelsea!! He is a waste of time and space.

    I am glad they all made it through the operation. Now let's get everyone out of the hospital.

    Posted by sharonschaller at Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:02 AM

    Chelsea talking to dad before the surgery was so touching. I really was so happy to see Chelsea, and Hope bond with each other.
    I am still very sad that Belle and Shawn are leaving the show, this really should not be happening.

    Posted by nicoler76 at Wednesday, March 19 2008 11:12 AM

    I love how in the soap world...the suspense factor is drawn out to the max.

    In response to artistah, I just "googled" Partial Pancreas Transplant. All I read was that the first transplasnt of theis kind was performed in 1978. So there is such a surgery, it is just that soaps like to make things so suspenseful.
    Whenever someone has a surgery on soaps, I have to laugh because they draw EVERYTHING out so long. We have been waoting for Bo & Chelsea to have this surgery for almost a week now. In reality, they would have been in an ICU bed under close watch by now.

    Posted by nicoler76 at Wednesday, March 19 2008 11:14 AM

    As far as Shawn & Belle taking a world boat tour. Yes, I am sad that they are leaving, but everyone eventually comes back in the soap world!

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